Topping Your Romantic Destinations List

A remote wedding, followed by a honeymoon at one of those romantic destinations is very popular nowadays. This is a complete departure from the former tradition of getting married in one’s familiar local place of worship, holding the wedding reception at a convenient venue nearby or at the bride’s parents’ home, before setting off for that after-wedding break. Continue reading

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Really Romantic Honeymoon Destination

When you are truly and deeply in love, you seem to carry an air of romance with you wherever you go. This phenomenon is private and unique, and it is all your very own, only shared with your beloved, with whom you hope to be forever, once wedded. Soon enough, it may be time to select your romantic honeymoon and its equally romantic destination.

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Nothing Ordinary about Romantic Cederberg Getaways

When you’re planning a romantic getaway, a crowded venue is probably the last place you want to visit. In fact, most people would rather stay at home than book their accommodation at a typical “tourist trap” type of establishment, where it seems that the entire world and its brothers are taking a holiday.

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Honeymooners’ Cederberg Paradise

You have met the love of your life, you have popped that monumental question and she has accepted your proposal of marriage. The date for your wedding has now been set, so it is up to you, as a couple, to decide where to spend your honeymoon. South Africa offers so many outstanding destinations and resorts, that it is really hard to choose but we suggest that you make certain that our resort in the Cederberg appears on your shortlist, if not right at the top.

The Honeymoon Holiday

There was a time when it was purely up to the groom to pick a destination with which to surprise his new wife, but this practice has fallen away and such an important decision is now generally made jointly.

After the marriage ceremony and reception spent with family, loved ones and special friends, the newlyweds usually go away together on holiday and this is the honeymoon. It is their first holiday away together as a married pair, beginning their life together as Mr and Mrs.

It is also a time for them to adjust to their new status and their future in a committed union and it is widely accepted that the purpose is to allow this away from their normal environment, routine, responsibilities and families, at a destination where they are able to focus on themselves.


There are various theories about the origin of this immediate post wedding period and holiday. One possible explanation states that the couple was given a month’s supply of mead, a sweet alcoholic beverage made of fermented honey and water, made for thousands of years throughout the world.

Another theory of the term’s origin was based on the supposition that the first month of marriage was filled with love, tenderness and harmony, and thus the sweetest period of all. However, this explanation may also imply that things were expected to deteriorate thereafter, which most certainly is not the case in modern times.

What Our Cederberg Lodge Offers

Our luxurious lodge in the very heart of the Cederberg Mountains is a dream honeymoon destination. Peace and quiet, tranquillity, seclusion and privacy, unique surroundings with exclusive accommodation and fine dining are standard features and the area is great for select leisure activities.

Air is pure, miles away from bright city lights and ideal for romantic star gazing at night, when all around you is quiet and you feel like the only people in the world but you are not, since our resident chef takes care of all your meals and the wine cellar is well stocked.

En-suite facilities are included in ten luxurious cave suites and five thatched rondavels, attached to the unique rock formations in such a way as to provide complete privacy. You may decide to spend a secluded night under the stars in the unique outcrop open air room, the ultimate romantic experience.

Everything is on hand to pamper and spoil your. You don’t need to lift a finger. A wonderful onsite spa provides massages to relax, detoxify and uplift you, and our personnel will spoil you with a manicure, pedicure or facial. Two sparkling swimming pools, nestled between magnificent sandstone rock formations are perfect for a dip on a hot summer day.

We suggest that you book your Cederberg honeymoon accommodation with us as soon as possible, since our guest numbers are limited, in order to preserve our 4-star exclusivity, the environment, and your privacy.


Cederberg Honeymoon

Unique, Luxurious Honeymooners’ Accommodation in the Cederberg

Congratulations – you have popped the question/accepted the proposal, confirmed the date of your marriage, all the planning and wedding preparations have been set in motion and now it only remains for you to decide on the location of your honeymoon, but have you considered the glorious, pristine Cederberg?

If you want to get away from everything that is mundane or familiar, and spend your time privately and intimately alone with your beloved, the Cederberg and in particular, our exclusive, romantic honeymoon accommodation options are simply a “must”.

About the Cederberg

By car, it only takes about two and a half leisurely hours to reach the heart of the Cederberg region from Cape Town. This undisturbed, unspoiled part of the Western Cape was officially proclaimed as a wilderness area in 1973 and its residents do everything possible to preserve this pristine natural environment.

Breathtaking rock formations and caves have lent themselves to the magnificence of the wild terrain, while attracting ancient rock artists. Fine examples of their work can be seen at numerous local sites, some dating back about 6 000 years.

Unfortunately, there are not many cedar trees to be seen any longer, although conservationists are cultivating and planting new cedars every year to prevent this species from becoming extinct. Nevertheless, there are lots of other wonderful things to experience in our part of nature’s wilderness.

Wilderness Luxury

Honeymooners typically prefer to have all of their creature comforts catered for, and this is precisely what we offer at our luxurious 4-star Cederberg lodge, nestled amongst spectacular rock formations in our own private nature reserve.

You will want for nothing, from a cosy, intimate pub, to an excellent à la carte restaurant serving delicious, home-made breakfasts and lunches, and romantic, gourmet fine dining under the Karoo-like night sky, where stars appear brighter and closer than anywhere else.

Our resident chef has 30 years of top culinary experience and even tends his own vegetable and herb garden; only the freshest ingredients reach his (and your) dining table. Our wine collection is carefully selected to ensure perfect pairing with your meals.

Pamper yourselves with relaxing treatments at our onsite spa. Massages and exclusive therapeutic oils focus on uplifting, relaxing and detoxifying your body and spirit, whilst numerous other spa therapies and treatments are also on offer.

Memorable Accommodation

A memorable honeymoon deserves equally memorable accommodation. Choose between five spacious, luxuriously appointed thatched chalets, which seem to grow out of the surrounding rock formations, or ten cave suites, built snugly into rocky outcrops, blending in seamlessly with nature’s beauty.

Better yet, reserve our inimitable outdoor suite, offering an opulent night under the stars, and awaken next morning to early birdsong as the sun peeks over the horizon, before beginning its journey across the vast African sky. This exclusive suite offers perfect privacy and outdoor ablution facilities.

It is sheltered on two sides by enormous boulders, which add to the cosy ambience, as do the lanterns on the bedside pedestals and the embers of a glowing fire. Ablution facilities are situated outdoors as well, so guests should note that this accommodation option is weather dependent.

Although we cannot control the weather, we have everything else you could possibly wish for to make your Cederberg honeymoon the ideal way to begin the next chapter of your life, alongside the partner you love above all others.

Not all of South Africa’s Romantic Honeymoon Destinations are Equal

When choosing romantic honeymoon destinations, nobody would deny that South Africans have an exceptionally wide selection from which to choose. Each of the provinces offers, both newlyweds and holidaymakers in general, something exclusively its own in terms of its appeal. It could be a magnificent mountain range, the sea shore or the riverside, or the fact that it offers visitors an opportunity to experience some of the country’s unique wildlife and plant species. For other visitors, the attraction may lay in the chance to be thoroughly pampered or even to share the experience of a life lived closer to nature than their suburban lifestyles can offer. Continue reading

This Cederberg Lodge Offers the Perfect Honeymoon Venue

Choosing the Cederberg as a honeymoon destination will probably not be the first option to cross the minds of most engaged couples, when planning their nuptials. However, for the prospective bride or groom who may have some knowledge or even first-hand experience of the lifestyle at the Kagga Kamma facility, it is very likely to be his or her venue of choice. Situated in the very heart of this picturesque nature reserve, the lodge and its location offer the newlyweds a unique and irresistible opportunity to enjoy that somewhat rare combination of a taste of luxury living within an atmosphere of privacy and tranquillity, set against a dramatic backdrop of raw, natural beauty. Continue reading