Wilderness Accommodation Near Ceres

The beautiful town of Ceres is the principal town of the Witzenberg magisterial district, where one could expect to find all the modern conveniences with which to spoil visitors to the area. Nevertheless, it comes as a complete surprise to many a tourist and leisure traveller that superb luxury accommodation is on offer in a remote, rugged wilderness area, not very far from the fertile, fruit-growing Ceres valley.

Ceres was named after the ancient Roman goddess of agriculture. The soil is exceptionally fertile, while the mainly Mediterranean climate is perfect for the Ceres Valley’s important agriculture – growing deciduous fruit, mainly apples, pears, apricots, plums, cherries, and peaches. Much of the fruit is cultivated for the export market; in particularly productive years, the produce from Ceres accounted for almost half of South Africa’s fruit exports, an enormous contribution to the country’s economy. Some of SA’s biggest fruit processing factories that produce canned fruit, dried fruit, and fruit juice, is situated in and around the valley.

You’ll have no trouble locating the town on the map. By road, Ceres is less than 200 km from Cape Town, and a wonderfully scenic drive it is, much to the delight of everyone who has time to observe the surroundings en route. Prior to the construction of a modern highway that bypasses the town, the original road by which one travelled upcountry to Johannesburg passed through it.

Off the Beaten Track 

You won’t really encounter conservation areas alongside a highway, so where’s this accommodation in the heart of the wilderness beyond Ceres that we are talking about? It’s most definitely off the beaten track and we strive to keep it authentic and unspoiled. From Ceres, simply follow the map and/or set your GPS, travel a bit further, and you’ll arrive at our fine 4-star nature resort and lodge – Kagga Kamma.

Resort Accommodation 

Kagga Kamma’s accommodation options are unique, just as unique as our location and all its myriad natural Cederberg features. The region is typified by unusual rough, wind-weathered sandstone formations, carved out by the power of nature and the hands of time. These craggy rock faces form the backdrop to our two open-air rooms – the Star Suite and the opulent Outcrop Room. Use of both these rooms depends on the weather, since guests are accommodated in the open, under the twinkling canopy of stars, made even brighter by the clear Cederberg air.

Accommodation facilities at Outcrop include a comfy double bed dressed in lovely white bedlinen, lanterns to light your night time sanctuary, a cosy, romantic fire, and basic bathroom facilities. Star Suite offers even more, from a queen-size bed and outdoor shower to an open-air, outdoor bathtub with panoramic views plus a natural rock pool in which to cool off on a hot summer night. Likewise, Kagga Kamma’s air conditioned “cave” and hut suites will have you living in the midst of the Cederberg wilderness.

Wine and dine at our a la carte restaurant, submit yourself to pampering spa treatments at the end of a day of rock art tours, nature drives, hiking, quad bike excursions, and sundowner trips. Visit us to enjoy the warm hospitality for which Ceres and the Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma resort are known.