Unique and Romantic Getaways Western Cape

Unusual, Untainted, Unique, and Romantic Western Cape Getaways

Cape Town and, in fact, the entire Western Cape region, are favourite romantic destinations for people from this country and elsewhere, who like to take a break or go on holiday there. It’s no wonder, because this province is world renowned for its scenic beauty and myriad of diverse attractions. Virtually everyone is aware of Table Mountain and other mountain ranges, the Western Cape’s Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the white, sandy beaches, historic buildings and rich, well-documented history, Cape Dutch architecture, winelands, and the West Coast villages, where scrumptious, freshly caught seafood is always on the menu.

The Region’s Top Romantic Getaway Destination

However, the inland Western Cape region, particularly the Cederberg, is somewhat less familiar, and yet it is one of this country’s most romantic getaways, a hidden precious gem, as all who have “discovered” this unique area will attest. Nestled in the heart of the Cederberg, one finds an inimitable wilderness reserve and a most unusual destination, our romantic resort, our unique Kagga Kamma, a haven of peace, tranquillity and comfort that’s simply perfect for nature lovers as well as those of a romantic disposition.

Kagga Kamma’s Unique and Romantic Features 

  • Although we’re only about 200 km away from Cape Town, our part of the Western Cape could be a world away, because the terrain, sweeping scenic landscapes, craggy sandstone rock formations, and indigenous flora (and certain fauna species) are unique to this untainted wilderness area.
  • Our guests enjoy creature comforts, like romantic accommodation, en-suite bathrooms, and air-conditioning. Add superb dining with a strong emphasis on local produce, fare with a distinct South African/Karoo influence, select wines from Western Cape vineyards, sparkling swimming pools, and the warm hospitality for which South Africans are famous.
  • When the weather permits – and that’s most of the time between September and April – romantically minded guests may opt to spend a night beneath the stars, which appear to be closer and brighter than virtually anywhere else, because the air is so pure and unpolluted. There’s nothing that interferes with a couple’s stargazing and privacy.
  • Outdoor accommodation is offered in our Star Suite and in the Outcrop Outdoor Room. At night, both are romantically lantern-lit. They’re only available for couples, who sleep on a cosily made-up, comfy double or queen-sized bed. Star features an outdoor bath and shower and private rock pool; Outcrop also has outdoor bathroom/ablution facilities. Romantic isolation enfolds you under the twinkling stars. Both open-air suites are a firm favourite with honeymooners.
  • “Cave” suites also accommodate two persons. These truly unique “caves” are barely discernible from the surrounding rock formations, despite each featuring a terrace for two. Kagga Kamma also offers accommodation in a one of the Honeymoon Cave, also wonderfully appointed for couples celebrating a special occasion, such as an anniversary or other romantic event.
  • Hut suites resemble the style of ancient indigenous clans who lived at Kagga Kamma a very long time ago, evoking the romance of a time long before…

All the on-site or nearby excursions and activities that are on offer in Kagga Kamma’s getaway corner of the Western Cape are unique; you and your partner supply the romance and enjoyment.