Tranquil Accommodation Western Cape

The Timeless Tranquillity of a Wonderful Western Cape Wilderness Resort

Our wilderness resort in the Western Cape’s Cederberg is known as a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity amongst the guests we accommodate – people who find themselves in need to get away from everything and enjoy a complete break from humdrum routine, responsibilities, and hectic city lifestyles. Everyone sometimes crave tranquillity, but did you know that a great deal has been researched and written about tranquillity, even if it is a place and/or state of mind and being that many mistakenly perceive as being too abstract to study?

According to one definition, tranquillity is the state or quality of being tranquil, serene, calm, and worry-free, and it is often linked to engaging with the natural environment. Our guests would agree that our magnificent, rugged, and pristine Cederberg region provides the ultimate tranquillity, imbibing those who take up accommodation at Kagga Kamma with a sense of worry-free and supreme calmness, peace, and serenity.

Restorative Effect on Mind, Body, and Soul

One of the major benefits of taking a holiday or break in a peaceful, natural environment such as the remote parts of the Western Cape is the restorative effect that Mother Nature has on human beings, particularly when they’ve been exposed to constant, long periods of mental, physical, and emotional overload. A state of tranquillity certainly does not reduce one to the robotic level of a zombie; instead, one’s mind, body, soul, and level of interest still remain operative and functional, but in a relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable manner that serves to renew and refresh the physical body, its mentality, and its senses.

Tranquillity-Inducing Natural Features 

Because of the peacefulness that reigns in remote Western Cape regions and at Kagga Kamma, we can list various natural and ancient heritage features that induce an air of peaceful serenity at our resort:

  • The unspoilt, wide open spaces.
  • Unique sandstone rock formations, created by the erosion and action of wind and weather.
  • Fresh, untainted air and gentle breezes.
  • Natural, indigenous fauna, flora, and birdlife.
  • Clean, clear night skies with the brightest starlight you could wish to see.
  • Africa’s vast blue daytime sky.
  • Fascinating ancient San rock paintings.
  • Kagga Kamma’s distinctive guest accommodation suites, designed to ensure that the units blend seamlessly with the breathtaking beauty and character of the resort’s natural features, retaining privacy and assuring tranquillity.


The three accommodation options for which we’re best known allow our guests to relax and rest in peaceful tranquillity and as close to nature as is possible, yet without sacrificing their comfort. Both the Star Suite and the Outcrop Outdoor Room enable you to sleep directly under a canopy of stars (weather permitting). Our “Cave” and Hut suites are similarly perfect, because they mimic nature and the accommodations of the forebears that once lived in this wilderness reserve. What could be more serene than falling asleep to the distant calls of jackals, as they go about their nocturnal activities, and awakening as the rising sun peeps over the eastern horizon, sending its first morning rays with the news that another day in paradise is dawning?

One visit to the Western Cape’s Kagga Kamma is all it takes to convince doubters that this is where you’ll experience the warmest welcome, super South African dining and top tranquillity, a feat for the senses and soul.