Cederberg Nature Reserve Accommodation

Variety of Accommodation Options in the Cederberg Nature Reserve Area

South Africans have always loved and been extremely proud of their country’s super selection of game and nature reserves, which has also been a major drawcard for visitors from overseas, and it’s not surprising. Being accommodated in a completely natural environment, away from one’s usual routine and everyday surroundings restores one’s balance and inner peace. However, the country’s designated conservancy areas are about as diverse as the visitors who are attracted to them and wish to immerse themselves in everything each reserve has to offer as well as the natural wonders of Africa at its best.

As the worldwide population increases, urban development and the need for residential accommodation keeps pace, often encroaching on formerly unspoiled natural land. Nature reserves exist to preserve and conserve sections of the land, its fauna and flora, and their natural habitat. The Cederberg nature and wilderness reserve is as yet undiscovered by some and well loved by the initiated. Much like the rest of the African continent, the Cederberg is an ancient area with a rich cultural and geographical heritage.

What Makes the Cederberg Special?

The Cederberg nature reserve area features several distinctive and unique characteristics and attractions, not found together in another place, anywhere:

  • Dramatic and rugged sandstone rock formations, and the Cederberg mountain range’s cliffs, overhangs and caves. Sneeuberg is the highest mountain in the range and some peaks exceed 2 000 m.
  • Amazing rock formations within the reserve include the remarkable Maltese Cross, the incredible Wolfberg Arch and the Wolfberg Cracks. The distinctive sandstone formations were created by wind and water erosion over millennia.
  • Astonishingly well preserved San rock art – ample evidence of these original inhabitants of this wilderness, their activities, beliefs, and lifestyles. Artworks found in the reserve have been dated to various periods, from a few centuries ago to several thousand years.
  • A multitude of activities, from nature drives, 4×4 trails, mountain biking, walking and hiking, rock climbing, rock art exploration tours, quad bike safaris, scenic sundowner trips, and bird watching, to stargazing tours.
  • Fabulous 4-star, luxury accommodation at Kagga Kamma private lodge, right in a privately owned section of the nature reserve, in the midst of everything we’ve mentioned above – and the list goes on.

Unique and Varied Accommodation 

At 4-star Kagga Kamma, guest accommodation numbers at any one time are limited. This is done in order to ensure discreet privacy, prevent overcrowding and to make certain that our eco-tourism ethos and the preservation of the nature reserve are maintained. Additionally, we offer various types of accommodation – something for every preference:

  • “Cave” and Hut suites, although blending into the rugged environment, are luxuriously appointed.
  • Our Outcrop Outdoor room enables guest to sleep under the stars, in ultimate comfort.
  • The Star suite takes a night beneath the galaxy to new heights of romantic luxury.
  • Rest Camp chalets provide superior guest accommodation to larger parties for longer periods (selected timeshare owners only).
  • Two camping sites – Swartrug has five stands, a large communal swimming pool, and communal ablution facilities with warm water. Bobbejaanskrans, for very adventurous souls, can only be reached via 4×4 vehicle, has no designated stands nor ablution facilities

As mentioned, there’s Cederberg nature reserve accommodation on offer to suit all tastes – from a love of luxury to the spirit of outdoor adventure. We look forward to meeting your requirements at Kagga Kamma.