Accommodation in Cederberg That Is Different and Unique

The December season feels like a long time ago and this time of year, people are starting to feel the inevitable fatigue that sets in once all the New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside and real life has started to become set in a routine for a while again.

This is exactly the time that you need to refresh your mind and your body with a little break, even if it is just to get away for a weekend.

In addition to getting away for a while, you will probably feel the need to unplug from the rest of the world as well, and taking a holiday away from your email and social media accounts may be just what the doctor ordered!  This is why the Cederberg is highly rated amongst professionals that need a true escape from city life from time to time.  In the Cederberg, life slows down, there is no interference from technology, and there are a lot of other, more worthwhile things to do, like reconnecting with nature and gazing dreamily at the stars.

There is great variety of Cederberg accommodation, but if you need something different, you simply have to visit us at Kagga Kamma.  Located only a three-hour drive from the city, our highly sought-after lodge offers an experience that you won’t soon forget.  Here you can go off the grid, and explore, discover and relax to your heart’s content in beautiful surroundings that will truly put you back in touch with the energies of nature again.

One of the best things about our Cederberg accommodation is the bedrooms.  Carved elaborately into the massive sandstone rocks, these spacious rooms offer you a glimpse of what it is like to sleep in a luxuriously furnished and ornately decorated cave.  Here you can literally dwell surrounded by earth, and the open-top cave bedroom with the sky window brings the sparkling stars of the bright desert night sky right down to your bed.  There is also an opportunity to stay in African rondavel styled luxury huts, and here you will sense the ambience of ancient history and cultures.  At Kagga Kamma, we provide the most unique Cederberg accommodation options, and you will be charmed by the rest of the lodge, the activities and our wonderful culinary abilities.

At Kagga Kamma, we also offer a wide range of activities for our guests to enjoy.  Those with adventurous spirits can get out into the wild and explore and discover ancient cave art in a variety of locations, enjoy guided quad-bike tours, take long hikes to consider the fauna and flora, marvel at the spectacle of the flower season, or go star gazing at night with a wonderful picnic.  Back at the lodge, you can laze around the pristine swimming pool, enjoy a delectable meal under the stars, or just relax in your room.

If you are looking for the ultimate experience that includes unique Cederberg accommodation, adventure, discovery (or rediscovery) of nature, major relaxation, blissful surroundings, starry nights, and outstanding cuisine and wines, please contact our team at Kagga Kamma to book your getaway today!