Singular Accommodation in Timeless Western Cape Wilderness

South Africa’s wonderful Western Cape Province is big, beautiful, and packed with extremely diverse places of interest and fascinating people. Each group with its own regional characteristics and charm, breathtaking and vastly varied landscapes, heritage sites, and awesome attractions – both man-made and natural.

Say “No” to a Whistle-Stop Visit

Consequently, there is a lot to see, do, and experience; far too much to accomplish during a short visit. The longer you stay, the more you realise that you need more time in each region, even if you only intend to sample a small percentage of the Western Cape’s delights. The Cederberg is one of these areas, and our resort in the heart of the Cederberg, Kagga Kamma, is not only an excellent, interesting, and unique place to book your accommodation, but it is also one of the best bases from which to explore the other local attractions of this wide, wild area and its natural, historic, and archaeological features.

A Resounding “Yes” to Taking Your Time

One may say that you need ample time to absorb all that makes the Cederberg a timeless region and yet, once there, time seems to stand still – the perfect setting for a proper break from daily routine. While no one can claim to own time, there is nothing wrong with feeling as though you do, at least for a few days.

Magical Allure

Not too long ago, few people were aware of what the Cederberg has to offer visitors and holidaymakers. Even the original founders of Kagga Kamma had no idea how many others would fall under the spell and succumb to the magic of the Cederberg region, so named because of the wild cedar trees which once grew on the slopes of the area’s mountains. Sadly, the cedar trees are all but gone, stripped away by the Cape’s earlier settlers, who chopped down most of them to use their hardy wood for telegraph poles. Only a rare few remain today, usually on the slopes of the most remote, less accessible mountains.

Enchantment for All

Kagga Kamma’s three founders were so enchanted by the Cederberg wilderness that they erected a simple stone hut to provide weekend accommodation for their friends, who could barely wait to be invited to spend weekends here with them. It can safely be said that this rudimentary shelter was the first guest accommodation at Kagga Kamma. The following year – 1988 – the three friends turned Kagga Kamma into a game reserve for the purpose of better conserving and protecting the exceptional fauna, flora, cultural heritage, and natural features of this one-of-a-kind part of the Western Cape. 

Today’s Accommodation 

Today, Kagga Kamma offers a feast for the senses – comfy accommodation options in well-appointed hut suites, “cave” rooms, two truly romantic outdoor suites, and timeshare chalets. Add to that delightful dining, Western Cape wines, lots to experience, and a place where peace, tranquillity and nature rules.

Numerous Western Cape and Cederberg features and attractions are almost as old as time itself. At the very least, take a little extra time to get to know the wonders of the Cederberg region. Book your accommodation at Kagga Kamma and sample the delights and wonders of this very singular place and region.