Cederberg Self-Catering Lodge

Luxury Meets Ancient Culture at Cederberg Self-Catering Lodge  

Should you choose to book your Cederberg holiday or weekend breakaway in one of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve’s self-catering units, it’s unlikely that you’ll decline a few meals at our lovely à la carte restaurant. Here you can indulge in typical South African cuisine at its finest, accompanied by an excellent selection of Cape wines, not to mention spoiling yourself with some of our professional chef’s divine dessert delicacies.

Suit Yourself Entirely

We’ve found that having a restaurant that serves à la carte fare suits our guests to a T. They can choose to cater for themselves as and when it suits them and dine at the restaurant when it doesn’t. Guests thus don’t pay for meals that they aren’t having, nor need they tie themselves down to set meal times. That’s surely the last thing one wants to do when on holiday, especially in the Cederberg, where there is so much to see and do.

Some of the activities on offer at Kagga Kamma are not in the immediate vicinity of the lodge. Various attractions, such as the San rock paintings, 4×4 and quad bike trails, mountain biking and hiking excursions, and game drives are a little further afield, although still on our land. No one enjoys having fun activities cut short or interrupted in order to hasten back for meals, failing which you’d go hungry, so dine à la carte or cater for yourself, in your own time. We cater for both options. How and when you exercise your options is entirely of your choosing.

Lodge Luxury and Exclusivity 

Kagga Kamma is a private 4-star establishment, offering guests exceptional luxury and modern creature comforts, despite being in the heart of the Cederberg’s wilderness and an unspoilt nature reserve. Self-catering units and other rooms and suites are located in such a way that all occupants enjoy privacy. Visitor numbers are limited; part of our guest experience depends on this factor. We want our visitors to absorb that unique, romantic sensation of being the only people for miles around, if not on earth. This philosophy probably stems from a few distinctive features of the Cederberg. The landscape is ancient, as are the incredible, wind-worn sandstone rock formations which characterise this part of the Western Cape.

Cederberg’s First Inhabitants

The Cederberg was also once the home of the San, an ancient nomadic people with beguiling beliefs and a captivating culture. As hunter-gatherers, the concept of ownership meant nothing to them, a major reason for their virtual demise, although some of their descendants still live in the Northern Cape and Botswana. San people lived off on what nature provided. They only took what they needed, nothing more, and always left behind enough for Mother Nature to regenerate whatever they had taken. Rock paintings are the only tangible evidence of their presence in the area surrounding our lodge.

Join Us 

We look forward to sharing our rich cultural heritage with you and know you’ll find our rock art tour fascinating. Take a weekend break with a difference or spend your next holiday with us at Kagga Kamma, where you can self-cater to your heart’s content or avail yourself of our restaurant fare.