Unique Holiday Destinations

What Makes a Holiday Destination Unique?

Unique, unusual, distinct, distinctive, uncommon, individual, singular, and different are all synonyms. In this instance, referring to our holiday destination, which is frankly inimitable. Our venue is truly one of a kind.

Irrespective of the adjective you prefer, you will want to experience everything that Kagga Kamma, our nature reserve and holiday resort, amidst the extraordinary Cederberg Mountains, has to offer. It is an unparalleled, untamed wilderness destination in a really remarkable, remote location. Despite being removed from urban infrastructure, the home comforts, service levels, and warm, welcoming South African hospitality offered to our guests at Kagga Kamma are never compromised.


Retaining Distinctive Characteristics

Because Kagga Kamma is one of South Africa’s most unique holiday destinations, we are determined to retain all the characteristics that make it so, including the inimitable natural Cederberg sandstone rock features, evidence of its ancient history, the preservation of the area’s fauna and fynbos diversity, and the mystical quality of its enduring, immovable tranquillity that is as old as time itself.


Topping the 2019 Bucket List

The Cederberg is, simply put, a different part of a different world, which belongs on your bucket list if not already there. Much to our delight, we have come across a delightful blog post, entitled “2019 Travel Bucket List South Africa”. This list contains the names of their Top ten holiday destinations, at least one of which the authors “guarantee you will be compelled to visit this year”, after exploring all their select 2019 bucket list options.

In particular, “The Caves of Kagga Kamma, Cederberg” take pride of place in position number one, at the very top of their unique holiday destinations list, “because in amongst the typical dramatic rock formations of the Cederberg are cave suites, and an open-air room in which you can sleep under the star-ridden skies… Even the thatched rondavels are worth writing home about”.


Caves, Huts, and Tours

Our comfy “cave” suites, which back onto natural rock faces, are artfully concealed behind ten unique facades, consisting of glass sliding doors set into man-made copies of cave mouth openings in natural rock formations.  Five thatched and air-conditioned hut suites’ designs typify the ancient San, who inhabited this singular region for up to approximately 6 000 years.

During warmer months, Kagga Kamma’s guests may choose to add a night beneath the African stars in one of two open air rooms to their Cederberg holiday experience, which allows visitors the most intimate contact with the unsurpassed starlit night skies.

Be fascinated by additional interactive star gazing tours, visits to a host of San rock painting sites, a multitude of activities, renewing on-site spa treatments, delicious, freshly prepared South African fare, and the comforts of home in the heart of one of the most unique holiday destinations – Kagga Kamma.