Accommodation in Cederberg

Accommodation Inspired by the Cederberg

The sensational Western Cape Cederberg is an ancient region unlike any other in South Africa, and in fact, in the entire world – remote, very sparsely populated, unspoiled, and completely natural. Moreover, the Cederberg is home to unique features, only found here and nowhere else in the world.

These wonders include sweeping, breath-taking vistas, awe-inspiring rock formations, beautiful, well-preserved ancient San rock art paintings; fynbos species; renowned rooibos; now scarce, almost extinct Clanwilliam Cedar trees, and Kagga Kamma, our resort that offers guests one-of-a-kind accommodation options, perfect for a fascinating wilderness break.

Because everyone that is associated with the Cederberg is very mindful of maintaining the region’s natural integrity, lodging in the area is not exactly plentiful. However, those who have discovered the magic of this magnificent wilderness like it precisely as it is – natural and unspoiled, with accommodation that blends with the terrain.


Nature Reserve and Resort

Kagga Kamma, once a collection of remote farms with common borders, was transformed into a nature reserve in 1988 by our three founders. Our name, Kagga Kamma, now refers to both the nature reserve and our secluded resort, where we are proud to offer guests remarkably comfortable accommodation. Despite being so far removed from all the usual trappings of developed urban areas, we have achieve this by utilising our own eco-friendly initiatives.

Our seclusion and our pristine surroundings are an integral part of the area and Kagga Kamma’s unique allure. Visitors are intrinsically drawn to the Cederberg’s history, heritage, beauty, and natural, rocky landscapes, eroded by centuries of wind and weather.


Ancient San’s Temporary Lodging

The Cederberg nourishes the mind, body, spirit, and soul, much as its essence did for the region’s earliest known human inhabitants – the ancient, deeply spiritual nomadic people of the San, who built their own temporary shelters from whatever natural materials they found in the area.

Beautiful San rock paintings, depicting much of their way of spiritual life and lifestyle, bear evidence of their existence here, another iconic, tangible feature of the region.


Accommodation at Kagga Kamma

At Kagga Kamma, our thatched hut type guest accommodation suites were inspired by the San dwellings, but that is where the likeness ends. Huts feature comprehensive modern home comforts. Our tastefully appointed “cave” rooms blend so seamlessly with the surrounding rock faces that they almost disappear from view.

Chalets are designed for larger groups who elect to visit the area for somewhat longer periods. During seasons dictated by climate and weather, guests have the option of spending a night in the Sky or Star suites, out in the open, directly beneath the clear skies. Campers arrange their own accommodation in the Cederberg, at our two campsites. Our region offers a multitude of options for all preferences, including yours.