Magnificent Cederberg Mountains

Although the Cederberg was once a region where many Clanwilliam Cedar trees grew, this species is almost extinct today. Few cedars still occur naturally and are only found on the slopes of the Cederberg Mountains. Fortunately, modern science and advanced propagation methods continue to be employed to cultivate and re-establish this rare tree, endemic to this mountainous area. Continue reading

Songs to Celebrate Sleeping Under Stars

Visitors to the Cederberg typically include guests who reserve their accommodation at Kagga Kamma, our nature reserve and resort, who usually wish to stay in either our totally unique, cosy “cave” rooms or hut suites, so reminiscent of the rudimentary shelters that the ancient nomadic San constructed of materials that they found in the area. Continue reading

The Joys of Getaways to Holiday Resorts in The Western Cape

Alongside everyone in South Africa and many in other countries, holiday resorts in this country’s Western Cape region are awaiting the downgrading and sufficient or total lifting of lockdown regulations to enable everyone to return to a normal lifestyle. Although there is no exact date yet, this situation will ease up and pass. Continue reading

Topping Your Romantic Destinations List

A remote wedding, followed by a honeymoon at one of those romantic destinations is very popular nowadays. This is a complete departure from the former tradition of getting married in one’s familiar local place of worship, holding the wedding reception at a convenient venue nearby or at the bride’s parents’ home, before setting off for that after-wedding break. Continue reading

Cederberg Hiking

Hiking in the Kingdom of the Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma

South Africans love the outdoors, which is hardly surprising, since the overall climate, seasons, and weather patterns in each region are so conducive to being outside in open spaces, where the air is clean, clear, and fresh – the way nature intended.

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