Experience a Unique Romantic Holiday with an Outside Hotel Room in the Heart of the Karoo

Life should be about special memories. Booking an outside hotel room at Kagga Kamma for you and your loved one is the perfect start to the making of unforgettable loving memories.

Imagine lying on a soft and luxurious bed under the star-studded African sky while sipping on a glass of wine with absolutely no barriers between you and nature. Sleeping in the open is an experience to relish and without the normal sleeping bags, camping gear and inconveniences of bush living, you can completely immerse your senses in the non-threatening night sounds, outdoor fauna and flora scents and your own heavenly space.

Outcrop Open-Air Room

The Kagga Kamma Outcrop Open-Air Room is built upon a wooden low-level viewing platform and wind protected by rock surface. It features a comfortable and finely dressed double bed, two deck chairs and a fire pit.

No need to navigate through rocky areas to get to your sleeping bag and certainly no stones protruding into your back as you lie on the hard and cold ground. With our luxury 4-star outside hotel room you’ll have all the luxuries of an indoor hotel room, except you won’t need any windows for the perfect view.

You can choose to have a romantic dinner picnic basket or can depart to the secluded outcrop after a mouth-watering dinner at the lodge. You’ll be welcomed with a crackling fire and ice cold drinks of your choice. The rest of the evening is set and you’ll have the privacy you deserve to fully enjoy a night under the starry sky in the heart of the Karoo.

With no large predators or dangerous animals in the surrounds, you can listen to night sounds without fear of being dragged into the bushes by a pride of lions. Luxury is what it’s about, and though you’ll enjoy privacy in the African bush, you’ll be safer than in most urban surrounds.

If ever there was a unique way to spend your first honeymoon evening together, then this is it or if you’ve outgrown the honeymoon phase and are already a few years together, what better way to rekindle the old fire than with a romantic starlight evening in the middle of the Karoo? Whether you want to stay outdoors for one night or want to make a weekend of it, you’ll appreciate the sheer luxury associated with our outside hotel room.

Cave Type Suites

If you plan on staying longer, you’ll be glad to know that we also offer luxury cave type accommodation. With such you can move from the outdoor room to an equally unique indoor accommodation setting. The stunning caved-like suites with a rocky backdrop are stylishly furnished and well-equipped to ensure your every convenience. Opulence surrounds you and we haven’t compromised on the view either.

Each of the cave suites have their own terrace and are furnished with twin or king size beds. Knowing how important it is to have luxury bathing facilities even when you’re on a safari holiday, we’ve designed the cave accommodation to include en suite bathrooms.

True to our commitment to ensure sustainable ecotourism with a minimal eco-footprint, the caves blend in with the surrounding sandstone formations. Staying in one of these suites at the Bushman’s Lodge becomes a reason enough to visit the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

Stunning Facilities and Fun Activities

Apart from superb accommodation and sumptuous cuisine you can also enjoy sundowners at our Pub & Restaurant, relax next to the sparkling pool or undertake a guided rock art tour. The Bushmen drawings are ancient and once you’ve gained insight regarding the drawings and choice of subjects, you’ll fall in love with the secrets of the Karoo and the ancient Bushmen culture. With challenging 4×4 routes, game drives, self-guided hiking trails and quad bike safaris also available, you’ll want to stay forever.

If you need more relaxation and pampering we recommend a few hours in the wellness spa where we offer several treatment options ranging from back and neck massages to full body African relaxation massages using only the best products on the market. Complete your stay with a trip to the mini-observatory where our resident expert will show you the African night sky in a way you’ve never experienced.

Best of all – we offer amazing specials over the festive season. Book luxury indoor or outside hotel room accommodation at the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve – located only three hours from Cape Town near Ceres in South Africa.

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