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Unique 4-Star Holiday Accommodation for a Complete Getaway

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a complete break from work, daily routine and responsibilities, a holiday away from home is on the cards. If you really wish to “get away from it all”, consider a new, unique destination, ideally a place unlike any other which you’ve visited before – Kagga Kamma in the heart of the gloriously rugged Cederberg.

4-Star Comforts

This doesn’t imply that roughing it is required, although you’ll be right in the midst of nature, isolated in a world far removed from the cities’ hustle and bustle, and fast-paced lifestyles. Despite our remote location, we focus on our guests’ comfort!

All that’s required of you is your arrival – we take care of everything else. Accommodation quarters are carefully appointed and furnished, again with an emphasis on comfort and quality. There’s an excellent restaurant and bar, a boma, several swimming pools and a luxurious spa for your enjoyment.

Accommodation Options

En-suite enclosed units (“cave” suites or rondavels) are air conditioned, while additional heating is supplied in winter, ensuring that night time’s chill is banished. Two outdoor accommodation options are highly sought after and only available during summer months, understandably so; they’re amongst our most popular exclusive offerings, weather permitting.

The Star Suite

The latest addition to our open-air holiday accommodation is aptly called the “Star Suite”, because you sleep directly under the starlit sky, some 3km from the main lodge. This outdoor room is equipped with unusual private amenities, most exceptional and unexpected in such a completely natural environment.

The Star Suite’s special facilities include a luxurious queen sized bed, beautifully made up, an outdoor shower – open to the skies and a remarkable vista, yet completely secluded, your bath likewise, and a private natural rock pool in which to cool off.

A gas hob is provided, enabling you to have tea or coffee at your leisure, but especially welcome once you slowly awaken to the rising African sun, as it colours the sky and peeks over the mountains early in the morning.

Management also supplies Star Suite guests with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and bottled water. Dinner options for full-board guests consist of a three-course meal, either traditional, in a picnic basket or as a scrumptious South African braai.

You’ll be transported to the Star Suite in the late afternoon on quad bikes. Torches, lanterns and a glowing fire in the firepit on your furnished terrace provide all the soft light you’ll need, until you’re ready to take your breathtaking visual journey through the galaxies overhead.

Prospective guests should note that this suite only accommodates 2 persons, who must be booked in at a cave or hut room, with the Star Suite as an additional add-on, since weather conditions are unpredictable and the resort is too remote to arrange alternative accommodation at the last minute.

However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to book holiday accommodation anywhere else, certainly not once you’ve familiarised yourself with all that Kagga Kamma and the Cederberg have to offer.

There’s a lot which makes the resort a one-of-a-kind establishment, beginning with its location – a haven, seemingly isolated from civilisation, nestled amongst mountains of craggy sandstone formations, shaped, weathered and eroded by centuries of wind, rain and weather.

Cederberg Self-Catering

Self-Catering Cederberg Accommodation with Luxury Options

A few generations ago, there were very few self-catering establishments in South Africa at which holidaymakers and tourists could arrange accommodation. There weren’t many bed and breakfast facilities either. Most travellers stayed at hotels, because there was little other choice, unlike today, when self-catering options abound across the country.

At more or less the same time (predating the appearance of self-catering facilities), the Cederberg region was mainly an agricultural area, but only in parts where arable land was suitable to sustain farming activities.

Nature in a Natural Reserve

The rest was left as it had always been for centuries, when the only known inhabitants were the San bushmen. Outstanding examples of their distinctive rock art and habitation can still be seen today across sheltered, craggy rock outcrops in our part of the Cederberg, known as Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

The population of the Cederberg always remained relatively small, spread sparsely across the land. Overall, the area remained wild, unexploited and unspoiled, rather as it is now – 710km2 of rugged wilderness which became a World Heritage Site in 2004.

It’s a perfect destination for eco tourists and lovers of nature, in addition to those who seek wide open spaces, peace and tranquillity when on holiday and while enjoying a total breakaway.

Kagga Kamma, Cederberg’s 4-Star Luxury Gem

At Kagga Kamma, everything started in 1987 on a purely self-catering basis. This was the year during which three enterprising gentlemen recognised the rugged beauty and potential of the area, in which they purchased Kagga Kamma, plus three adjoining farms.

The following year, a small stone cottage was erected, allowing their friends to join them when they visited. This facility and the opportunity to “get away from it all” proved so popular, that they decided to extend their accommodation and facilities after converting Kagga Kamma into a nature reserve and then acquiring another adjoining farm to ensure a supply of top-quality, pure potable water.

Not long after this, the first self-catering chalets were built, taking every possible care to blend in with and preserve the beauty of the natural surroundings and inimitable landscape with its characteristic sandstone formations.

As before, all supplies had to be bought and brought in from the nearest towns, because of Kagga Kamma’s remote location. Our resort is some 300km from Cape Town by road and somewhat closer to Citrusdal and Clanwilliam, something of which visitors should be aware if they wish to self-cater. Emergency grocery supplies are available at the resort.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Guests who prefer self-catering accommodation in our comprehensively equipped chalets must be timeshare members of RCI and DAE exchange programmes or alternatively conduct rentals via, both being subject to availability.

Two camping sites, Swartrug and Bobbejaanskrans, offer self-catering and give the self-reliant campers the opportunity to see to their own needs independently. The former, one and a half kilometres from the main buildings, features a swimming pool and communal warm water ablution facility. The latter camp is more rugged and remote, only accessible with a 4×4 vehicle. Neither is equipped with electricity, however.

Luxurious Options

Our other options are completely unique too, yet cosset guests in the lap of 4-star luxury. While visitors can use braai facilities to do their own catering, most combine braais with meals at our excellent restaurant – something for everyone in the heart of the Cederberg.

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

If, like many 21st century people, you are fascinated by mankind’s origins, roots and intriguing and diverse cultures and history, you’d no doubt jump at the chance to spend a few nights in a private cave room, since caves were probably the very first types of shelters which prehistoric human beings used, a very long time ago.

Luxury Surrounded by Rugged Nature

Moreover, you’d be especially excited at the prospect in the knowledge that your specially constructed cave is tastefully furnished with excellent appointments, such as a comfy bed and snug, top of the range bed linen, plus modern facilities and amenities to which you’re accustomed at home and wherever you travel.

So, where on earth do you find such a place, which by its very nature is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life and all that this lifestyle encompasses? Try the heart of the beautiful, unsullied Cederberg region, home of our exclusive 4-star Kagga Kamma resort, which features truly unique accommodation, including your coveted cave room.

Best of all, you don’t have to travel for hours on end to reach us, only to arrive exhausted and irritable. If you don’t fancy a scenic, leisurely drive from Cape Town to the Swartruggens area, you may choose to arrive by air, landing at an airstrip which is conveniently located, but far enough removed so as not to intrude on the peaceful tranquillity of Kagga Kamma.


Fortunately for you and like-minded others, this part of South Africa is still a pristine, natural wilderness featuring clear African daytime skies, crisp starlit nights, constant fresh untainted air, magnificent landscapes, and vistas and views of which one can but dream.

Unexploited by masses of holidaymakers and leisure travellers (guest numbers are limited to ensure discreet privacy and an exclusive guest experience), Kagga Kamma upholds our ethos of maintaining our natural surroundings and distinctive fauna and flora just as Mother Nature intended.

Accommodation Options

All of our accommodation options on offer at Kagga Kamma were inspired by the landscape and, in particular, by the distinctive rock formations and the area’s cultural history, which includes fine rock art paintings of some of the continent’s ancient human beings, the San people, who frequented the region some 6 000 years ago. Five thatched hut suites pay tribute to traditional San dwellings and culture.

The latest addition to our select accommodation offers an experience which surpasses that which is already singular – the secluded, open-air Star Suite, nestled against a huge rock backdrop on a rock platform which overlooks Karoo-like plains, rocky outcrops and the blue tones of distant mountains on the horizon.

Cave Rooms

Our ten cave rooms are amongst the most sought-after accommodation options, since they allow us to include modern en-suite bathrooms, bathrobes, air conditioning, hair dryers, tea/coffee making facilities and complimentary toiletries for your enjoyment, comfort and convenience.

Each cave suite is carefully designed and built into a rock face, so that it blends in with the surrounding sandstone formations, It almost takes a second, careful look to distinguish the suite from that which nature placed there.

Immerse Yourself in Peaceful Tranquillity

When you need a break to “get away from it all”, or wish to enjoy a holiday with a difference, keep the Cederberg in mind. There’s a lot to see and do, or simply relax; adapt to nature’s own time, place and pace.

Cater for Yourself or Dine Out Under Cederberg Stars

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer self-catering accommodation when they are travelling or on holiday in the Cederberg and elsewhere in South Africa, particularly if full board options, with all meals catered for, are on offer?

Wouldn’t it just be so much easier not to have to prepare your own meals, just sit down and be served, instead of catering for yourself at a Cederberg resort? There are numerous reasons why certain of our visitors prefer to go for this DIY option.

The Advantages of Self-catering

  • Not everyone eats three meals per day.
  • Many prefer to eat when they are hungry, not when the clock tells them that it is time to have a meal, so they prefer to see to their own food.
  • Dietary requirements differ, especially nowadays, when so many persons have food allergies and intolerances. Certain health conditions require special diets. All these folks feel more secure if they shop and cook for themselves.
  • Different cultures have varying preferences where meals, preparation methods and their foodstuffs and ingredients are concerned, some of which may be completely foreign to the average South African palate. They would rather see to their own meals.
  • Children can be very fussy eaters. Many parents cook accordingly.
  • Self-catering accommodation is more affordable than a full board option, particularly for larger groups. Bed and breakfast rates typically fall in between the aforementioned room/accommodation rates and may present a good compromise.

So-called Disadvantages

There really are very few disadvantages to selecting a self-catering option. The few that do exist are considered part of the pleasure and fun of the holiday break by many guests, certainly not as disadvantages.

Firstly, you need to bring your foodstuffs and supplies with you to a relatively remote wilderness area like the Cederberg wilderness area, where the next shop is not just around the corner, so you will probably need to draw up a shopping list, so as not to forget anything you are likely to need.

However, food and grocery shopping for your self-catering holiday builds that eager anticipation and sense of adventure. (We can assist with emergency grocery supplies for guests at our exclusive resort in the heart of the Cederberg, but this is not the norm.) Secondly, you prepare your own meals, but only very few will view this as a disadvantage, because here, there is no rush; you cook and eat at your leisure.

3 Options

Even though our guest numbers are limited in order to provide our visitors with a true Cederberg wilderness experience and perfect privacy in the midst of unspoiled natural surroundings, we offer 3 meal options – full board, bed and breakfast and self-catering, ensuring that all preferences are met.

Our self-catering chalets are only made available to timeshare owners, DAE and RCI exchanges and members, subject to availability. These luxurious units have fully equipped kitchens, indoor fireplaces/braais and private outdoor boma braai facilities. Also outdoors, campers are situated near the swimming pool and they normally prefer to see to their own meals too.

If You Don’t Want to Cook

When/if you do not feel like cooking, you will be delighted with the freshly prepared a la carte meals provided, and lovingly prepared by our in-house gourmet chef, Willem Kruger. Breakfasts and lunches are served at the restaurant and dinners, accompanied by a selection of fine wines, are enjoyed under the night time Cederberg canopy of stars – an idyllic break from self-catering.

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