Cederberg Camping

Call to Come Camping in the Cederberg

Almost without exception, everyone who comes to spend time in the Cederberg is someone who loves nature. Guests at our resort, Kagga Kamma, in the very heart of this rugged and mountainous region of the Western Cape province certainly do. Many are so enamoured of the unique landscape that they immerse themselves completely in the haunting beauty of our nature reserve that goes by the same name.

In addition to our unique accommodation options – “cave” and hut suites, seasonal open-air rooms and timeshare chalets – Kagga Kamma also features two camping sites, Swartrug and Bobbejaanskraans. Both appeal to carefree souls who relish our untouched natural environment by foregoing most creature comforts, other than those which they bring along with them to see to their basic necessities.


Nothing New

Of course, there is nothing new about camping in the Cederberg; the ancient San people, the original inhabitants of this region, were largely nomadic. When they decided to set up camp, they constructed rough shelters from whatever material was available in the surrounding area. In fact, our thatched-hut suites were inspired by San shelters. The founders of Kagga Kamma also used to go camping here during weekend breaks on their untamed property, so establishing Kagga Kamma was a natural progression, following on from the first, basic stone cottage that they built to house their weekend-visiting friends who had also fallen under the spell of the Cederberg. Nowadays, Kagga Kamma features campsites that remain true to the essence of our rugged, rocky region.



At Swartrug’s five campsites, visitors have use of a communal ablution facility that is equipped with hot water and a large swimming pool, perfect for hot summer months in the Cederberg. Swartrug is 1,5 km from the resort’s restaurant, bar, and curio shop and is not electrified. Sites one, two, and three are suitable for a maximum of two adults each and sites three and four each accommodate a maximum of four adult campers.



If you want a rugged adventure, Bobbejaanskraans is meant for you. It is only accessible in a 4×4 vehicle. This is real, raw Cederberg camping. There are no ablution facilities, because there is no piped water at Bobbejaanskraans, nor are there designated sites or on-site electricity. Kagga Kamma’s campers may purchase wood and ice at the resort’s main reception area and are welcome to dine at the restaurant if and when they fancy a break from self-catering. Prior restaurant bookings (one day in advance) are essential.

The weather is warming up nicely. Camping conditions are great. See you soon in the Cederberg.