Self-Catering Accommodation Cederberg

Self-Catering Accommodation in the Cederberg

When on holiday or away from home for an extended period of time, some people like to divorce themselves of all tasks that are reminiscent of daily chores and responsibilities, while others prefer to self-cater at the establishment where their accommodation is.

A Break from Set Mealtimes

There are pros and cons to both accommodation options. Single people often do not prefer preparing food for just themselves. On the plus side, self-catering allows you to prepare meals and eat when it suits you, whereas many alternative accommodation establishments have set times for meals.


Come, Go, and Eat as you Please

Families and larger groups may find it more affordable to cater for themselves, especially if their party includes young children and/or pernickety eaters. Self-catering also allows parties to come and go as they please, without rushing back to eat or skipping meals for which they have paid as part of their accommodation rates. Resorts like Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg cater for most popular accommodation and meal preferences. Because our location is remote from towns with shops and other supply sources, guests who intend to self-cater have to bring their supplies with them to their Kagga Kamma self-catering timeshare accommodation chalets, (available to specific timeshare members, depending on availability). Only certain essential groceries are available from the resort’s reception area.


Indoor and Outdoor Catering

Our chalets’ kitchens are fully equipped to ensure that guest have everything on hand to prepare anything from light snacks to full, sit-down meals with ease. In each kitchen, you will find an oven, stovetop, fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave, cutlery, and crockery. Each 6- or 8-sleeper chalet has a private outdoor boma with braai area, overlooking the spectacular Cederberg landscapes, plus a cosy indoor fireplace/braai. A basket of complimentary wood awaits you upon arrival at your chalet, but additional wood (and ice) may be purchased at any time thereafter and collected at Reception.


Discounted Timeshare Leisure Activities

In addition to the unquestionable pros of self-catering in the Cederberg, timeshare guests at Kagga Kamma receive a 30% discount on the cost of some excursions and activities, all of them expertly guided; these are morning nature drives, romantic sundowner trips, late-night nature drives, and rock-art tour to see the artworks of the ancient Cederberg inhabitants, the San.


Anyone for Dining Out?

However, timeshare guests who select self-catering Cederberg accommodation at Kagga Kamma are not necessarily committing themselves and their families to an entire holiday break’s self-catering for each and every meal. Our restaurant at Kagga Kamma is a la carte. Self-catering guests are always most welcome to book for delicious meals from a menu that is rich in South African flair and flavours.

No one visiting the Cederberg and booking their accommodation at Kagga Kamma needs to self-cater if or when they do not feel like doing so, although it is essential to reserve a table at our restaurant at least a day in advance. The same applies to campers who have reserved their campsites in the Cederberg at one of our two delightfully rugged camping locations – arguably the ultimate in self-sufficient, self-catering accommodation.