Cederberg Camping

Adventurous Camping for Adventurous Campers in the Awesome Cederberg

Not all campers want, prefer, or really like the same type of campsites, locations, seasons, or facilities.

There are some who like to take their home on wheels (a well-equipped caravan) with them, so that at the very least, they have some creature comforts while they settle in to enjoy a getaway surrounded by nature.


Caravanning Campers

These folks are more commonly known as caravanners, but they do nonetheless go camping. Modern caravans feature a host of home comforts, including a retractable outdoor kitchen, gas stoves, fridges and freezers, a water heating system and shower, and an on-board toilet.

Caravan camping aficionados generally look for a campsite that provides some services, like an electrical power connection point, a campsite amenity that is not on offer at Kagga Kamma’s camping grounds. We do, however, cater for more adventurous campers, who prefer to set their inner adventurer free and rely on their own resources.


Camping Closer to Nature

Avid, adventurous campers want and expect something decidedly more rustic and rugged from their campsites and camping excursions. For many, the term “the rougher the better” best describes their ideal camping experience. Thus, the awesome, unspoiled, and undeveloped remote part of the Cederberg is just the thing. You get to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty and calm tranquillity of undisturbed nature at its finest and purest, and without the trappings of the easy living to which societies have become accustomed.

These are the features that attract campers and lovers of the outdoors and nature who come to Kagga Kamma Private Nature Reserve’s two camping sites in the heart of the wild, wonderful Cederberg. Our camping guests want to experience nature in the raw, as it were. Here, the air is pure and clean, the atmosphere is indescribably serene, and the landscapes and strangely shaped, rugged rock formations are vast and awe inspiring, as old as ancient history itself.


Real Cederberg Wilderness Escapes

We have two camping areas at Kagga Kamma. One offers a few concessions to so-called civilised amenities, whilst the second is completely natural and untouched by any signs of human occupation. Neither is equipped with electricity, but both enable you to experience true communion with real Cederberg nature.



Swartrug camp is made up of five stands. Three accommodate a maximum of two adults, whilst the remaining two are suitable for a maximum of four adult campers. You are not totally dependent on the whims of nature at Swartrug, which features a communal warm ablution facility and a lovely, large swimming pool. Swartrug is around 1,5 km from the main resort’s restaurant, curio shop, and bar.



Avid, adventure-seeking campers describe camping at Bobbejaanskraans as the real thing – no frills or fancies, just rough and sometimes tough camping. Bobbejaanskraans is only accessible via 4 x 4 vehicles. There are no designated sites/stands at Bobbejaanskraans, no ablution facilities, and no water.

Campers at Bobbejaanskraans rely on themselves and the supplies they have brought along entirely, although wood and ice may be bought at Kagga Kamma’s reception desk. There is some light relief though. Campers are welcome to make restaurant bookings at Kagga Kamma, at least a day in advance.

Whatever accommodation you choose in the sensational Cederberg – camping, caves, huts or chalets – a visit to Kagga Kamma is a must.