Cederberg Mountains Accommodation

Who Enjoys the Cederberg Mountains and Kagga Kamma’s Accommodation?

In South Africa, there are no massive mountain ranges like the Himalayas, Alps, and Andes, with record-breaking high peaks that intrepid mountaineers who felt compelled to conquer.

Such compulsion is illustrated by the words of the late George Mallory, who attempted to summit Mount Everest almost 100 years ago, dying during his last attempt. Mallory said: “because it’s there”, when asked why he wanted to summit this legendary mountain.

Nonetheless, the fact that our country does not feature such monumental mountains does not detract in any way from the haunting beauty of the mountains that do make up the diverse landscapes of South Africa, notably the exceptionally unique Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape Province, a little way inland from the West Coast and its quaint fishermen’s villages.


Nature Lovers Love the Cederberg

This may beg the question about why people who love nature also love the Cederberg Mountains. One likely answer may well be the same as Mallory’s – “because it is there”. There is no other place quite like the Cederberg. It is wild, remote, and rugged, with no pretence at being anything else. One has an additional, overriding sense and feeling of a truly ancient place with early inhabitants as old as time itself here, in the Cederberg.

This special sensation is particularly enhanced by the Cederberg’s weirdly shaped rock formations that punctuate the vista over its wide landscapes that for millennia, have gazed upon the mountains in the blue, blue distance, on the faraway horizon.


Where to Find Cederberg Accommodation

Because of its untainted remoteness and unspoiled natural beauty, it is almost a surprise to come upon Kagga Kamma, our Cederberg resort in the private nature reserve of the same name, located in the heart of the Cederberg Mountain region.

We are proud to say that this surprise is typically accompanied by delight on the faces of the guests who book their accommodation at Kagga Kamma. Lovers of nature, tranquillity, and solitude enjoy and adore the unique Cederberg setting of Kagga Kamma, which is why the first guest accommodations were built here.


Most Popular Accommodation Options

  • 10 cave suites with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and numerous other facilities to ensure a very comfortable, entirely unique stay. The views across the Cederberg terrain from each cave’s private patio are gorgeous.
  • Five hut suites that were artistically constructed to resemble ancient San huts, to tie in with the history and heritage of the Cederberg’s original human inhabitants. Hut suites are suitable for larger groups and families of four.
  • Star suite that is ideal for an additional night directly beneath the Cederberg stars, out in the open and completely private, which is exceptionally romantic. In addition to lovely comforts and a very unique experience, this open accommodation also features an open star bath, outdoor shower, and a private rock pool.
  • Sky suite, which weather and season permitting, provides an optional night in the open, on a spacious stone terrace that backs onto an enormous rock face. Outstanding features include a queen-size bed, hot tub, and open air shower


The natural beauty, history, peace, and tranquillity of our section of the Cederberg, our welcoming resort, and our exceptionally unique accommodation options are awaiting your arrival. The next question is not if we may expect you, but rather when you wish to reserve your Cederberg Mountain accommodation with us at Kagga Kamma.