Cederberg Mountains Accommodation

Scenic Cederberg Mountains Accommodation

South Africa is blessed with a huge number of different types of glorious holiday and getaway destinations, visited and enjoyed by hosts of South Africans and tourists from elsewhere.

This country offers mountains, beaches, deserts, bushveld, sophisticated urban areas, and untamed, completely natural regions.

It goes without saying that the availability of accommodation plays a significant role in determining whether places will be sought after and frequented. Mountains and mountain ranges abound in Africa, south of the equator, but not all such locations offer accommodation for guests..

Whilst we cannot lay claim to any of the great mountains and ranges of the world, like the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, and famous peaks, such as Everest, we have exceptionally picturesque ones, with very descriptive, typically South African names.


Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg region is home of our private nature reserve, Kagga Kamma, and our one-of-a-kind resort that offers totally unique guest accommodation, and is also named Kagga Kamma.


Indigenous Cedar Trees

The Cederberg region and its craggy mountains are named after the Clanwilliam Cedar Trees, which once grew here in abundance. Sadly, these slow growing trees that only occur in this region were all but decimated for use as construction materials and telegraph poles. Remaining cedar trees that still occur naturally are only found on the higher slopes of the Cederberg Mountains. Fortunately, nursery cultivated cedar saplings are being successfully re-established in their indigenous habitat.


Sensationally Unique Cederberg Accommodation

Although extensive use was made of abundant natural sandstone wherever possible in the construction of our unique accommodation options, we have skilfully used man-made materials to enhance and adapt that which nature and our ancient heritage has provided to Kagga Kamma.

  • “Caves” set on rocky slopes back onto natural rock formations, enclosed with artistic man-made rock and wood framed glass sliding doors frontages, which all but disappear against the natural rocky backdrop.
  • Thatched hut designs are inspired by ancient San dwellings, made of whatever branches and plant material was on hand in the area.
  • Kagga Kamma’s two outdoor rooms, the Star and Sky Suites, are located some distance from the main communal buildings. Both back onto enormous rock faces and are completely open to the sky, overlooking the stunning mountainous scenery.
  • More conventional timeshare/rental chalets are available for larger groups, requiring lodging for longer periods (terms and conditions apply).


Conventional timeshare/rental chalets are available for larger groups, staying in the Cederberg for longer (terms and conditions apply). If you want your stay to be truly memorable, you simply must experience Kagga Kamma’s inimitable accommodation and welcoming hospitality.