A Special Cederberg Resort Offering Special Accommodation

The Cederberg is a truly special place, an area in the Western Cape province that is known for its rugged water-, wind-, and weather-sculpted sandstone rock formations, and may seem strange and otherworldly to visitors who’ve never been to the Cederberg before.

Once upon a time, very, very long ago, these unusual shapes would probably have been contained in a large rock mass. Over a period of millennia, the bulk of the rock masses were worn away by the elements, only leaving behind the forms and shapes that were more resistant and harder, and are now those iconic craggy Cederberg features that fascinate us today. Continue reading

“Must Do” Cederberg Nature Reserve Accommodation

It’s really heartening to note that the number of nature reserves in South Africa is increasing, because the natural habitat and terrain in which the country’s wildlife and indigenous flora flourish is always under threat from human development.

As the human population increases, humans encroach ever more on domains that were previously wilderness areas, a trend that can eventually wipe out natural fauna and flora to the point of extinction – something which must be avoided at all costs. Continue reading

Authentic Camping Accommodation Near Ceres in the Cederberg Wilderness

What is your idea of a perfect getaway or holiday? Are you a true-blue camper who prefers to set up your own cosy campsite accommodation, away from any of the trappings, conveniences, and creature comforts of modern mankind? Or are there a few of life’s niceties to which you would want access when camping? We offer camping accommodation and various other hospitality options at our unique resort, Kagga Kamma, which is located in a private nature reserve in the Cederberg. We are 106 km from the town of Ceres in the Western Cape. Kagga Kamma is a camper’s delight with well-appointed, comfortable accommodation. Continue reading

Comfy Cave Accommodation in the Western Cape Cederberg

If we tell you that we offer cave accommodation amongst our resort’s guest accommodation options, you might think that we have lost the plot. As everyone knowns, some, but not all, of our distant ancestors lived in caves, during and subsequent to the prehistoric period, but cave dwelling is hardly the preserve of modern mankind – Homo sapiens, our genus, which only came into being through evolution some 200 000 years ago. Continue reading

Cederberg Camping Accommodation

Camping: The Call of the Wild in the Cederberg

The 19th century reminds one of the grace and style of a bygone era, when people dressed for dinner and observed a strict code of etiquette. Mother Nature presented her own challenges, so despite the sophisticated niceties of the era, people lived much closer to the vagaries of their natural environment throughout Africa. Many of these folks would have been the equivalent of today’s dyed-in-the-wool campers, who yearn for camping opportunities and accommodation isolated and removed from most of the trappings of latter-day civilisation. Continue reading

Unique Western Cape Nature Reserve Accommodation

What comes to mind, first and foremost, when you think of the wonderful Western Cape and its attractions? Is it Table Mountain or the white, sandy beaches and enfolding coastline that separates the land from the sea? Perhaps your focus is on Cape Town itself, the modern, busy metropolis that is also the considerably older historical home of European ancestry on the southern tip of Africa. Continue reading

Cederberg Accommodation for Nature Lovers

Immense Appeal and Inspiration of the Cederberg 

Even those who don’t classify themselves as nature lovers are drawn to nature in some respect, be it a holiday at a beach resort where they swim in the sea or lie on the beach, acquiring a golden suntan, or a preference for taking their vacations in the Bushveld or a nature reserve, where they book their accommodation at a lodge that sees to their creature comforts. Committed lovers of nature appreciate this diverse marvel, which distinguishes Planet Earth from others, in all its guises – water, fauna, flora, and its ever-evolving historical path. This is a major reason for the appeal of the unsullied Cederberg.

Continue reading