Hiking in Cederberg

Hiking Back in Time in the Cederberg

Hiking (taking a lengthy walk in the countryside or other natural terrain) is one of the most popular ways of getting rid of stress, exercising, and enjoying the fresh air and spectacular scenery that nature provides, but hiking in the Cederberg is something else altogether.

It takes you way, way back in time, to a period when time was measured only by the setting and rising sun and possibly, the seasons too.

This Western Cape region is unlike any other place. It is ancient, unusual, and untamed, the very essence of pure nature – raw, pristine, and virtually untouched by modern mankind. The Cederberg was once home to the people of the San and Khoi, who only took from nature that which was essential to their survival, nothing more. They lived in complete balance with nature, only leaving behind their iconic rock paintings as evidence of their presence here, between 6000 and 1200 years ago.

No visit to the Cederberg and our resort there, Kagga Kamma, is complete without undertaking our guided, informative rock art tour to see the ancient rock art paintings and appreciate the depictions of the culture and beliefs of these ancient inhabitants of our region. Additionally, most of our guests also delight in going walking and hiking to discover more rock paintings, which are scattered throughout Kagga Kamma.


Kagga Kamma’s Hiking Trails

Our hiking opportunities are almost endless, and there is simply no better way to immerse yourself in the fascinating Cederberg than on foot. Kagga Kamma features three demarcated, self-guided, superbly scenic trails – the 4 km Blue, 7 km Red and 9 km White – which our guests may walk or hike at their own pace.

We suggest that you do not rush, because there is so much to see, discover, explore, and experience, where and when you are up close and personal with our region’s fauna, flora, heritage, and incredible rock formations that occur here and nowhere else.



Our accommodation options at Kagga Kamma are equally unique, in keeping with our heritage and blending in with our unusual Cederberg sandstone rock formations. Even so, you will not want for pleasurable comfort at Kagga Kamma. In-room and on-site modern amenities and facilities are designed to ensure that your time with us is delightful and memorable, for all the right reasons.

Kagga Kamma’s seasonal Spring Package is available from 1 September until 31 October 2019. Both packages are on offer for midweek and/or weekend stays with us.

The Cederberg and Kagga Kamma have a host of other leisure pursuits on offer to those who love nature and the romance of this remote region, whether hiking is your thing or not. We hope to see you soon.