Cederberg Accommodation for Nature Lovers

Immense Appeal and Inspiration of the Cederberg 

Even those who don’t classify themselves as nature lovers are drawn to nature in some respect, be it a holiday at a beach resort where they swim in the sea or lie on the beach, acquiring a golden suntan, or a preference for taking their vacations in the Bushveld or a nature reserve, where they book their accommodation at a lodge that sees to their creature comforts. Committed lovers of nature appreciate this diverse marvel, which distinguishes Planet Earth from others, in all its guises – water, fauna, flora, and its ever-evolving historical path. This is a major reason for the appeal of the unsullied Cederberg.

Our private nature reserve, Kagga Kamma, situated in the heart of the hauntingly beautiful Cederberg, offers nature lovers and romantics at heart the prime location from where to indulge their passion for the natural phenomena and features of this craggy region. Additionally, the surrounding Cederberg sandstone rock faces and weather-worn Cederberg Mountains offer almost unlimited opportunities to stand in awe before ancient rock art paintings, executed millennia ago by the Khoi and the San people, who once inhabited this wild and wonderful place.

Accommodation Inspired by Nature

Kagga Kamma’s location and architecture are inspired by the distinctive natural features and history of the Cederberg, complimenting these aspects as far as possible, while making the most of that which nature has provided. Guest accommodation options include two campsites, more formal and comfy accommodation in “Cave” and Hut suites, Star and Outcrop outdoor rooms, and time-share chalets (terms and conditions apply to the latter). There’s a restaurant, outdoor boma and cosy bar; relaxing treatments at our spa remove the last vestiges of city stress and strain. A host of optional activities are on offer at Kagga Kamma; all revolve around and incorporate nature, much to the delight of our nature-loving guests.

Why People Love Cederberg’s Natural Environment 

  • Man is drawn to nature because we are part of it, an integral part of the whole kingdom of nature. This is something which is often forgotten or missed when one lives, works, and plays in the city. Nature is the life force that created Man.
  • In going back into nature, one is returning to one’s roots and origin, the origin of the species (Homo sapiens). It’s a home-coming.
  • When nature lovers are in their natural environment, such as the Cederberg, a sense of place, peace, tranquillity, wonder, and love enfolds them. If accompanied by a romantic partner, a sense of overwhelming love and receptiveness to and for love is enhanced. Exploring, discovering, and sharing the wonders of nature foster an immensely bonding experience.
  • Being alone or with someone significant in privacy, in untamed nature, makes you feel like the only people in the world; it engenders a healthy, balanced perspective and a positive sense of wellbeing – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • At Kagga Kamma, we limit guest numbers, maintaining the sense of privacy that our nature-loving visitors appreciate.

There’s not much left to be said about the Cederberg and the Kagga Kamma experience that isn’t acclaimed by nature lovers as being downright superlative, bar one other comment – book your accommodation at Kagga Kamma, without delay.