Lodges with Open Sky Facilities

Where a Lodge and its Facilities Meet an Open Sky

There are several similarities and differences about today’s broader Cederberg wilderness area, that of a few decades ago, and the region’s ancient past, some of which date back some 6 000 years – rock paintings, made by the first known inhabitants here.

Wide, expansive, clean, and clear open African skies must have always been a natural feature of this vast, remote region, once the domain of the ancient San people, who were largely nomadic. Nevertheless, they had space to roam, hunt, gather edible and medicinal plants, and build their basic, temporary shelters from whatever materials were at hand – almost their only available facilities and a far cry from today’s lodges.


Still Sparsely Populated

There is no shortage of things to discover, explore, and enjoy in the Cederberg nowadays. This remote area is still sparsely populated, bar a few small hamlets and several guest lodges, which offer accommodation to guests and nature-loving visitors who come to experience its mystical allure, raw, rugged nature and its intrinsic beauty, peace, and tranquillity.


One Particular Lodge

There is one particular lodge and resort that stands out because of its unique accommodation options, which include “cave” rooms, thatched huts that were inspired by San shelters, two types of open air rooms, camping grounds (obviously open air), and believe it or not, an open air spa massage facility that overlooks the sensational Cederberg landscape.

During the mid-20th century, lodges were virtually unknown within South Africa, but local and overseas demands from the tourism industry have altered the situation and sought-after accommodation offerings. However, this exceptional lodge is known as Kagga Kamma, which is also the name of the 15 000-hectare nature reserve that surrounds the resort and its facilities, including those that are situated under the open sky.


Ancient, Endless Sky

The massive African daytime sky in the Cederberg features numerous shades of blue, whilst the night skies are dark, usually pitch black, were it not for the stars that seem closer and brighter here than anywhere else. Because the atmosphere is unpolluted by signs of urban civilisation, colour contrasts are magnificent, best observed and appreciated when viewed from open-roof, subtly lit facilities or outside, beneath the clear expanse of ancient, endless sky.

Kagga Kamma’s lodge offers guests various comfortable accommodation options and modern resort facilities that enhance their stay at the resort. Facilities that are completely exposed include the sensational Star and Sky Open Air Suites, where you sleep, dine, and bath/shower in privacy, directly under the stars, (season- and weather-dependent), the spa’s outside massage area, two camping sites, swimming pools, and dining in the lodge’s open air boma, with the stars in the sky above you.