Cederberg Mountain Accommodation

Accommodation Amid the Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg Mountains mean different things to different people. Some will immediately think about rooibos tea, that delicious, healthy brew made from this bountiful little red bush with which the Cederberg has blessed South Africans (rooibos is now also exported). Rock climbers and those who live and love to boulder adore the Cederberg Mountains, where they can do their thing to their heart’s content. Artists, historians, and archaeologists – amateur or otherwise – are fascinated by the outstandingly well-preserved rock art paintings that survived for all to view, evidence of the presence, culture and beliefs of the ancient San people who dwelt and hunted in the area eons ago.

The Cederberg Mountains were named after the Clanwilliam Cedar trees that once grew here in abundance. However, this species is listed as endangered and protected today because of earlier over-exploitation. Romantics and stargazers will seldom find a better location from where to take in the breathtaking beauty of the African night sky’s brightly sparkling denizens – the stars. Botanists find lots to explore in the Cederberg, as do those who are interested in geology. Escapees from the hustle, bustle and stresses of work and city life know that they’ll find peace, tranquillity and sanctuary in the spectacular Cederberg mountain wilderness region, where time and the seasons seem to move at their own leisurely pace, if at all.

Camping or Comfortable Accommodation? 

As one would expect from a wilderness area, adventurous campers would like to claim the Cederberg mountains as their own, since they need to be quite self-sufficient in this rugged terrain. Conversely, visitors who love their luxuries are also drawn to this unique region, especially since Kagga Kamma opened its doors to welcome guests who prefer world-class, graded 4-star accommodation wherever they are, even in a remote location. In fact, Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers plenty to tempt the diverse accommodation preferences of those already mentioned (virtually all its visitors), from courageous Cederberg campers to seekers of sumptuous unique and all those whose interests and hobbies are so vastly different in essence. 

Camping/Tent Accommodation 

Campers may choose to pitch their tent at one of two camping sites. Neither offers campers the use of an electrical power supply, but typical campers prefer firelight anyway. Firewood is on sale at the reception desk of the resort. Swartrug Camp, approximately a kilometre and a half from the resort’s main buildings, consists of five designated sites, communal warm water ablution facilities and a large swimming pool for campers’ use. At Bobbejaanskrans Camp, visitors need to be even more self-sufficient, because this part of the Cederberg mountain area is untouched and pristine – no defined campsites or ablution facilities.

Graded 4-Star Lodge Accommodation 

  • Star Suite – supreme unique & under the stars, private open-air bath, shower and rock pool.
  • Outcrop – opulence beneath the African sky; basic bathroom facilities.
  • “Cave” suites – air-conditioned accommodation in a rock “cave” with panoramic views from a private patio.
  • Hut suites – take inspiration from the style of original San dwellings but offer air-conditioned units.
  • Chalets – fully equipped and tastefully furnished for longer stays and larger groups. Certain timeshare conditions apply. 

Irrespective of the type of leisure activities or accommodation you prefer, Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg mountains has it all – and more. Come and see for yourself.