Sensational Cederberg Mountain Accommodation

If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending a while exploring the Cederberg mountain region of the Western Cape, you may well wonder why more people are discovering – and returning – to this so-called hidden South African gem. Why would one go to such a sparsely populated, undeveloped area, and who does this?

Why Select the Cederberg for a Breakaway?

“Getting away from it all” and having a complete change of one’s normal environment and daily routine is not only the main reason why people leave home to go on holiday or have breakaways; doing so is also good for one’s mind, body, and soul. A change of scenery and routine has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for one’s overall health. Because the magnificent Cederberg mountain wilderness is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of city life and its modern trappings, booking your accommodation there, especially at Kagga Kamma, is already reason enough for such a getaway, one that briefly addresses the “why” question.

Who Loves the Cederberg Mountains?

Who spends their holiday break in the Cederberg, especially when the major tourist attractions and sophisticated creature comforts of Cape Town and the Cape Winelands are only two or three hours away by road? At Kagga Kamma’s Cederberg resort, virtually all our guests are lovers of nature, people who look forward to getting back into a pristine and wildly beautiful natural environment, unspoilt by mankind’s destructive practices and encroachment on nature and its diverse plants and creatures.

Escaping to a world where the air is clean and fresh, a place where the country’s ancient heritage and nature supply the essence of one’s leisure pursuits, is pure perfection, and it’s also very romantic. Add to this Kagga Kamma’s unique, comfortable accommodation options, delicious cuisine, breathtaking vistas, exceptional hospitality, personal service, and limited guest numbers. Now, you have a winning recipe for a sensational Cederberg mountain leisure resort to call your holiday home. In all likelihood, you’ll eagerly anticipate returning again and again to make more marvellous experiences that will become fondly remembered for all time.

Kagga Kamma’s Accommodation and Packages 

You’ll find a variety of accommodation types at Kagga Kamma – choices to suit everyone’s requirements and preferences, all of them discretely private and with en-suite bathroom facilities, excepting at both camp sites:

  • Star suite and Outcrop open-air room accommodation – completely different from the norm, directly under the stars, and dependent on the season and weather.
  • Cosy yet spacious, air conditioned “cave” and thatched-hut suites.
  • Timeshare chalets for larger or family groups who stay for longer periods.
  • Two campsites, of which one features communal ablution facilities.

Several specials packages are available too, including conference, seasonal, pensioners’, proposal, and honeymoon packages, as well as packages for special occasions, and fly-in deals. The Honeymoon and Special Occasions packages feature ultra-romantic touches, ensuring that couples who become engaged or spend their honeymoon at Kagga Kamma enjoy a treasured experience in an alluring atmosphere that’s brimming with romance, love, and tokens of mutual devotion.

Leisure activities in our sector of the Cederberg mountains are virtually as unique as our accommodation, so there’s a lot for everyone at Kagga Kamma. Best of all, we quote our rates in South African rand, placing Kagga Kamma’s accommodation within the reach of both South African and overseas visitors to the Cederberg.