Holiday Resorts Cederberg

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South Africa, with its ancient history, immensely diverse landscapes, natural features, and rich, varied cultural heritage is a veritable paradise for historians, archaeologists, tourists, holiday makers, leisure travellers, and seekers of sun, fun, and adventure.

From her lengthy coastline that borders on two oceans, the mighty Atlantic and the mysterious Indian Oceans, inland towards the once bitterly contested, mineral-rich upper country regions, this country offers a treasure trove of places to visit, explore, marvel at, and experience, in all its glorious diversity.


South African Holiday Snapshot

To this, add friendly and hospitable people of numerous cultural backgrounds, each with its own fascinating history and interesting reasons for its presence on this southern tip of the great African continent, all known as South Africans. This provides you with a thumbnail or holiday snapshot of the South African experience, awaiting your own voyage of discovery whilst you are staying and relaxing at one of this country’s many marvellous holiday resorts.


Cederberg – Largely Undiscovered Gem

Most South African holiday resort cities, towns, and regions are well-known nationwide and across the world for what they offer visitors, but there are still many largely undiscovered gems amongst then, known to and loved by only a few initiates who have holidayed there. One such region is the sensational, magical Cederberg, and one such holiday resort is Kagga Kamma, right in the heart of the Cederberg wilderness.


More Than a Holiday Resort

Kagga Kamma is much more than a holiday resort. Our Kagga Kamma in the wildly wonderful Cederberg area, is a place where most of our first-time guests are both surprised and delighted to find an unexpectedly comfortable, welcoming South African holiday resort, a whole world away from the bright city lights, typical man-made tourist attractions, noise, and frenetic pace of life.


Private Reserve’s Holiday Resort

Instead, the Cederberg in general and Kagga Kamma in particular, appeal to lovers of nature who want to get away from it all, back to a place of ancient, rare, and raw natural beauty that is unspoiled and untainted by mankind. Kagga Kamma is a private nature reserve with its own private holiday resort that offers comfortable, yet exceptionally unique accommodation and enticing facilities, plus a host of holiday activities unlike those offered elsewhere.

The Cederberg is situated in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, which is one of this country’s most visited of its numerous holiday destinations. Within the Western Cape, the holiday destinations are as varied as are the holiday attractions. Although the Cederberg is only a few hours of travel by road from Cape Town, it is a world apart – remote, removed from the usual trappings of modern man, rugged, rough, and raw, with fascinating rock formations, sculpted by the wind, water, and weather through the ages.

In the Cederberg and in the Kagga Kamma reserve, the earliest evidence of ancient human occupation can still be seen today. Wonderfully preserved San rock art paintings, depicting elements of San life and beliefs, are scattered on great rock surfaces, typically protected from the weather by rock overhangs.

Our rock art tours are a must at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg, as is your holiday accommodation in one of our comfy “cave” rooms, hut suites (resembling San shelters), with the addition of a night under the Cederberg stars in one of our open air rooms, season and weather permitting. See you in the Cederberg, soon.