Cederberg Camping Accommodation

Camping: The Call of the Wild in the Cederberg

The 19th century reminds one of the grace and style of a bygone era, when people dressed for dinner and observed a strict code of etiquette. Mother Nature presented her own challenges, so despite the sophisticated niceties of the era, people lived much closer to the vagaries of their natural environment throughout Africa. Many of these folks would have been the equivalent of today’s dyed-in-the-wool campers, who yearn for camping opportunities and accommodation isolated and removed from most of the trappings of latter-day civilisation.

Hankering After Pure, Raw Nature

Much of this bygone period was devoted to exploration, discovery, and adventure in the unexplored wilderness areas of this mighty continent, experiences that true lovers of pure, raw nature hanker after today. South Africa still has massive areas that are untouched and unsullied by human activities and developments, but most such land is either privately or state-owned and therefore inaccessible to camping aficionados. This begs the question: Where can these lovers of nature find camping accommodation that meets their requirements and desires – a place where they can experience and interact with nature on an intimate level?

Cederberg Camping Accommodation 

The extensive, rugged, untouched area of the Cederberg where the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve was established in 1988, offers avid camping enthusiasts two types of camping accommodation sites, one of which (Bobbejaanskrans) is only accessible via a 4×4 vehicle. We recognise that keen campers believe that the more rugged and natural the environment, the better, and we have the perfect terrain in the Cederberg that conforms to their idea of ideal camping. This has enabled us, courtesy of nature, to provide our camping guests the type of accommodation that they relish.

Swartrug (“Black Back”) 

This campsite consists of five individual stands and is the closest of the two to the main Kagga Kamma complex’s restaurant, bar, and shop, where basic camping supplies may be acquired, including ice and firewood. Swartrug is situated approximately 1,5 km away from these facilities. Campers at Swartrug enjoy the use of a large swimming pool and on-site communal ablution facilities that consist of flush toilets, basins, and showers with hot water. To ensure that campers’ peace, tranquillity, and solitude are preserved, we also restrict the number of guests that each site accommodates.

  • Sites 1, 2, and 3 – a maximum of two adults;
  • Sites 4 and 5 –a maximum of four adults. 

Bobbejaanskrans (“Baboons’ Cliff”)

Bobbejaanskraans camp is first choice of the truly intrepid, adventurous camper. There are no designated sites or ablution facilities and you are further away from the Kagga Kamma resort’s amenities. In return, you get the amazing, rugged accommodation experience of the inimitable Cederberg wilderness in all its untouched magnificence – the dream of every avid camping enthusiast. Prospective campers should note that neither of the two camps is equipped with electricity.

Booking of site accommodation for these Cederberg camps is essential, likewise a restaurant booking, (one day in advance), for when you fancy a freshly prepared, restaurant meal. You will understand and appreciate why, once you have visited Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in the southern Cederberg.