Lodges with Open Sky Facilities

Where a Lodge and its Facilities Meet an Open Sky

There are several similarities and differences about today’s broader Cederberg wilderness area, that of a few decades ago, and the region’s ancient past, some of which date back some 6 000 years – rock paintings, made by the first known inhabitants here.

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Interested in Star Gazing? Come to the Cederberg!

One of the best times to do star gazing is on holiday – and not only during the summer.  In fact, clearer skies are often seen in the winter, but in the summer the weather is more ambient. If you like to be outdoors, exploring the night sky can be a very entertaining activity.  There is so much to see – so many jewels and mysteries in the sky, and it is easy to spot constellations even with the naked eye.  Of course, a good telescope does help, but if you don’t have one, it should not be a problem.

Before heading out to search the night sky, ensure that you have everything you require to be comfortable.  Keep in mind that once the sun sets, the temperature can fall quite quickly.  If you are out during winter, take warm clothing, a blanket and something to lie back on while you enjoy the spectacle of the stars and planets.  If you prefer to take a chair, get a lawn chair that can recline comfortably, and if you are out during the summer, insect repellent is a must.  A flask of coffee and a few snacks can also help to improve the experience.

Also remember to take a flashlight to avoid falling over objects out in the dark, and binoculars to get a closer look at the sky.  A star chart is always handy as this helps to pinpoint the constellations, and if possible, take a star gazing expert with you to show you all the wonderful mysteries of the sky and to tell you more about the stars.  Learning more about the constellations beforehand is also a good idea, and plenty of information is available on the internet.  There are also a variety of smartphone apps that can help to point out the constellations.

It helps to choose a spot where the night sky is very clear and where there is no pollution.  There are few places in the country better than the Cederberg, and the planets, satellites and a wide variety of galaxies are clearly visible from here.  At Kagga Kamma, we offer our guests the ultimate star gazing trip.  With our wonderful Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope, the sky looks close enough to touch, and you will be amazed at how much you can see through the lens of this superb piece of equipment.  Our star gazing tours are conducted by experts in the field who will guide you towards the stars, and provide interesting information and fascinating facts about the starry skies above.

Whether you are a keen star gazer or just interested in doing something different, a star gazing trip at Kagga Kamma is one of the best things that you can do at night.  And when the star gazing is over, you can settle back into the luxury of your plush bedroom or relax in front of the fire at our beautiful lodge.  Come to Kagga Kamma and enjoy a relaxing stay with us!


Explore the History of the San with a Rock Art Tour

The southern parts of Africa boast some of the biggest legacies on earth with ancient rock art tours. In the Cederberg Mountains, there are more than two thousand sites where the San, or Bushmen, painted their silent stories onto rock faces and cliffs, and the majority of these sites are easily accessible for visitors.

Here, through these ancient drawings, narratives are found that document the lives of the inhabitants of these rugged mountains and valleys, people who understood life here and tread lightly on nature. Their paintings are lively and meaningful, and these make a huge impression on anybody who is fortunate enough to encounter them.  The meaning of these artworks is not lost to age, and there are still many undiscovered art treasures to be found in this beautiful and rugged landscape.

For those who would like to see these wonders it is best to do a rock art tour with a professional.  Those who live and operate in the area are familiar with rock art sites and their accessibility, and they are able to lead rock art enthusiasts to the best sites to engage with these ancient drawings.

Book a Rock Art Tour at Kagga Kamma

Located in the heart of the Cederberg, Kagga Kamma is a luxury guest lodge that caters to discerning guests who like to get out and explore.  The lodge provides guests with the unique opportunity to experience unusual accommodations such as caves, open air rooms and traditional huts that are all luxuriously furnished and decorated.

Everything our guests need to make their stay unforgettable is provided – from delectable meals prepared by an expert chef with local, seasonal produce, to a range of adventures or a relaxing massage at our spa.  The beautiful landscapes surrounding the lodge provide ample opportunity for hiking, star gazing, quad biking, hiking and a host of other activities that also include tours to the rock art sites in the area.

Our very special rock art tour is guided by an expert ranger who has experience and training in the field, and is familiar with most of the local rock art sites.  A wealth of information is imparted about the art, the methods of painting and the lifestyle that is portrayed of these fascinating people.  As there are still a host of paintings that remain undiscovered, guests may also experience the thrill of discovering their own rock art site!

At Kagga Kamma, our guests lose themselves in the luxury of our lodge and the richness of nature around them.  The beauty of the rugged landscapes and the spectacle of the Cederberg sunsets and sunrises are bewitching, and our guests find themselves returning to this setting again and again to explore even further and to be further beguiled by the diversity of the flora and fauna in this region.  The setting is incredible restful and relaxing, and with only ninety minutes’ drive between the rushed Cape Town city life and the complete tranquillity and luxury of our lodge in the Cederberg, it is easy to see why so many people choose to come here to restore their senses and to commune with nature.

If you are keen to explore the Cederberg or to do a professionally guided and informative rock art tour, give our team at Kagga Kamma a call today!

Hiking in the Cederberg – An Adventurer’s Paradise!

If you love hiking, the Cederberg is one of the places you simply have to explore.  Only ninety minutes’ drive from Cape Town, this area offers a very special combination of enticements for those who like to explore on foot.  Today, a large part of the Cederberg and surround area is recognised as a World Heritage site, and it is also a large part of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa.

The Attractions in This Area

  • A variety of sites where San rock art dating back to pre-colonial hunters and gatherers can be seen
  • The rugged mountain range with vivid red rock formations and sandstone cliffs that have been carved and shaped by the elements over millions of years
  • Very rare and endangered flora that cannot be encountered anywhere else
  • A variety of animal and bird species – some of which are very rare, such as the Cape Mountain Leopard
  • Quaint village in the mountains that were set up by Bohemian missionaries where small communities of farmers and rooibos tea growers live and work together.

The Weather and Atmosphere

The weather is ambient for hiking almost all year-round; although in the summer it can get very hot during the day and in winter it could be very cold to camp at night.  The vast territory provides plenty of space to explore on foot, and an abundance of hiking trails can be found of various lengths and degrees of difficulty.  This makes it a great destination for those who need to get out of the city to have some adventure and to engage with nature in a more intimate way.  Here it is possible to experience wonder, excitement and tranquillity, and the natural landscape and brilliant surroundings provide some quality experiences for those who like to commune closely with nature.

Hiking at Kagga Kamma

Located in the heart of the Cederberg, Kagga Kamma is a luxury guest lodge and resort that provides guests with the opportunity to explore the unique environment and build experiences that are simply unforgettable.  All the comforts and luxuries that one would expect from a quality lodge are provided:  from luxurious, private accommodation and delectable food to an on-site spa and plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors as well as the indoor environment.  The setting is restful and tranquil, and a range of activities such as quad biking, hiking, star gazing, rock art trips are available at times that suit our guests.

Here you can venture out into nature on one of our many hiking trails and become entranced with the fascinating sights and sounds of the wonders of this environment.  We have experienced guides that can accompany you to all the wonderful sites and point out flora and wildlife.  We believe that exploration of nature as an element of life which is absolutely vital, and we do our best to stir this belief in our guests.  We encourage our visitors to engage and discover, to search and to survey, and to encounter how truly wonderful it can be to delve into the many wonders of a natural environment.

For more information about hiking and other activities at Kagga Kamma, give our friendly team a call today!

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