Cederberg Accommodation

Perfectly Located, Preferred Cederberg Accommodation

If you love nature, it is likely that you periodically feel the need to immerse yourself in the untamed heart of an untainted, pure, and pristine natural environment, completely removed from the intrusive aspects of 21st century civilisation and living. If so, the sensational Cederberg definitely belongs on your list of special, natural places to visit.

Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma Reserve and Resort

Be sure to include Kagga Kamma as your preferred Cederberg accommodation, where you can complete and perfect the regeneration of your mind, body, and spirit in a very special place in the midst of the Cederberg’s rough, rugged, and rocky natural splendour.

This was very much the sense of peace, tranquillity, and rejuvenation, which captured and captivated the three founders of Kagga Kamma, who jointly acquired their first Cederberg property, later extending it with the addition of three more adjoining farms. Friends eagerly awaited an invitation to join the owners for weekends in the Cederberg, so a very basic stone cottage was built to accommodate these early guests, who likewise valued the raw nature and regenerating power of the Cederberg.


Rejuvenating Spa with Open Air Massages

We are proud to offer you an additional nature-inspired facility at our resort – the Open Air Massage area. It is a new addition to the Kagga Kamma Spa and its relaxing, replenishing selection of spa treatments, enhancing the renewal of mind, spirit, and body.


Deeply Spiritual San

The Cederberg Mountains are as old as time itself. This was once an area occupied by the ancient San people, a wonderful group of uncomplicated indigenous people, who lived intimately close to nature, off the land. Remarkably, the San took no more than they needed to survive. They wasted nothing, and left enough behind for those who might come later.

Today, sadly, the San are gone from the Cederberg’s rocky terrain, but fortunately, there is a great deal of evidence of their erstwhile presence in Kagga Kamma’s private nature reserve and the broader Cederberg region.

The San rock paintings, which are found in the Cederberg, are particularly clear and well preserved, despite their age, which in some instances, date back to approximately 6 000 years ago. Many paintings have a spiritual quality about them, whilst others illustrate daily activities in San life.


Accommodation Inspired by the San

In recognition of the San in the Cederberg, Kagga Kamma’s primary guest accommodation consists of ten cave suites, which blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural rock formations, and five thatched hut suites, resembling the San shelters, constructed of whatever natural materials were found wherever they decided to set  up dwellings. All these accommodation suites are tastefully appointed with modern amenities to ensure guests’ comfort.

Guests at Kagga Kamma have the option to include a night under the Cederberg stars and the great African sky, while being accommodated in the caves or huts, depending on the season, weather, and availability. Everything at Kagga Kamma is designed to blend with nature as much as possible, without detracting from guests’ comfort and convenience. We look forward to accommodating you for a tranquil getaway in the Cederberg.