Holiday Resorts Western Cape

Wonderfully Diverse Western Cape Holiday Resort

Since the Western Cape is one of this country’s most popular holiday destinations for South Africans, visitors from the rest of this great continent, and tourists from abroad, it comes as no surprise that the province features a multitude of holiday resorts. The demand is here, and consequently, so are the resorts.

As a region that is a tad less than 130 000 km2 in extent (almost the size of England), the wonderfully diverse Western Cape offers some of the most unique and varied types of holiday resorts in the entire country.


Distinctive Inspiration

Certain of these holiday resorts are inspired by the unusual areas in which they are located and distinctive features that typify their locales – as diverse as the region, its people, and history. Few, if any, are as unique as Kagga Kamma, our nature reserve and holiday resort of the same name. It is a haven in the heart of the hauntingly beautiful, wide, and wild Cederberg region.


Strangely Shaped Sandstone Formations

The Cederberg is a sparsely populated area of raw, unspoiled, natural Western Cape beauty, with landscapes typified by strangely shaped sandstone rock formations, worn and weathered into fascinating, sometimes peculiar profiles, forms, and contours that identify this ancient terrain, which was the home of the San and Khoi. Well-preserved examples of their rock art paintings, depicting their practices and deeply spiritual beliefs, have survived, much to the astonished wonder of visitors to Kagga Kamma.


Connected to the Spirit of the Cederberg

At Kagga Kamma, our accommodation and additional facilities display our close connection to the spirit of the Cederberg and everything else that makes this part of the Western Cape so unique and a veritable paradise for lovers of nature’s peaceful tranquillity and her unique natural manifestations. We are particularly renowned for our “cave’ and hut suites, as well as our two secluded open-air rooms.

A glint of light, reflecting off the sliding glass doors that front our “cave” rooms are almost the only outward signs of their existence and the creature comforts that are hidden within these unusual accommodation options. Hut suites, particularly their reed-covered roofs, are modelled on the shelters, which the largely nomadic San and Khoi constructed of local materials while temporarily encamped in the area.

Sensational outdoor open rooms are just that – open to the enormous vistas of the Cederberg (season- and weather-dependent), the velvety black background of the African night sky, and the brightly twinkling stars, which seem close enough to pluck and hold in your hand, while relaxing in the comfort of a queen-sized bed.

Make your own connection with the spirit of the Cederberg and book your next Western Cape holiday at our resort – Kagga Kamma – to explore and discover the abundant wonders that await you here.