Accommodation in Cederberg

Accommodation in the Cederberg That Provides Sustenance for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Unless you are en route to somewhere further north, perhaps in a hurry to get to your final destination, one can scarcely understand why you would not be stopping over in the Cederberg. Otherwise, deliberately skipping this magical, mysterious region is rather a pity.

Sense of Balance and Place in the Universe

Frequent visitors to the Cederberg and lovers of peace, tranquillity, and nature love this area so much that they have actually developed a need to break away to this place periodically. They cannot understand how anyone could pass through without stopping over in the Cederberg for a few days. Just being in this unique area is fresh sustenance for one’s mind, spirit, body, sense of balance, and sense of place in the universe.


An Enchanting Surprise

Perhaps you are yet unaware of the delightful experience and wonderfully unique accommodation that is on offer here in the Cederberg, completely removed from the usual signs, sounds, and smells of modern urban civilisation. Because the Cederberg is so distinctively wild, completely rugged, unspoiled, and untamed, finding one of the area’s formerly best kept secrets comes as a complete and enchanting surprise to uninitiated leisure travellers and holiday makers.

The unexpected surprise is Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, which is the home of Kagga Kamma, our private resort that offers unique accommodation options, with all the sustainably obtained creature comforts of home, but without despoiling the natural environment or marring its appearance in any way.


First Basic Sandstone Accommodation

Kagga Kamma’s very first guest accommodation was a far cry from what is provided at the resort today. The trio of owners, who acquired the Kagga Kamma’s combined properties in 1986, found that their friends were keen to come to the Cederberg for weekend breaks. In response, they built a very basic cottage, using Kagga Kamma sandstone, to serve as accommodation or shelter for visiting friends.


Sharing a Section of the Cederberg

The demand for Cederberg weekends and Kagga Kamma accommodation increased, whilst the founding trio saw fit to share their section of the Cederberg with others who were also enchanted by the region, and now proclaimed conservation and nature reserve. More extensive and comfortable accommodation was required. Kagga Kamma, the resort, was the result.


Guest Accommodation

Chalets at Kagga Kamma are available to specified timeshare members, depending on availability, and we also have two camping sites for those who truly want to become part of Cederberg nature, virtually devoid of or with only the most rudimentary human survival requirements. However, Kagga Kamma’s most sought-after, unique accommodation is designed to complement our Cederberg surroundings, while incorporating modern creature comforts.

  • In ten selected spots against suitable natural sandstone formations, “cave” suites were constructed by combining natural features with innovative man-made techniques, creating our “cave” rooms that blend beautifully into the rough Cederberg sandstone surrounds.
  • Five carefully located hut suites are thatched with natural Cederberg material to resemble the hut-like shelters of the San, the Cederberg’s ancient inhabitants.

As an additional inimitable Cederberg accommodation experience for the mind, body, and spirit, weather and season permitting, guests who are booked into “cave” or hut suites have the option to include a night’s sensational accommodation in one of our breath-taking open air rooms – the secluded, private Star or Sky Suites, for a memorable, romantic night beneath the Cederberg’s starry sky.