Come Camping in the Cederberg Conservancy with Us

Diehard campers usually have their favourite campsites or regions that they love to visit. Nevertheless, they are usually on the lookout for new spots in which to pitch a tent, especially if the place or region is unique in some aspect. South Africa and its staggering array of diverse natural features, the regional climates, and seasonal weather patterns attributable to each, plus its widely varying fauna, flora, and landscapes, is literally and figuratively “campers’ heaven”, since each aspect offers uniquely distinctive experiences to its visitors. 

Typically, campers have a sense of adventure and a deep appreciation and love for the peace, quiet, and tranquillity of unspoiled nature and the wilderness, including all its vegetation and wild creatures, big and small. Camping folk tend to shun most creature comforts, other than those essentials that they can carry with them. The closer that our intrepid campers can get to living in rugged nature, the more enjoyable they find their experience. To them, “roughing it” means having fun, an adventure, and hours of exploration, followed by ultimate relaxation, food for the soul and spirit.

Campsites Created by Nature in the Cederberg 

Two of the loveliest, naturally formed camping sites in the inimitable Cederberg can be found at Kagga Kamma, a private resort in a privately owned wilderness reserve amidst the singular, hauntingly beautiful Cederberg mountains’ weather-worn rock formations of the Western Cape province. We are located about three hours’ drive from Cape Town, along a wonderfully scenic route that takes the traveller through Ceres, the quaint village of Prince Albert, and the tiny town of Op-die-Berg, amongst others, before taking the turnoff to Ceres Karoo/Cederberg and thereafter to Kagga Kamma itself.

Swartrug (Black Back) Camp

Swartrug consists of five sites. Three of these accommodate a maximum of two adults, while the other two accommodate a maximum of four adult campers. Although none of Swartrug’s camping sites are equipped with electrical power, this camp does feature a shared, communal ablution facility, complete with hot water and a large swimming pool, perfect for cooling off during hot summer months. Swartrug is situated about 1,5 km from Kagga Kamma’s main building, a la carte restaurant, bar, and curio shop, where you can purchase mementos of your camping adventure.

Bobbejaanskrans (Baboons’ Krans or Cliff) 

At one stage, one must assume that the cliff walls at this extremely rustic camp were favoured by the region’s baboons. Today, Kagga Kamma’s most adventurous campers prefer to pitch their tents here, where only baboons, and probably the ancient San and Khoi people, once walked and sheltered. Guest campers who stay at Bobbejaanskrans can only reach the site with 4×4 vehicles. Campsites are not designated and no ablution facilities or electrical power is provided. You really are in an untamed wilderness area when in Bobbejaanskrans; it’s the original, traditional camping experience, although ice and firewood may be purchased from our reception staff.

Campers should keep in mind that campsite and restaurant bookings are essential due to popular demand. In fact, Getaway Magazine named Kagga Kamma’s camping sites first on their list of top 8 Cederberg camping sites and experiences. Make it yours too; come camping in this truly unique marvel of nature’s creative forces.