Outside Hotel Room

Outside Hotel Suite

An Outside Hotel Suite – Are you Joking?

When we, at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg, refer to our pair of outside hotel suites, we’re not joking. We offer a couple of unique outdoor rooms, which our guests may book for a night’s stay out in the open, beneath the stars that overlook the lovely Cederberg landscapes, as far as the eye can see.

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Choose an Outside Hotel Room for a Haven of Peace and Beauty

The mention of an outside hotel room may conjure up differing visions for those who, as yet, are still unfamiliar with the various living options offered at the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. In practice, when compared to that provided at conventional establishments, most of the accommodation at this location bears little or no resemblance to the norm. It is, in fact, this very difference that is the secret of the irresistible attraction of this unique facility and the reason why its guests so often return to savour this haven of peace in the shadow of the ancient Cederberg Mountains. Continue reading

What Can You Do With the Outdoor Hotel Room?

An outdoor hotel room is a novelty, something you would not experience every day and probably would not want to, considering the dark and dangerous streets of the city. In the Western Cape however, an outdoor room is the perfect vantage point to see game, do a little bird watching and take in the glory of nature from just one place. Not many people even know that these types of rooms exist and they may be wondering if there is an issue with privacy. Continue reading

Experience a Unique Romantic Holiday with an Outside Hotel Room in the Heart of the Karoo

Life should be about special memories. Booking an outside hotel room at Kagga Kamma for you and your loved one is the perfect start to the making of unforgettable loving memories.

Imagine lying on a soft and luxurious bed under the star-studded African sky while sipping on a glass of wine with absolutely no barriers between you and nature. Sleeping in the open is an experience to relish and without the normal sleeping bags, camping gear and inconveniences of bush living, you can completely immerse your senses in the non-threatening night sounds, outdoor fauna and flora scents and your own heavenly space. Continue reading