Comfortable Accommodation Under Cederberge Stars

If you wish to spend a supremely comfy and cosy night under the African stars in complete safety and splendid isolation, accompanied by the night sounds of nature in the remarkable Cederberge (Ceder mountains), you’re destined to visit Kagga Kamma, where the moon, stars and so much more are on offer.

Fascination with the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Since ancient times, human beings have been fascinated and influenced by the skies above – clouds, bright daylight, the sun, dark night skies, the moon in all its phases, and then of course, the stars. The ancient Egyptians worshipped many deities, amongst them the sun god, Ra or Amun-Ra. Since then, and in more modern times, much has been written, composed, and sung about the entities and planets found in the sky.

“You are the Sunshine of my Life” was a hit record for Stevie Wonder. Andy Williams and numerous other recording artists covered “Moon River”, which was first sung by Audrey Hepburn in the film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; Beethoven composed “Moonlight Sonata”, a hauntingly beautiful piano melody and a favourite classical piece. “Starlight Express” was one of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical theatre shows. “When you Wish upon a Star” was a Disney classic. Whether it’s your wishes or dreams, they’re said to come true if you wish upon a shooting star, something you can do often if you book a night’s accommodation under the stars at Kagga Kamma.

If anyone promises you the sun, moon and all the stars, they’re promising you the world. Stars are viewed as being so significant that they’re used to indicate the grading of hotels and other establishments – the more stars, the better.

The Skies at Kagga Kamma 

At Kagga Kamma, we can promise you the sun, moon and stars, quite literally – the real thing – providing that the season and weather permit us to keep our promise. In summer, the weather is hot and the longer days are almost always sunny. During the winter months, there are also many sunny days, albeit much milder than in summer. Like most of the Western Cape, we receive our year’s rainfall in winter in the Cederberge, but we get less than the southern regions of the province, because our area is classified as semi-arid. This means that our skies are mainly clear throughout the year, perfect for star-gazing. There are very few placed where the stars appear as clear as they are in Kagga Kamma’s night sky.

Accommodation Under the Stars 

Our Star Suite at Kagga Kamma is supremely comfortable, romantic, tranquil, and private, located a considerable distance from the rest of the resort. It’s a “room with a view” that has no walls or roof; you sleep directly under the stars (in summer – September to April, weather permitting). A second, secluded accommodation option that allows you and your partner to sleep under the stars is known as the Outcrop Room; a part of it semi-surrounded by Cederberge’s distinctive rock formations, but this barely disturbs your view of the magnificent landscape.

Guests at Kagga Kamma who want to make the most of their unique Cederberg experience are required to book their accommodation at our “cave” or hut suites, with an additional accommodation booking for a night under the stars in the Star or Outcrop suites, an experience (and night) of a lifetime.