Unique Holiday Destinations

Comfy Cave Accommodation in the Western Cape Cederberg

If we tell you that we offer cave accommodation amongst our resort’s guest accommodation options, you might think that we have lost the plot. As everyone knowns, some, but not all, of our distant ancestors lived in caves, during and subsequent to the prehistoric period, but cave dwelling is hardly the preserve of modern mankind – Homo sapiens, our genus, which only came into being through evolution some 200 000 years ago. Continue reading

Unique South African Holiday Destination – What, Where, and Why

South Africa is such a unique country with a multitude of unique regions, each with its own unique landscape and features. Additionally, the country has a population of enormously diverse peoples, each with its own unique culture, language, or dialect.

What Contributes to Making a Holiday Destination Unique?

As expected, each region has its own holiday destinations that are unlike others, offering unique holiday activities and experiences that attract visitors from distant countries as well as those from other parts of South Africa; people who seek a holiday destination with a difference.

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Looking For Unique Holiday Spots in South Africa?

One of South Africa’s Most Exceptional Holiday Spots

There is almost no end to the number of things that one might describe as being unique – from fingerprints and natural features to holiday spots and much more. The list of what may be described as unique is infinite, but what does unique really mean? Synonyms include singular, exclusive, and irreplaceable, any of which describe our unique holiday spot and resort in the heart of South Africa’s exceptional Cederberg region. Continue reading

Unique and Romantic Getaways Western Cape

Unusual, Untainted, Unique, and Romantic Western Cape Getaways

Cape Town and, in fact, the entire Western Cape region, are favourite romantic destinations for people from this country and elsewhere, who like to take a break or go on holiday there. It’s no wonder, because this province is world renowned for its scenic beauty and myriad of diverse attractions. Virtually everyone is aware of Table Mountain and other mountain ranges, the Western Cape’s Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the white, sandy beaches, historic buildings and rich, well-documented history, Cape Dutch architecture, winelands, and the West Coast villages, where scrumptious, freshly caught seafood is always on the menu. Continue reading

Tranquil Accommodation Western Cape

The Timeless Tranquillity of a Wonderful Western Cape Wilderness Resort

Our wilderness resort in the Western Cape’s Cederberg is known as a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity amongst the guests we accommodate – people who find themselves in need to get away from everything and enjoy a complete break from humdrum routine, responsibilities, and hectic city lifestyles. Everyone sometimes crave tranquillity, but did you know that a great deal has been researched and written about tranquillity, even if it is a place and/or state of mind and being that many mistakenly perceive as being too abstract to study? Continue reading

Unique Holiday Destinations

Why Kagga Kamma is Such a Unique Holiday Destination

Because of the country’s size, immensely diverse landscapes and natural features, virtually every place and holiday destination in South Africa is quite unique. No two places are identical, nor do they offer the same leisure experiences.

However, one might say that certain destinations are more unique than others, because they are just so different – truly one of a kind. It’s usually those places which are known to few, rather than being overexploited by hordes of holidaymakers, season after season, year after year.

The Secret is Out

Although the existence of our distinctive holiday resort in the Cederberg may no longer be a closely guarded secret, it certainly isn’t overexploited or over-run by crowds of holiday travellers, nor will it ever be.

The founders, owners and management of Kagga Kamma developed the resort with unspoilt nature and the unique natural environment uppermost in mind, since the establishment lies in the middle of a singular, remote wilderness area, with characteristics and features which must be preserved for posterity.

Ancient Inhabitants

Few, if any, holiday destinations in South Africa can boast as much clear evidence of their earliest human inhabitants as does Kagga Kamma, home to the San people some 6 000 years ago.

Many well-preserved, original examples of their unique rock paintings are dotted all over our rocky landscape. Our trained rangers will be delighted to share this rock art and fascinating facts about this ancient culture with you.

Beginnings of the Resort

In 1986, Kagga Kamma’s three founders recognised the potential of this jewel in the Cederberg, so they purchased three 15 000 hectare farms (later also a fourth). They built a small stone cottage to accommodate friends, eager to visit.

Visitors were bowled over by the beauty and allure of this pristine area and this led to the establishment of the holiday resort after turning Kagga Kamma into a Nature Reserve in 1988. Throughout, every care has been taken to preserve the matchless environment and its rare fauna and flora.

Preservation Initiatives

Our accommodation and amenities are graded as 4-star, which means that they are luxurious. How can a holiday destination feature luxurious standards without mod cons? Energy for Kagga Kamma in its entirety is provided by utilising the latest green energy generation technology – a Solar Photovoltaic hybrid energy system. We’re off the grid.

Our carbon footprint is minimised, while the impact on our natural, unique environment is virtually negligible, without compromising on the luxuries which our guests enjoy. Suites are air conditioned, featuring tea/coffee making facilities, hair dryers, heating and en-suite bathrooms with ample hot water.

Guest accommodation does not feature in-room telephones, TV sets, or mobile phone reception and internet connectivity – modern trappings which would spoil the tranquillity of a nature reserve. However, our bar area has Wi-Fi and a satellite TV, while our à la carte restaurant offers excellent SA cuisine.

Unique Feature Summary

  • Landscape.
  • Luxury in the midst of wilderness.
  • The opportunity to sleep under the stars.
  • Limited guest numbers.
  • Undisturbed peace and tranquillity.
  • Fauna and flora.
  • Cultural history.
  • Excursions and activities, including stargazing tour to our mini observatory.
  • Natural rock pools.

There’s a lot more on offer at Kagga Kamma, a truly unique holiday destination in the truest sense of the word. However, mere words won’t suffice – come and experience our wonders for yourself.

Nothing Ordinary about Romantic Cederberg Getaways

When you’re planning a romantic getaway, a crowded venue is probably the last place you want to visit. In fact, most people would rather stay at home than book their accommodation at a typical “tourist trap” type of establishment, where it seems that the entire world and its brothers are taking a holiday.

Where’s the Romance?

Whichever way you turn, you’re bumping into rowdy visitors, determined to have a good time, no matter what, or so it appears. “Where’s the romance in that?” you ask yourself. In order to ensure that your getaway is romantic, several boxes must be ticked.

  • An upmarket, private establishment, ideally one which is unique or different from the rest – in short, a mystical, magical romantic venue.
  • Secluded location.
  • Beautiful surroundings.
  • Luxurious private accommodation and amenities with modern creature comforts, despite the venue’s seclusion or isolation.
  • A room with a view.
  • In-house spa for ultimate indulgent treatments and relaxation.
  • Fresh, unpolluted air, the magnificent African sky, the romantic moon and stars.
  • Excellent personal, yet discreet service.
  • Privacy.
  • Off the beaten track.
  • Limited numbers of guests or visitors allowed at one time – definitely no crowds.
  • Peace and tranquillity.
  • A variety of interesting, optional leisure activities.
  • Fine dining at an on-site restaurant.
  • A comprehensive wine list.
  • Time to do as you please, when it suits you.

The Romance of Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma

Since time immemorial, the Cederberg has held a magical mystery all of its own. It is totally unique in every aspect, in addition to being out of the way and completely unsullied. Incredibly breathtaking sandstone rock formations are typical of this part of South Africa, where we’ve established Kagga Kamma, our exclusive getaway retreat.

The magic and romance of the region may be due to its rich, ancient origins and history of the ancient Khoisan people who once inhabited the area. It must be said that history, especially that of ancient times and early people, exudes an exceptional air of romance to all in its presence. This is when time stands still for you.

Here, in the romantic heart of the Cederberg and its craggy rock formations, luxurious Kagga Kamma is drenched in crisp, pure air, and surrounded by a dreamy canopy of night-time stars virtually throughout the year, tranquil sense of peace, a host of attractions on privately-owned land, and nature at its very best.

Romantic Accommodation

Kagga Kamma is proud to feature 10 air-conditioned, en-suite cave suites, which blend seamlessly in the natural rock formations, and 5 spacious hut suites, thatched and built in traditional San style, also with air conditioning and an en-suite bathroom.

2 outdoor suites offer the ultimate romantic accommodation. The Outcrop outdoor room is just that – you sleep outdoors, but in complete privacy, under the African sky. This one-of-a-kind room is enfolded by natural stone walls. However, its use is weather dependent.

Our Star suite is the latest addition to our most romantic accommodation options. Set on a platform overlooking panoramic landscapes, the Star room is situated about 3km away from the main buildings and is also discretely private.

Here, your amenities include a natural rock pool, an outdoor shower and a bath without walls or ceiling, save for the starlit sky. If it’s a romantic getaway you want, we have it in spades at Kagga Kamma in the glorious Cederberg. See you and your beloved soon.

Holiday Accommodation

Unique 4-Star Holiday Accommodation for a Complete Getaway

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a complete break from work, daily routine and responsibilities, a holiday away from home is on the cards. If you really wish to “get away from it all”, consider a new, unique destination, ideally a place unlike any other which you’ve visited before – Kagga Kamma in the heart of the gloriously rugged Cederberg.

4-Star Comforts

This doesn’t imply that roughing it is required, although you’ll be right in the midst of nature, isolated in a world far removed from the cities’ hustle and bustle, and fast-paced lifestyles. Despite our remote location, we focus on our guests’ comfort!

All that’s required of you is your arrival – we take care of everything else. Accommodation quarters are carefully appointed and furnished, again with an emphasis on comfort and quality. There’s an excellent restaurant and bar, a boma, several swimming pools and a luxurious spa for your enjoyment.

Accommodation Options

En-suite enclosed units (“cave” suites or rondavels) are air conditioned, while additional heating is supplied in winter, ensuring that night time’s chill is banished. Two outdoor accommodation options are highly sought after and only available during summer months, understandably so; they’re amongst our most popular exclusive offerings, weather permitting.

The Star Suite

The latest addition to our open-air holiday accommodation is aptly called the “Star Suite”, because you sleep directly under the starlit sky, some 3km from the main lodge. This outdoor room is equipped with unusual private amenities, most exceptional and unexpected in such a completely natural environment.

The Star Suite’s special facilities include a luxurious queen sized bed, beautifully made up, an outdoor shower – open to the skies and a remarkable vista, yet completely secluded, your bath likewise, and a private natural rock pool in which to cool off.

A gas hob is provided, enabling you to have tea or coffee at your leisure, but especially welcome once you slowly awaken to the rising African sun, as it colours the sky and peeks over the mountains early in the morning.

Management also supplies Star Suite guests with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and bottled water. Dinner options for full-board guests consist of a three-course meal, either traditional, in a picnic basket or as a scrumptious South African braai.

You’ll be transported to the Star Suite in the late afternoon on quad bikes. Torches, lanterns and a glowing fire in the firepit on your furnished terrace provide all the soft light you’ll need, until you’re ready to take your breathtaking visual journey through the galaxies overhead.

Prospective guests should note that this suite only accommodates 2 persons, who must be booked in at a cave or hut room, with the Star Suite as an additional add-on, since weather conditions are unpredictable and the resort is too remote to arrange alternative accommodation at the last minute.

However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to book holiday accommodation anywhere else, certainly not once you’ve familiarised yourself with all that Kagga Kamma and the Cederberg have to offer.

There’s a lot which makes the resort a one-of-a-kind establishment, beginning with its location – a haven, seemingly isolated from civilisation, nestled amongst mountains of craggy sandstone formations, shaped, weathered and eroded by centuries of wind, rain and weather.

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

If, like many 21st century people, you are fascinated by mankind’s origins, roots and intriguing and diverse cultures and history, you’d no doubt jump at the chance to spend a few nights in a private cave room, since caves were probably the very first types of shelters which prehistoric human beings used, a very long time ago.

Luxury Surrounded by Rugged Nature

Moreover, you’d be especially excited at the prospect in the knowledge that your specially constructed cave is tastefully furnished with excellent appointments, such as a comfy bed and snug, top of the range bed linen, plus modern facilities and amenities to which you’re accustomed at home and wherever you travel.

So, where on earth do you find such a place, which by its very nature is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life and all that this lifestyle encompasses? Try the heart of the beautiful, unsullied Cederberg region, home of our exclusive 4-star Kagga Kamma resort, which features truly unique accommodation, including your coveted cave room.

Best of all, you don’t have to travel for hours on end to reach us, only to arrive exhausted and irritable. If you don’t fancy a scenic, leisurely drive from Cape Town to the Swartruggens area, you may choose to arrive by air, landing at an airstrip which is conveniently located, but far enough removed so as not to intrude on the peaceful tranquillity of Kagga Kamma.


Fortunately for you and like-minded others, this part of South Africa is still a pristine, natural wilderness featuring clear African daytime skies, crisp starlit nights, constant fresh untainted air, magnificent landscapes, and vistas and views of which one can but dream.

Unexploited by masses of holidaymakers and leisure travellers (guest numbers are limited to ensure discreet privacy and an exclusive guest experience), Kagga Kamma upholds our ethos of maintaining our natural surroundings and distinctive fauna and flora just as Mother Nature intended.

Accommodation Options

All of our accommodation options on offer at Kagga Kamma were inspired by the landscape and, in particular, by the distinctive rock formations and the area’s cultural history, which includes fine rock art paintings of some of the continent’s ancient human beings, the San people, who frequented the region some 6 000 years ago. Five thatched hut suites pay tribute to traditional San dwellings and culture.

The latest addition to our select accommodation offers an experience which surpasses that which is already singular – the secluded, open-air Star Suite, nestled against a huge rock backdrop on a rock platform which overlooks Karoo-like plains, rocky outcrops and the blue tones of distant mountains on the horizon.

Cave Rooms

Our ten cave rooms are amongst the most sought-after accommodation options, since they allow us to include modern en-suite bathrooms, bathrobes, air conditioning, hair dryers, tea/coffee making facilities and complimentary toiletries for your enjoyment, comfort and convenience.

Each cave suite is carefully designed and built into a rock face, so that it blends in with the surrounding sandstone formations, It almost takes a second, careful look to distinguish the suite from that which nature placed there.

Immerse Yourself in Peaceful Tranquillity

When you need a break to “get away from it all”, or wish to enjoy a holiday with a difference, keep the Cederberg in mind. There’s a lot to see and do, or simply relax; adapt to nature’s own time, place and pace.

How to Plan the Perfect Getaway at the Perfect Getaway Destination

Getting away from it all is one of the best things a person can do from time to time.  It is relaxing, it makes us forget about our problems and issues at home or at work, and can be hugely beneficial to just pack up and leave all the stress behind for a weekend, or for a few days.  Often, spending time in a beautiful getaway destination allows us to return home with a new perspective, and we are less weighed down by issues that we had before we left.  Routine can stifle us and allow us to fall into a rut, and it is definitely advisable to remove ourselves from our home environments on occasion!

While it is possible to just pack up and leave at a moment’s notice, it could also be stressful to arrive somewhere and find accommodation in a place you don’t know, or trying to find a meal in a village where everything is closed.  So here are some tips on planning the perfect getaway.

  • Choose your getaway destination:  Think about what you like and choose accordingly.  Do you like to stargaze in the Karoo, but you also like a plush bed and scrumptious food?  Or would you prefer 4×4 trails that bring you closer to nature?  Do you like taking long hikes and commune with nature?  Are you an adventurer who would like to discover cave drawings that are thousands of years old? Or would you prefer a plush lodge where you can laze around the pool, enjoy fantastic cocktails and a tech-free time?  In order for you to enjoy yourself, it is essential that the place you choose can provide the things that you need and want during your getaway.
  • Do something different:  Having said the above, getting out of our comfort zones can sometimes bring a whole new energy to the getaway.  If you normally like lazing by the pool, why not do a quad bike trip?  If you love to hike, perhaps this time you can choose to stargaze instead?  Instead of a bedroom, why not sleep in a cave instead? Do something that would not normally draw you in and you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • Book ahead of time:  Yes, spontaneous getaways are all the rage, but consider the inconvenience of arriving at your favourite getaway destination only to find that they are fully booked, or that they are closed for maintenance!  Eliminate the chances of being left homeless on your getaway by booking ahead of time.  Often this makes you better prepared as well – they can send you information on what to expect and you can ensure that you bring everything that you need.  It would be rather irritating arriving at a self-catering destination if you did not know that you had to bring your own towels and bedding!
  • Take a tech timeout:  One of the most relaxing things that you can do is break away from your technology.  Go to a getaway destination that can truly remove you from your life back home by breaking with the trappings of technology.  Put down that cellphone, get off Facebook and leave emails behind!  Just live in the moment and experience everything around you, without being pre-occupied by technology.  Once you have truly dialled down your connections, you will be able to really relax!  Even better, find a getaway destination that has no or little cellphone or internet reception, and you will have no choice but to do a digital detox!

If you want to find the perfect getaway destination for a detoxifying weekend away that will fascinate and relax you, give our team at Kagga Kamma a call!