Cederberg Hiking

Hiking – a Favourite Cederberg Experience

Learning to walk upright, instead of on all fours, was an important step (no pun intended) in the evolution of the species that was eventually to become Homo sapiens. Moving about on two hind feet enabled our ancient ancestors to observe more, at greater distances, a great benefit to the evolving species.

This upright stance and motion enhanced their ability to detect prey when hunting for fresh meat; find edible vegetation, water, and shelter at distance; and recognise potential danger early enough to avoid confrontation and make a timely escape.



Mankind’s ancestors walked or ran for survival and out of necessity. As a species, we have now added exercise to our reasons to walk, because of largely sedentary, urban lifestyles. Hiking is an extension of walking for exercise, closer observation of natural phenomena, and pure pleasure.

Although hiking and walking is virtually the same activity, the principle distinction lies in the terrain in which each is typically undertaken. Walking, as a leisure activity, takes place anywhere. In urban areas, we most frequently walk on fairly smooth man-made urban surfaces or natural surfaces in semi-urban outdoor areas.


Lovely Leisurely Hiking in the Cederberg

Hiking is a purely outdoor, lovely leisure activity, undertaken in all types of natural terrain. Hiking trails, like those at Kagga Kamma in the roughly rugged Cederberg, are graded according to the distance they cover and/or the degree of fitness required of the hiker or difficulty involved in the hike.

There are three designated hiking routes or trails in Kagga Kamma – the 4km Blue, 7km Red, and 9km White. All are spectacularly scenic, as is the iconic Cederberg region. Kagga Kamma is both the name of our pristine, unspoiled private nature reserve, as well as our private Cederberg resort that is located in the heart of the reserve.


Unique Cederberg Wilderness Hikes

The Cederberg is a unique wilderness region, unlike any other, anywhere else in the natural world. Hiking is without a doubt the best way to have an up close and personal experience of the Cederberg, its unusual ancient sandstone rock formations, and its unique species of fauna and flora.

Our walks and hikes at Kagga Kamma are self-guided, allowing guests to select the hike or walk at a pace that best suits their fitness level. Moreover, hiking is healthy, and is good for the mind, body, and spirit. It combines cardio and weight bearing exercise, while observing the fascinating Cederberg features in clean, unpolluted fresh air. Blood pressure levels and heart rate are improved, stress all but disappears, and the hiker’s muscle strength is developed.

No expensive hiking kit is required, other than a pair of comfortable hiking boots, worn with appropriate socks. Wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and light, breathable clothing. Take along enough water to keep hydrated, a couple of snacks to satisfy hunger pangs en route, and a lightweight, warm jacket, in case the weather turns.

If you really want to get to know the wild and wonderful Cederberg while enjoying a unique opportunity to commune with nature, created and sculpted by eons of wind and weather, do so on foot while hiking, in places where vehicles were not meant to go. For inimitable accommodation, relaxation, superb spa treatments with outdoor massages, delicious dining, and all the creature comforts to perfect your Cederberg hiking, there is the one and only Kagga Kamma.