Cederberg Self-Catering

Self-Catering Cederberg Accommodation with Luxury Options

A few generations ago, there were very few self-catering establishments in South Africa at which holidaymakers and tourists could arrange accommodation.

There weren’t many bed and breakfast facilities either. Most travellers stayed at hotels, because there was little other choice, unlike today, when self-catering options abound across the country.

At more or less the same time (predating the appearance of self-catering facilities), the Cederberg region was mainly an agricultural area, but only in parts where arable land was suitable to sustain farming activities.

Nature in a Natural Reserve

The rest was left as it had always been for centuries, when the only known inhabitants were the San bushmen. Outstanding examples of their distinctive rock art and habitation can still be seen today across sheltered, craggy rock outcrops in our part of the Cederberg, known as Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

The population of the Cederberg always remained relatively small, spread sparsely across the land. Overall, the area remained wild, unexploited and unspoiled, rather as it is now – 710km2 of rugged wilderness which became a World Heritage Site in 2004.

It’s a perfect destination for eco tourists and lovers of nature, in addition to those who seek wide open spaces, peace and tranquillity when on holiday and while enjoying a total breakaway.

Kagga Kamma, Cederberg’s 4-Star Luxury Gem

At Kagga Kamma, everything started in 1987 on a purely self-catering basis. This was the year during which three enterprising gentlemen recognised the rugged beauty and potential of the area, in which they purchased Kagga Kamma, plus three adjoining farms.

The following year, a small stone cottage was erected, allowing their friends to join them when they visited. This facility and the opportunity to “get away from it all” proved so popular, that they decided to extend their accommodation and facilities after converting Kagga Kamma into a nature reserve and then acquiring another adjoining farm to ensure a supply of top-quality, pure potable water.

Not long after this, the first self-catering chalets were built, taking every possible care to blend in with and preserve the beauty of the natural surroundings and inimitable landscape with its characteristic sandstone formations.

As before, all supplies had to be bought and brought in from the nearest towns, because of Kagga Kamma’s remote location. Our resort is some 300km from Cape Town by road and somewhat closer to Citrusdal and Clanwilliam, something of which visitors should be aware if they wish to self-cater. Emergency grocery supplies are available at the resort.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Guests who prefer self-catering accommodation in our comprehensively equipped chalets must be timeshare members of RCI and DAE exchange programmes or alternatively conduct rentals via TradeUnipoint.com, both being subject to availability.

Two camping sites, Swartrug and Bobbejaanskrans, offer self-catering and give the self-reliant campers the opportunity to see to their own needs independently. The former, one and a half kilometres from the main buildings, features a swimming pool and communal warm water ablution facility. The latter camp is more rugged and remote, only accessible with a 4×4 vehicle. Neither is equipped with electricity, however.

Luxurious Options

Our other options are completely unique too, yet cosset guests in the lap of 4-star luxury. While visitors can use braai facilities to do their own catering, most combine braais with meals at our excellent restaurant – something for everyone in the heart of the Cederberg.