Accommodation Near Ceres

From Ceres to the Cederberg

Like most South Africans, you most probably associate the name “Ceres” with the brand name of one of this country’s favourite fruit juices. This refreshing drink is named after the town and area from which it has taken its name – Ceres. The first “known” Ceres was the mythical Roman goddess of Fertility or Agriculture, so it’s no wonder that the same name was claimed for this fertile area. Ceres – the nearby town – is the business centre of the valley. The picturesque Ceres valley region is one of South Africa’s principal deciduous fruit-producing districts. Both the town and the valley are referred to as “the gateway to the Cederberg”, another unique and iconic part of South Africa.

Near Ceres, yet Far Enough to be Different

Once you’ve sampled the warm hospitality, sights and features of Ceres, take your journey a little further beyond the mountains that enclose the Ceres valley and into the Cederberg area near Ceres; beautiful and welcoming, but remarkably different in almost every other respect. Our one-of-a-kind privately owned nature reserve and resort, Kagga Kamma, is located about an hour’s leisurely drive from Ceres, in the Cederberg. The Cederberg Mountains provide a distant blue perimeter to much of Kagga Kamma’s wide, wild, and rugged landscape, with its distinctive sandstone rock formations that surprise and delight visitors who book their accommodation here.

Perfected by Nature 

It has been said that there are no straight lines in nature. Look through your window or take a few moments to gaze at any natural phenomenon that hasn’t been altered by man, and you’ll see that this is true. Mother Nature doesn’t draw perfectly straight lines, whether it is a twig, a river’s course, a horizon, an antelope’s footprint, or a weather-worn cave. At Kagga Kamma, we’ve copied and borrowed from nature’s perfection to create our cosy “cave” and spectacular outdoor rooms, both exceptionally popular with the guests who book their accommodation with us. We’ve used what nature has provided, added some modern comforts and amenities, and are now able to offer our visitors the best of both worlds – beauty and comfy convenience.

“Cave” suites are so strategically placed, carefully designed, and seamlessly integrated with the cracked and craggy sandstone formations that they almost disappear into the rocky background. From a distance, one has to pay close attention to distinguish the “caves” from the crags. The equally popular hut suites’ design is based on that of the region’s early dwellers, who built their shelters from natural materials that they found here in the Cederberg very long ago. The cave suites accommodate two people; the hut suites sleep two adults, plus two children under the age of 13 years. Accommodation in the nearby outdoor rooms – the Outcrop and the Star Suite – is an additional, one-night optional extra, dependent on the season and prevailing weather conditions. They are completely open and exposed to the starry African night sky, which is breathtaking to behold in the Cederberg area.

Onwards from Ceres

Ceres is our nearest significant town and it’s here that you’ll follow the road to Prince Albert Hamlet, the Gydo Pass, Op-die Berg, and onwards to Kagga Kamma, and your unique accommodation in a totally unique destination.