Holiday Resorts Western Cape

Getaway to An Out-Of-The-Way Western Cape Holiday Resort

The Western Cape with its incredible diversity of magnificent landscapes, its long coastline, its variety of activities, and its unique character has long been a favourite holiday destination for South Africans and visitors from other countries alike. Holiday resorts are found throughout the Western Cape.

To be on a real holiday, one should have a total break from routine at an unusual destination or resort, where one has time and opportunity to do as one pleases. Some holidaymakers just want to relax, rest, and unwind at a place that caters for its guests accordingly – in comfort. Then there are others for whom an ideal holiday must include something more adventurous. These include campers who want to rely on their own resources, with few creature comforts and who find relaxation in rugged pursuits and challenging adventures and activities.


Adventure Activities

At Kagga Kamma, our nature reserve and unique holiday resort in the Western Cape’s ancient, untamed Cederberg, we cater for both rugged, adventure-minded campers who shun most modern amenities while on holiday and holidaymakers who prefer the creature comforts of a well-appointed resort. These people all have one thing in common – a love of nature and being immersed in the peaceful tranquillity of an unspoilt, natural environment that offers all manner of excursions and adventures associated with nature, such as:

  • Rock-art tours – guided by our knowledgeable rangers, we take you back 6000 years when the ancient inhabitants of Kagga Kamma unknowingly left us their works of art, painted on ancient rock faces.
  • Fascinating reptile and snake educational talks by our qualified snake handlers are held at the resort on weekends.
  • Guided quad-bike safaris for riders older than 16 take adventurous guests off the beaten track.
  • 4×4 trails, more than 100 km in total, offer adventurous exploration and challenges in your 4×4 vehicle.
  • Morning and late-night nature drives reveal fauna, flora, landscapes, and features that are unique to this remarkable region. Romantic sundowner trips are also on offer.
  • 3 self-guided hiking trail routes between the unique sandstone rock formations that are so characteristic of the Cederberg.
  • 2 mountain biking routes starting and ending at the resort.
  • Stars, the brightest and biggest, are another feature of the Cederberg. Stargazing tours are undertaken to a mini observatory for close-ups of the African night sky.

Whether a high-energy approach takes your fancy or you prefer a more laid-back, leisurely holiday, the Western Cape’s spectacular Cederberg and Kagga Kamma belong on your list of favourite holiday resorts.