Cave Accommodation

Bidding You Welcome to Cosy, Comfy Cederberg Cave Accommodation

Although not very far from Cape Town, the awe-inspiring Cederberg and our nature reserve in the very heart of this rocky region are worlds away from civilisation. This much is evident when one looks at the hauntingly beautiful landscape and rock formations for which this area is so famous.

What, When, Who, and Where?

What might be here? Did anyone manage to live and sustain life in the remote, rugged Cederberg? Will one find ancient caves and evidence of ancient humans’ presence here; people who sought refuge in the caverns or beneath the overhanging rock formations? The temptation to explore, to find answers to these questions, and to discover more about the truly unique Cederberg area is hard to resist, but where might you find comfortable accommodation here with modern amenities that are suitable for modern humans in such a truly vast, remote, wild, and wondrous place?


Welcome to Kagga Kamma’s “Caves”

At Kagga Kamma, our resort in the Cederberg, we are best known for our ten unique “cave” accommodation options, which we call “Cave” Suites. These are elevated on natural sandstone rock formations with unobtrusive man-made façades that blend seamlessly into the natural surrounds. Their outdoor patio areas overlook the expansive vistas of the Cederberg landscape.

Each Kagga Kamma “Cave” Suite sleeps two and is furnished and appointed with comfort in mind. Besides privacy, each has a double bed, air-conditioning, tea-/coffee-making facilities, en suite bathroom, complimentary toiletries, fluffy bathrobes, quality linens and towels, and a cosy ambience. Kagga Kamma and its “caves” must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The Premium and romantic Honeymoon “Caves” have extra touches to set them apart and make this unique offering extra special for modern cave dwellers – our guests.


Ancient Inhabitants

As far as can be ascertained, the San were the earliest human inhabitants of the Cederberg. Their ancient, beautifully preserved rock paintings are found in the Cederberg and are scientifically dated to some 6000 years ago. These hardy people were deeply spiritual and semi-nomadic, building shelters with whatever materials were available to accommodate the family. One imagines that they probably sought temporary shelter in Cederberg caves too, on occasion.


Winter “Cave” Accommodation

As from 1 May to 31 August 2019, our seasonal, reduced, winter “Cave” accommodation rates apply. Although the days are cooler and the nights colder, you will be snug, warm, and comfortable in your climate-controlled “cave”. Our sincere welcome is always warm as well.