Unique Western Cape Nature Reserve Accommodation

What comes to mind, first and foremost, when you think of the wonderful Western Cape and its attractions? Is it Table Mountain or the white, sandy beaches and enfolding coastline that separates the land from the sea? Perhaps your focus is on Cape Town itself, the modern, busy metropolis that is also the considerably older historical home of European ancestry on the southern tip of Africa.

An Unusual Destination

While the Western Cape is home to all these wondrous places, plus magnificent mountain ranges, vineyards, top universities, quaint villages and towns, and breath-taking scenery, there’s even more to experience and explore. We’re talking about a once “best kept secret” destination, one might say, an unusual destination that offers truly unique accommodation, set in the very heart of a one-of-a-kind, privately owned nature reserve.

Two years after acquiring their property, in 1988, the three founders of what was to become today’s singularly distinctive Kagga Kamma, took the decision to turn their acquisition, plus three more adjacent properties, into a nature reserve. They were determined to preserve this really special part of the Western Cape’s Cederberg region as nature had created and intended it to be. Another year later, they purchased an additional property to ensure an adequate supply of top-quality water to the nature reserve.

From Cottage, to Cave and Hut Suites

A year before Kagga Kamma became a nature reserve, the trio had erected a modest stone cottage on the property, where they were able to provide accommodation for visiting friends on weekends, a tiny development that was to have delightful results – some of the most unique nature reserve guest accommodation in the Western Cape region and southern Africa. At Kagga Kamma, the design and construction of all our buildings and guest suites were inspired by our reserve’s natural features and surroundings, in particular the rugged, wind- and water-carved sandstone rock formations that are some of the Cederberg’s most distinguishing elements. Everything man made has been planned to blend with and become part of the natural surroundings.

“Cave” suites are just that – a “cave” that was carefully constructed against a natural stone rock face, but with all the comfort and convenience of expected modern, comfortable accommodation. Huts are inspired by the shelters built by the San people, the original inhabitants of the Cederberg. Once inside both huts and “caves”, guests enjoy the comfort and convenience of air conditioning, a tea/coffee station and en-suite bathroom facilities. When the season and weather permit, our visitors may opt for a night under the canopy of stars in either the Outcrop Outdoor Room or the Star Suite. These outdoor accommodation options may be selected as an extra, when guests are booked in at cave or hut suites, and are only available to adult couples.

Come to Kagga Kamma

Besides delicious a-la-carte dining (or braais), unique accommodation, and a host of leisure activities, everything you could wish for on your breakaway in the midst of nature is on offer at Kagga Kamma, awaiting your arrival. Kagga Kamma was and is a unique Western Cape nature reserve, offering our guests very comfortable accommodation options and perhaps an even more unique experience of the Cederberg and its cultural and natural heritage, cosseted in the romantic peace and tranquillity of pristine, unspoiled nature.