Unique Holiday Destinations Western Cape

Nature Sets the Scene for a Unique Western Cape’s Holiday Destination

Our nature resort, tucked away in the heart of the rugged Cederberg wilderness, is a truly unique holiday destination, situated in the interior of the glorious Western Cape Province of South Africa. Why do we and most of our visitors describe our establishment and its surroundings as being unique? Guests who have stayed at Kagga Kamma have sent us glowing testimonials about their singularly enjoyable holiday experiences here in the Western Cape’s Cederberg. Even so, we do not use the word “unique” loosely or lightly, and we are happy to clarify what we mean.

Authentically Unique 

There are a number of synonyms for unique, all applicable to us – exclusive, exceptional, single, distinctive, matchless, inimitable, and rare. When applied to a holiday destination and most other things, exclusivity often implies high cost or considerable expense in the minds of some people. We would prefer “distinctive”, which clearly means that the subject in question is distinct and therefore notably different from its counterparts. As a Western Cape holiday destination, Kagga Kamma is distinctive, singular, rare, and the only one of its kind; there is no other that is identical or the same, and that is precisely what we wish to convey.

Eco-Tourism for Lovers of Nature

Because our holiday resort is in a nature reserve, our surroundings are also unique. Every facet and nuance of nature are inimitable, part of the whole, and serve its own vital purpose or function in the balance and greater scheme of the natural order. We practice eco-tourism in a determined effort to preserve every element of the bounty with which nature has blessed this unusual holiday destination. A state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic hybrid energy system supplies the resort with environmentally friendly power, an initiative for which we received the RCI Green Award at the RCI OSCAS in 2013.

The extensive variety of guest experiences and activities on offer are all centred around nature, in which our visitors immerse themselves delightedly. When planning, designing and building Kagga Kamma, care was taken to incorporate the natural features, without disrupting their essential contribution to the ambience of our locale. Characteristic Cederberg rocky outcrops and rugged rocks were not moved. Instead, we built around them or included them as backdrops, walls, terraces, wind breaks, and decorative elements of the resort’s landscape.

Singularly Styled Accommodation Options 

Our fully equipped, self-catering chalets are ideal for timeshare members and family groups who wish to take a longer holiday, while our en-suite, air-conditioned hut and “cave” rooms are particularly sought after, because the guest experience and the suites themselves are truly remarkable. Two open-air rooms – the Star Suite and the Outcrop Room – are completely private and without peer (weather permitting).

Tops for Tranquillity

As a Western Cape holiday destination, Kagga Kamma is not only a unique and rare find; it is right at the top. It is, above all, a prime destination and a paradise for lovers of nature and the peace, tranquillity, and beauty with which guests restore their minds, bodies and souls.