Cederberg Accommodation

Full Accommodation Packages in Cederberge

Full Accommodation Packages Make the Most of Cederberge’s Charms

Whenever you book accommodation for a full holiday or a weekend breakaway, you are presented with several choices. Where will you go? Most people do not have the luxury of picking up a pin, closing their eyes, and taking a stab at a point on the map to select a destination. The answer to this question usually depends on how much time you can spend away from home and work responsibilities, although modern air travel does allow you more time at your holiday destination, because less time is spent travelling.

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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in the Cederberge

Cederberge’s Surprise – Bed, Breakfast, Astounding Accommodation, and Much More 

Most first-time visitors to the iconic Cederberg are surprised and delighted to find bed and breakfast accommodation like that on offer at our private resort, Kagga Kamma, deep in the heart of this inimitable natural wilderness area. However, they probably expect to encounter lots of cedar trees, purely because of the name of this region.

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A Special Cederberg Resort Offering Special Accommodation

The Cederberg is a truly special place, an area in the Western Cape province that is known for its rugged water-, wind-, and weather-sculpted sandstone rock formations, and may seem strange and otherworldly to visitors who’ve never been to the Cederberg before.

Once upon a time, very, very long ago, these unusual shapes would probably have been contained in a large rock mass. Over a period of millennia, the bulk of the rock masses were worn away by the elements, only leaving behind the forms and shapes that were more resistant and harder, and are now those iconic craggy Cederberg features that fascinate us today. Continue reading

“Must Do” Cederberg Nature Reserve Accommodation

It’s really heartening to note that the number of nature reserves in South Africa is increasing, because the natural habitat and terrain in which the country’s wildlife and indigenous flora flourish is always under threat from human development.

As the human population increases, humans encroach ever more on domains that were previously wilderness areas, a trend that can eventually wipe out natural fauna and flora to the point of extinction – something which must be avoided at all costs. Continue reading

Ideal Idea and Recipe for a Romantic Holiday Breakaway

Humans are social beings. People instinctively seek out each other, hoping to connect on a variety of levels, in order to form bonds, one of which is bound to be romantic in nature.

What is Romance?

Romance is sometimes described as the pleasurable and expressive feeling that a person gets from an emotional attraction towards another person. It is a feeling that is intrinsically associated with romantic love. When two people develop mutual romantic feelings for one another, they feel as though they are the only two people in the world, even if they’re surrounded by others and all the trappings of modern civilisation. Such a couple carries their special air of romance with them, wherever they may be. Continue reading

Cederberg Camping Accommodation

Camping: The Call of the Wild in the Cederberg

The 19th century reminds one of the grace and style of a bygone era, when people dressed for dinner and observed a strict code of etiquette. Mother Nature presented her own challenges, so despite the sophisticated niceties of the era, people lived much closer to the vagaries of their natural environment throughout Africa. Many of these folks would have been the equivalent of today’s dyed-in-the-wool campers, who yearn for camping opportunities and accommodation isolated and removed from most of the trappings of latter-day civilisation. Continue reading

Accommodation Near Ceres

From Ceres to the Cederberg

Like most South Africans, you most probably associate the name “Ceres” with the brand name of one of this country’s favourite fruit juices. This refreshing drink is named after the town and area from which it has taken its name – Ceres. The first “known” Ceres was the mythical Roman goddess of Fertility or Agriculture, so it’s no wonder that the same name was claimed for this fertile area. Ceres – the nearby town – is the business centre of the valley. The picturesque Ceres valley region is one of South Africa’s principal deciduous fruit-producing districts. Both the town and the valley are referred to as “the gateway to the Cederberg”, another unique and iconic part of South Africa. Continue reading

Self-Catering Accommodation in the Spectacular Cederberg


Have you heard about the unique cave, hut and open-air rooms that are such an integral part of the guest accommodation at Kagga Kamma resort in the heart of the Cederberg wilderness? Did you think that, because these suites are designed to accommodate two people only, you would have to leave your children behind in the care of someone else, while you and your partner go away on holiday and enjoy yourselves? You want to share your Cederberg vacation with your youngsters, since you believe in exposing them to as many new experiences and environments as you possibly can. Moreover, undertaking a journey of discovery together – and strengthening your bonds within the family and between loved ones – is one of life’s most precious, memorable experiences that may be treasured today and into the future. Continue reading

Come Camping in the Cederberg Conservancy with Us

Diehard campers usually have their favourite campsites or regions that they love to visit. Nevertheless, they are usually on the lookout for new spots in which to pitch a tent, especially if the place or region is unique in some aspect. South Africa and its staggering array of diverse natural features, the regional climates, and seasonal weather patterns attributable to each, plus its widely varying fauna, flora, and landscapes, is literally and figuratively “campers’ heaven”, since each aspect offers uniquely distinctive experiences to its visitors.  Continue reading