Luxury Holiday Destinations

Romantic Vacations in a Romantic Destination

Many people plan their romantic vacations around a special event, deemed worthy of spending a little extra in order to ensure that their destination and all it offers is as exceptional as is the reason for selecting somewhere and something out of the ordinary.

However, you really don’t have to wait for such an occasion to visit a really unique and very romantic resort, such as Kagga Kamma, where romance is bound to find you, even if you were not actually looking for it.

“Why?” you may well ask. At our 4-star lodge, we confidently say: “Why not?” Unless you’re totally impervious to the charm of the Cederberg wilderness, you’ll soon find out for yourself why our hidden gem holds such appeal for our visitors – South Africans or tourists from abroad.

Our glorious landscape is Karoo-like, yet unique to this area, featuring spectacular sandstone rocky outcrops, weathered by centuries of sun, wind and rain. Much of the abundant fauna and flora encountered here are seldom seen in other parts of the country.

Perfect Partners

Peace and quiet reigns supreme, apart from birdsong and night sounds of small predators, such as the jackal. Night skies are breathtaking. Bright stars appear to be close enough to touch. Nature’s bounty, starlight and romance are perfect partners.

Because the resort is not near human settlements, there’s no air or light pollution during any season. Many visitors find that they’ve never slept better than at our resort – that’s what breathing pure, fresh unadulterated air does for one. Simply relax and unwind and/or take part in the various activities and tours on offer, along with your loved one.

Vacation Activities

Our part of the Cederberg was once home to the San people, ancient hunter-gatherers of the African continent. They’ve left behind ample evidence of their presence and activities in the form of magnificent rock art paintings, which may be viewed during our guided rock art tours – a step back into history, closer to its air of romance.

Guided nature drives, quad bike safaris, hikes, mountain biking, rock climbing, 4×4 trails, educational reptile talks and tours, and romantic sundowner trips are also on the menu of enjoyable activities.

Romance of Dining

Speaking of the menu, you’re in for a treat of delicious South African fare at our à la carte restaurant or the outdoor boma, amidst rock formations and under the stars. Select fine, locally produced wines from the renowned Cape Winelands to pair with a romantic dinner. There’s also a cosy bar at which to relax with the drink of your choice.

Romantic Accommodation

We’ve possibly left one of Kagga Kamma’s best features for last – unique and ultimately romantic vacation accommodation. Private, comfy, cosy cave or hut suites offer luxurious amenities, including air conditioning, whilst retaining the essence of the rugged terrain and San heritage. Our Outcrop open-air room allows a pair of guests to sleep safely, under the night sky.

The latest and arguably most romantic option consists of the beautifully appointed Star Suite, located on a platform beneath the stars, discretely situated about 3 kilometres from the main lodge. Here, you and your beloved have your own natural rock pool, an open-air bath with nothing to obstruct your view and an indulgent outdoor shower under a canopy of stars. Romantic? Oh yes, indeed.

Why You Should Lose Your Selfie and Go Off-Grid at Our Luxury Resort in the Cederberg

One of the things that have recently surfaced on social media more often is the need for individuals to cut themselves off from the ever-invasive technology that surrounds them on a constant basis.  Interacting with technology via cellphones, tablets and computers is proving to take up great chunks of time in people’s lives, while around 50% of that time is not always productive or necessary.  Emotions run high when newsfeeds are read, stress builds around issues displayed on social media and personal communication and relaxation are compromised.

In an age where technology dominates large portions of the normal person’s life, it has become necessary to be removed from these invasive influences.  While most people are working on doing this voluntarily by taking a break from technology for a little while at certain times, it takes real dedication to completely go off-grid, where the temptation of technological interaction will not be present to ruin your detox.

At Kagga Kamma, our luxury resort in the Cederberg, we have perfected the art of getting away from technology to enjoy a complete technical detox.

6 Top Benefits of a Digital Detox

  1. Better creativity:  While constantly engaging with issues and being bombarded with information and demands, we have little time to sit back and let the brain do its creative thing.  Even problem solving requires a creative brain. While being overwhelmed, it is impossible to find the serenity needed to constructively find creative solutions or stimulate creativity for other purposes.
  2. Relaxation:  It is impossible to relax next to a cellphone that is constantly buzzing.  It is like living with an alarm clock that goes off at unexpected times.  It jars the mind and invades relaxing moments.  Cutting off interaction with technology takes away that shock factor and allows for better quality relaxation.
  3. Connecting with others: While using technology, people have a tendency to dismiss or disregard people who share their physical space at that time.  Friends, family and children are ignored while a Facebook post is typed or an email response is needed.  A digital detox promotes better communication and interaction with others.
  4. Less multitasking:  A cellphone in the hand often requires high levels of multitasking.  While multitasking in itself is not a bad thing, doing it on a constant basis is exhausting and prevents us from focusing on one thing at a time.  This means that important matters don’t always enjoy the attention that they deserve.  Focusing on one thing at a time often translates into better problem solving and more satisfactory outcomes.
  5. Setting the schedule:  When answering an email or text at midnight, we effectively teach the sender of the message that you are available at this time, and this means that we are working according to someone else’s schedule. If you go off-grid during certain times of the day or week, others will learn to fit in with your communication schedule, which gives you the freedom to enjoy time on your own terms.
  6. Think more:  Being bombarded with bleeps and feeds all day allows very little time for thinking.  Taking time off from the noise is essential for thought processes to flow and for the brain to relax, which results in more and better thinking.

If you would like to benefit from a digital detox, book an off-grid holiday or weekend at our luxury resort in the Cederberg.  While only 2 hours from Cape Town, Kagga Kamma gives you the ideal opportunity to find yourself again in stunning natural surroundings in plush comfort.  Give us a call today and book your digital detox with us!

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