Choosing the Best Holiday Destination for your Next Vacation

We all love a good holiday, and being able to get away from home and spend some time at a wonderful holiday destination is highly enjoyable.  Many people are tempted to spend their vacation time or school holidays at home, but studies prove that being able to remove oneself from the home environment for a few days or a couple of weeks is indeed highly beneficial.

It allows us time to recover from stress, it gives us a new perspective, and it is good for the soul.

That being said, getting away is not enough – you have to choose a holiday destination that will fit into what you want to spend your time doing.  Choosing badly and not enjoying your time at the destination will be a waste of money and time, and nobody will come back home refreshed and relaxed.  Battling to find enjoyable things to do will just not work, so you will have to spend some time organising your holiday.  Here are some tips on organising your holiday and choosing the holiday destination that works best for you.

  • What do you like:  Decide what you would like to do on your holiday and pick a holiday destination that can cater for what you want.  Are you the type of person who likes to climb around mountains looking for Bushmen drawings?  Are you a keen explorer and want to learn more about nature from the back of quad bike?  Are you perhaps keen to learn more about the stars?  Do you prefer communing with nature in a basic campsite, or would you prefer a little luxury on your vacation?  Also consider the wishes of those accompanying you on the holiday – especially if you have children.  Finding child-friendly establishments is relatively easy and the kids’ wishes and desires can sometimes hijack the decision, but for a truly relaxing and enjoyable holiday, it is best to choose a holiday destination that fulfils the needs of all the parties involved.
  • Do your booking on time:  Book your holiday ahead of time, especially if you are planning to travel during a school holiday period.  Also ensure that you gather lots of information about your holiday destination, its facilities, the activities and the surroundings.  This means that you will know exactly what you would like to do there, and you can rest assured that you will be able to do the activities that you have your heart set on.
  • Consider a digital detox:  Studies have proven that even when a lot of people are on holiday, they still spend an enormous amount of time using technology to connect with work or social networks.  Those who have no or limited internet connection or cellphone signal are more likely to focus on the present and the people around them, and interact with them more.  If you and your family spend most of your time with your noses in a computer or a cellphone, perhaps it is time that you re-establish your personal connection by cutting out the internet connection.  Take a digital detox and spend time talking to the ones you love, and truly spend time with them without worrying about work emails or social media.  Only use your phone to take pictures – and post them when you get home!

If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination for you and your family, contact our team at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg.  Here we offer a wide variety of activities and luxury accommodation, and you will have plenty of opportunities to relax and find yourself again.  Give us a call or make your booking today!