Outside Hotel Suite

An Outside Hotel Suite – Are you Joking?

When we, at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg, refer to our pair of outside hotel suites, we’re not joking. We offer a couple of unique outdoor rooms, which our guests may book for a night’s stay out in the open, beneath the stars that overlook the lovely Cederberg landscapes, as far as the eye can see.

Accurately Named

Because these outdoor rooms are spacious, comfortably furnished, and have their own sitting and dining areas, plus private en suite bathroom facilities, calling these stunning accommodation options outside hotel suites is accurate, but should not be confused with the traditional early South African farmhouse’s buitekamer.


The Buitekamer

During the 19th and early 20th centuries in this country, the buitekamer (Dutch for outer or outside room), was an additional, simply furnished room, attached to but separate from the main farmhouse of the time. Often, a buitekamer was entered through a doorway leading from the home’s covered stoep (verandah).

This room served as a spare room of sorts, principally used as a bedroom for visitors or the eldest son on the farm, as well as for male guests who were offered accommodation on the farm for a night or two.


Nothing Spare(d)

Despite having no walls to detract from the spectacular views across the Cederberg plains and distant mountains, or roofs to bar your vista of the clear, dark African night time canopy that forms a stunning backdrop to the heavens’ stars, there is nothing spare about our two outside hotel suites, the Star and Sky outdoor rooms.

Here, guests gently fall asleep at night to the subtle sounds of African nocturnal wildlife calls, and awaken in the morning to a fresh sunrise and sounds and smells typical of the Cederberg, almost as spectacular as the dreamy sunset. Use of these outdoor rooms is availability, season, and weather dependent.


Extra Special Open-Air Features

The Sky Room nestles on a platform against a rock face on one of the highest Kagga Kamma peaks, some 950 m above sea level. Panoramic views over the surrounding nature reserve wilderness are breath-taking and special creature comforts are delightful in this very private location

  • Open-air shower, plus a wood-fired hot tub
  • Boma braai
  • Built-in solid rock furniture, gathered from the area


Our Star Room perches on a platform, some 3 km from the main lodge, also overlooking Cederberg landscape views, as do the following three extra special open-air features.

  • Outdoor shower
  • Star bath
  • Natural rock pool


Each outside hotel suite features a gas hob for tea/coffee making, an extra blanket, lanterns, towels, complimentary sparkling wine and bottled water, plus individually selected dinners for two, as per our open air Kagga Kamma menu options. How is that for a hotel with special features outside the norm?