How to Plan the Perfect Getaway at the Perfect Getaway Destination

Getting away from it all is one of the best things a person can do from time to time.  It is relaxing, it makes us forget about our problems and issues at home or at work, and can be hugely beneficial to just pack up and leave all the stress behind for a weekend, or for a few days.

Often, spending time in a beautiful getaway destination allows us to return home with a new perspective, and we are less weighed down by issues that we had before we left.  Routine can stifle us and allow us to fall into a rut, and it is definitely advisable to remove ourselves from our home environments on occasion!

While it is possible to just pack up and leave at a moment’s notice, it could also be stressful to arrive somewhere and find accommodation in a place you don’t know, or trying to find a meal in a village where everything is closed.  So here are some tips on planning the perfect getaway.

  • Choose your getaway destination:  Think about what you like and choose accordingly.  Do you like to stargaze in the Karoo, but you also like a plush bed and scrumptious food?  Or would you prefer 4×4 trails that bring you closer to nature?  Do you like taking long hikes and commune with nature?  Are you an adventurer who would like to discover cave drawings that are thousands of years old? Or would you prefer a plush lodge where you can laze around the pool, enjoy fantastic cocktails and a tech-free time?  In order for you to enjoy yourself, it is essential that the place you choose can provide the things that you need and want during your getaway.
  • Do something different:  Having said the above, getting out of our comfort zones can sometimes bring a whole new energy to the getaway.  If you normally like lazing by the pool, why not do a quad bike trip?  If you love to hike, perhaps this time you can choose to stargaze instead?  Instead of a bedroom, why not sleep in a cave instead? Do something that would not normally draw you in and you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • Book ahead of time:  Yes, spontaneous getaways are all the rage, but consider the inconvenience of arriving at your favourite getaway destination only to find that they are fully booked, or that they are closed for maintenance!  Eliminate the chances of being left homeless on your getaway by booking ahead of time.  Often this makes you better prepared as well – they can send you information on what to expect and you can ensure that you bring everything that you need.  It would be rather irritating arriving at a self-catering destination if you did not know that you had to bring your own towels and bedding!
  • Take a tech timeout:  One of the most relaxing things that you can do is break away from your technology.  Go to a getaway destination that can truly remove you from your life back home by breaking with the trappings of technology.  Put down that cellphone, get off Facebook and leave emails behind!  Just live in the moment and experience everything around you, without being pre-occupied by technology.  Once you have truly dialled down your connections, you will be able to really relax!  Even better, find a getaway destination that has no or little cellphone or internet reception, and you will have no choice but to do a digital detox!

If you want to find the perfect getaway destination for a detoxifying weekend away that will fascinate and relax you, give our team at Kagga Kamma a call!