Unusual but True – 4-Star Accommodation in the Cederberg

The Cederberg region of South Africa’s Western Cape province is vast, but its towns are not very large; some of them are only country villages with small “urban” populations. 4-star luxury has never really been a feature of SA’s small towns and country villages.

For many years, the secluded Cederberg remained largely undiscovered by leisure travellers; most flocked to Cape beach resorts and other busy destinations which were traditional tourist drawcards.

Kagga Kamma’s Modest Beginnings

Only a select few were privy to the rugged, unique charm of the Cederberg, among them the founders of Kagga Kamma, our exclusive, very unusual 4-star resort, right in the heart of this remarkable south-western region – seemingly a world away from civilisation.

These fellows bought land in the area and built a modest cottage as weekend accommodation for their visiting friends, who enjoyed themselves so much so that they could barely wait to be invited again and again.

Non-Intrusive and Eco-Friendly Objectives

Our founders were quick to recognise the potential of this untamed region, acquired more land and built Kagga Kamma, taking care to ensure that all buildings were non-intrusive in the Karoo-like natural landscape, and blending in with the pristine surroundings and distinctive, craggy sandstone rock formations.

Moreover, our resort, its operation and its guests should never have a negative impact on fauna, flora and the environment, which was to be preserved at all costs, without compromising guests’ comfort and convenience.

Today, in keeping with our 4-star status and luxurious standards of accommodation, our resort has a reliable electricity supply, via its own state-of-the-art solar-based power system, leaving the environment as unpolluted and unspoiled as nature intended it to be.

Kagga Kamma succeeds in its objectives of providing guests with exclusively unique accommodation, which remains intimately close to nature, whilst ensuring that service, mod cons, facilities and amenities meet modern standards of luxury.

Guest numbers are controlled, so that maximum numbers are not exceeded, preserving exclusivity and discreet privacy for all visitors. This policy also enables our management to ensure that the environment and its heritage remain unspoiled.

Accommodation, Cuisine and Spa

Sleep under the stars (availability, weather and season permitting) in a comfy bed, made up for you with top-quality, cosy bedding in our new Star suite or Outcrop room – something of which you’ve probably only dreamed, but never thought possible.

Perhaps mankind’s earliest types of shelters hold more appeal. In this case, book your accommodation in either our “cave” rooms or spacious thatched hut suites, reminiscent of the ancient San dwellers of the Cederberg region (remember to include our San rock art tour in your list of pursuits while at Kagga Kamma).

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners at our à la carte restaurant represent the art of freshly prepared, fine South African cuisine. Dinners may be served under the magical African stars, if weather permits.

No visit to our resort is complete without at least one indulgent spa treatment. Special facials, deluxe manicures and pedicures, and a host of therapeutic, rejuvenating massage treatments await you – far away from the normal trappings of a hectic city-based salon.

Lots More Too

There’s so much more on offer at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg, and lots, lots more to say about our leisure activities, attractions, history, heritage, facilities and accommodation – you simply must experience these delights for yourself.

Nothing Ordinary about Romantic Cederberg Getaways

When you’re planning a romantic getaway, a crowded venue is probably the last place you want to visit. In fact, most people would rather stay at home than book their accommodation at a typical “tourist trap” type of establishment, where it seems that the entire world and its brothers are taking a holiday.

Where’s the Romance?

Whichever way you turn, you’re bumping into rowdy visitors, determined to have a good time, no matter what, or so it appears. “Where’s the romance in that?” you ask yourself. In order to ensure that your getaway is romantic, several boxes must be ticked.

  • An upmarket, private establishment, ideally one which is unique or different from the rest – in short, a mystical, magical romantic venue.
  • Secluded location.
  • Beautiful surroundings.
  • Luxurious private accommodation and amenities with modern creature comforts, despite the venue’s seclusion or isolation.
  • A room with a view.
  • In-house spa for ultimate indulgent treatments and relaxation.
  • Fresh, unpolluted air, the magnificent African sky, the romantic moon and stars.
  • Excellent personal, yet discreet service.
  • Privacy.
  • Off the beaten track.
  • Limited numbers of guests or visitors allowed at one time – definitely no crowds.
  • Peace and tranquillity.
  • A variety of interesting, optional leisure activities.
  • Fine dining at an on-site restaurant.
  • A comprehensive wine list.
  • Time to do as you please, when it suits you.

The Romance of Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma

Since time immemorial, the Cederberg has held a magical mystery all of its own. It is totally unique in every aspect, in addition to being out of the way and completely unsullied. Incredibly breathtaking sandstone rock formations are typical of this part of South Africa, where we’ve established Kagga Kamma, our exclusive getaway retreat.

The magic and romance of the region may be due to its rich, ancient origins and history of the ancient Khoisan people who once inhabited the area. It must be said that history, especially that of ancient times and early people, exudes an exceptional air of romance to all in its presence. This is when time stands still for you.

Here, in the romantic heart of the Cederberg and its craggy rock formations, luxurious Kagga Kamma is drenched in crisp, pure air, and surrounded by a dreamy canopy of night-time stars virtually throughout the year, tranquil sense of peace, a host of attractions on privately-owned land, and nature at its very best.

Romantic Accommodation

Kagga Kamma is proud to feature 10 air-conditioned, en-suite cave suites, which blend seamlessly in the natural rock formations, and 5 spacious hut suites, thatched and built in traditional San style, also with air conditioning and an en-suite bathroom.

2 outdoor suites offer the ultimate romantic accommodation. The Outcrop outdoor room is just that – you sleep outdoors, but in complete privacy, under the African sky. This one-of-a-kind room is enfolded by natural stone walls. However, its use is weather dependent.

Our Star suite is the latest addition to our most romantic accommodation options. Set on a platform overlooking panoramic landscapes, the Star room is situated about 3km away from the main buildings and is also discretely private.

Here, your amenities include a natural rock pool, an outdoor shower and a bath without walls or ceiling, save for the starlit sky. If it’s a romantic getaway you want, we have it in spades at Kagga Kamma in the glorious Cederberg. See you and your beloved soon.

Holiday Accommodation

Unique 4-Star Holiday Accommodation for a Complete Getaway

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a complete break from work, daily routine and responsibilities, a holiday away from home is on the cards. If you really wish to “get away from it all”, consider a new, unique destination, ideally a place unlike any other which you’ve visited before – Kagga Kamma in the heart of the gloriously rugged Cederberg.

4-Star Comforts

This doesn’t imply that roughing it is required, although you’ll be right in the midst of nature, isolated in a world far removed from the cities’ hustle and bustle, and fast-paced lifestyles. Despite our remote location, we focus on our guests’ comfort!

All that’s required of you is your arrival – we take care of everything else. Accommodation quarters are carefully appointed and furnished, again with an emphasis on comfort and quality. There’s an excellent restaurant and bar, a boma, several swimming pools and a luxurious spa for your enjoyment.

Accommodation Options

En-suite enclosed units (“cave” suites or rondavels) are air conditioned, while additional heating is supplied in winter, ensuring that night time’s chill is banished. Two outdoor accommodation options are highly sought after and only available during summer months, understandably so; they’re amongst our most popular exclusive offerings, weather permitting.

The Star Suite

The latest addition to our open-air holiday accommodation is aptly called the “Star Suite”, because you sleep directly under the starlit sky, some 3km from the main lodge. This outdoor room is equipped with unusual private amenities, most exceptional and unexpected in such a completely natural environment.

The Star Suite’s special facilities include a luxurious queen sized bed, beautifully made up, an outdoor shower – open to the skies and a remarkable vista, yet completely secluded, your bath likewise, and a private natural rock pool in which to cool off.

A gas hob is provided, enabling you to have tea or coffee at your leisure, but especially welcome once you slowly awaken to the rising African sun, as it colours the sky and peeks over the mountains early in the morning.

Management also supplies Star Suite guests with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and bottled water. Dinner options for full-board guests consist of a three-course meal, either traditional, in a picnic basket or as a scrumptious South African braai.

You’ll be transported to the Star Suite in the late afternoon on quad bikes. Torches, lanterns and a glowing fire in the firepit on your furnished terrace provide all the soft light you’ll need, until you’re ready to take your breathtaking visual journey through the galaxies overhead.

Prospective guests should note that this suite only accommodates 2 persons, who must be booked in at a cave or hut room, with the Star Suite as an additional add-on, since weather conditions are unpredictable and the resort is too remote to arrange alternative accommodation at the last minute.

However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to book holiday accommodation anywhere else, certainly not once you’ve familiarised yourself with all that Kagga Kamma and the Cederberg have to offer.

There’s a lot which makes the resort a one-of-a-kind establishment, beginning with its location – a haven, seemingly isolated from civilisation, nestled amongst mountains of craggy sandstone formations, shaped, weathered and eroded by centuries of wind, rain and weather.

Wondrous Winter Getaway Accommodation

Where do you go for a getaway when summer’s baking hot days and balmy nights are but a memory, when winter reminds you that it’s time to unpack your warmest woollies, down duvets and fleecy blankets? Suddenly, snuggling up beside a cosy fire in the hearth has become your favourite leisure and weekend pastime.

Despite the cold weather, you know it’s time for a break. The seaside doesn’t appeal, not even the KZN coast, because it’s not really swimming or beach weather there either – the main attractions of this tourist destination. Moreover, you seek peace and tranquillity, a time to get “back to nature” to recharge your batteries and unwind.

Call of the Cederberg

Experience a break with a difference. Look inland for your winter getaway. Heed the call of the incredible, unspoiled Cederberg region and the unique delights of Kagga Kamma, an exclusive resort set amidst the distinctive sandstone rock formations that are so typical of this area.

The scenery is spectacular and the owners of Kagga Kamma are determined to keep it as nature intended, since much of the features, fauna and flora here are seldomly found anywhere else in South Africa’s diverse landscapes.


Mid May to August are typical Cederberg winter months. Although this rugged region is in the Western Cape’s winter rainfall area, far less rain occurs in the Cederberg, which is officially classified as semi-desert. Winter nights are cold, but most days are sunny and mild.

Starry Nights

Winter or summer, the Cederberg is the perfect place for nature lovers who value clear, unpolluted fresh air and a peaceful atmosphere, without compromising on the quality of their accommodation, cuisine and amenities.

Because the resort is remote from other human settlements which adversely affect the pristine atmosphere, the canopy of stars across the night sky appears close enough to touch.

In the area, there is a mini observatory, where our Kagga Kamma guests can learn more about the magical, twinkling constellations during a stargazer tour – only one of many interesting leisure pursuits on offer.

Cosy “Cave” Accommodation

During hot summer months, our open-air “rooms” prove exceptionally popular, but many guests prefer our snugly cosy “cave” or traditional hut accommodation when winter sets in, when heaters are provided for all enclosed suites.

Our “cave” suites were constructed specifically to blend into the surrounding rock formations, almost indistinguishable from that which nature provided. Designs were inspired by the beautiful rugged landscape and Cederberg’s rich cultural history.

Within and without, our guests’ comfort is paramount. Outside, each one of ten air-conditioned private suites is fronted by a furnished terrace, whilst within, you’ll find a comfy double bed, en-suite bathroom with fluffy bathrobes, and complimentary toiletries, hairdryer and tea/coffee making facilities.

Five thatched hut rondavels are reminiscent of the shelters built by the San people who once dwelt here (fine examples of their rock art can be seen on our tours of this name). Huts are air conditioned and accommodate king sized or twin beds, double sleeper couches and amenities similar to those of “caves”.

Your Winter Getaway Accommodation Awaits

Make your booking, pack some warm winter clothes and a few lightweight garments for warm days, and get set for an unforgettable getaway this year in the heart of the Cederberg at Kagga Kamma. We know that you’ll look forward to next winter’s break here too.


Six Interesting Facts You Have to Know About the San People of Southern Africa

Once Upon A Time … a very long time ago, an interesting clan called Kagga Kamma and the Cederberg area home.  The clan, known collectively as the San (or “Bushmen by some) were a group that were known for their hunting, foraging/gathering and symbolic paintings on cave walls. Their mantra was to live in harmony with each other, with nature and always humbly giving thanks for anything they received. Although the San people have moved on   from Kagga Kamma, there is still evidence at the Reserve of them once living here and the group is still in existence today with the same beliefs, skills and habits of their forefathers.

The San people who make caves, rocks, over hangings and even temporary huts their homes, are certainly a group of people who have many interesting hacks, a remarkable culture and a serious spiritual connection with the eland. See the six interesting facts you need to know about the San below.

1)      Governance, Leadership and Gender Roles – Equality for All

The San people, unlike most other African clans, have no official chief or leader. Instead they govern themselves through group consensus.  So if a fight or dispute happens, lengthy discussions are held until the issue is resolved. Individuals might naturally become leaders in certain areas; like if a member of the clan is the best hunter he or she would naturally become the leader of hunting. Also fascinatingly, gender roles are not fixed in the San culture like so many other cultures– some women hunt and some men forage.

2)      Hunting Hacks – Using Venomous Poison


The San’s weapon of choice when hunting is the bow and arrow. But instead of having standard arrows in their quivers, they make theirs poisonous or at least the arrowhead contains poison. So the animals they hit are not killed by the actual arrow but by the slow release poison on the arrowhead. This means that the San have to track the animals they hit for a couple of hours in the case of small antelope, several hours for larger game and for something as large as a giraffe, days.

The San are also smart about where they put the poison – it isn’t put on the tip of the arrowhead, which would be fatal if they by mistake cut their fingers on it. Instead it is put on the sides and more often the back of the head.


What do the San make their poison from? Beetle larvae, poisonous plants, caterpillars and sometimes even snake venom; this is boiled until it makes a toxic jelly substance. What is also truly amazing is that the deadly mixture only affects the area where the arrow hits – the rest of the animal is safe to eat.

3)      Sharing is Caring but the Rule Doesn’t Apply to Everything


The San hunt together and the people who successfully track and kill an animal gets to distribute the meat as he or she sees fit. So meat is shared amongst the clan. The San women (and some men) are expert foragers and know thousands of plants, which are mainly gathered to eat or for medicinal purposes. Interestingly, foraged items are not shared with the clan like meat is – but it is only shared with the immediate family.

4)      Rock Art – More than just Crude Stick Figures


San art is often found inside caves or on outcrops; what might look like mere stick figures at a glance is actually art with deep spiritual and religious significance.  One of the most painted animals and the creature with the most spiritual significance is the eland (a large antelope). The Shaman (“Medicine Man”), when painting the eland on cave walls, is not just simply paying homage to the sacred creature but harnessing its essence. Painting actually is a ceremonial act, which in the mind of the San opens a portal into the spiritual realm. Many of the paintings are done in a reddish-brown, orange, white, yellow and black. Kagga Kamma actually has numerous sites and a guided tour where visitors can check out some of this rock art for themselves.

5)      Belief System  – One Main God, Less Significant gods and Respect for the Dead

In general, the San believe in one powerful god and have a few lesser gods. Remarkably, one of the most important spiritual beings is /Kaggen –his name can be translated as meaning mantis. This name and translation possibly stems from the legend that this god manifested as a praying mantis before. But /Kaggen, often known as a trickster, manifests into various forms not just a mantis. This praying mantis business has led to a few people inaccurately believing that the San worship the insect.  Moving away from then insect story…the San also believe it is important to pay homage to the dead.

6)      San Rites of Passage and Spiritual Ceremonies

The eland is a very spiritual creature to the San (as mentioned above). There are four rituals where the eland plays a central role – boys first kill, girl’s first menstruation, marriage and during trance dances. A fascinating ritual happens during the girl’s first menstruation – the girl is isolated in her hut, the San women dance around the hut and enact the eland cow’s mating ritual; the San men act like the eland bull with “horns” on their heads.  This elaborate dance is to keep the girl beautiful, peaceful and protected from hunger and thirst for the rest of her life.


The San people in Western Cape and beyond are truly remarkable and have unparalleled wisdom, and knowledge of environment they live in.  When a Danish anthropologist, Jens Bjerre once asked an elderly San tribe member how old he was, he responded “I am as young as the most beautiful wish in my heart – and as old as all the unfulfilled longings in my life…”
It seems we have much to learn from the fascinating San culture and people.

To learn more about the San people and see rock art that possibly dates back thousands of years: visit Kagga Kamma for an informative Rock Art Tour.

The Bizarre Collective Nouns of Kagga Kamma

If you are asked what the collective nouns for fish, puppies and birds are– you’d say school, litter and flock with ease, right? Probably equally so if you thought of lions, bees and locusts, which are pride, swarm and plague. But then you move far beyond the normal, the mundane and the examples you can easily recall. You move into collective nouns that are quite literally bizarre, funny and maybe even silly.


Kagga Kamma has compiled the funniest, most unusual and interesting collective nouns from the mammals, birds and reptiles found at our Reserve.

Kagga Kamma Mammals


Now some might argue that “aardvark” is already an unusual name (and creature) but did you know the collective noun for them is an armoury? Yes, an armoury of aardvarks. And then you get the Chacma baboon that does not fall into one group but multiple – a troop, flange, tribe, rumpus or congress of baboons. Flange is however contested because it was invented by a comedy writer, Richard Curtis in a Not The Nine O’Clock News skit. Some primatologists swear by a flange of baboons. So we happily included it on our list.


If you spotted a “group” of leopards you could say “look there are a leap (lepe) of leopards over there”. Porcupine – a prickle; striped polecat – a chine; and wildebeest – an implausibility!  Here are some more collective nouns for you to enjoy:

–       Black Backed Jackal: a pack or skulk of jackals.
–       Burchell’s Zebra: a dazzle or herd of Zebra.
–       Bush Karoo Rat: a colony, horde, pack, plague, swarm of rats.
–       Cape Hare: a drove, down, flick, herd, husk, kindle, leash, trace, trip of hares.
–       Four Striped Grass Mouse: a mischief, horde, nest or trip of mice.
–       Honey Badger: a cete or colony of badgers.


Kagga Kamma Birds

You probably know that a “flock” of crows are known as a murder? But did you know a “bunch” of eagles are – a convocation or aerie, a “flight” of Karoo Thrush – a mutation and a “cluster” of Jackal Buzzards – a wake. A wake is grimly suitable name when buzzards are often picking the last bits of flesh off a carcass or dead thing; and a wake in human terms is “a watch or vigil held beside the body of someone who has died, sometimes accompanied by ritual observances including eating and drinking”.


Don’t miss the list of a few more examples below and impress your friends and family with your knowledge:

–       African Harrier Hawk: a mew, aerie, cast, kettle, moulting, screw or stream of hawks.
–       Barn Owl: a parliament or stare of owls.
–       Crowned/ Blacksmith Lapwing: a deceit or desert of lapwings.
–       Cape Turtle/Laughing Dove: a dole, dule, flight, piousness, pitying or prettying of doves.
–       Karoo Lark/Clapper Lark: an exaltation, ascension, bevy and flight of larks.
–       Common Starling: amurmuration, chattering, cloud, clutter or congregation of starlings.
–       Hadeda Ibis: a colony of ibises.


 Kagga Kamma Reptiles


Now for the collective nouns from the more cold-blooded variety…Not everyone find reptiles delightful, interesting and hope for a chance encounter with the tetrapods but fortunately other people find them fascinating. Unfortunately the latter group didn’t give the reptiles their collective nouns; see for yourself below.

A “handful” of snakes are known as a den, a bed, a knot, nest, pit or a trogle. Black Spitting Cobras or Cape Cobras are known as a quiver collectively – probably a side effect of seeing one; and Puff or Red Adder is a sum.

Groups of Cape Sand/Western Sandveld/Dwarf Plated Lizards… in fact any and all the lizards at Kagga Kamma are known as a lounge of lizards. Finally, the poor tortoises! Somewhere along the way the tortoise must have gotten a bad reputation because a “team” of tortoises is officially known as a creep.

Now that you know your dazzle, from your aerie or mutation from your creep… what would you call a bunch of your friends and family on holiday? A good time? An exhaustion?

 Let us know below!

Holiday Resorts Western Cape

Premier Western Cape Holiday Resort

The Western Cape province of South Africa is a leisure traveller’s dream and a tourist’s delight, irrespective of which type of holiday they prefer or what type of attractions they seek. Arguably, the province offers many of the best of this country’s features.

Within the Western Cape, there are numerous and varying landscapes and different climatic conditions, each with its own distinctive eco system. Such diversity presents ideal tourism opportunities, which are undoubtedly the reason for the establishment of an increasing number of resorts of various types, catering for a variety of preferences and budgets.

Some Popular Western Cape Holiday Features

  • Gorgeous beaches, featuring exceptionally white, fine sand. Some are long and relatively flat, whilst others are backed by enormous sand dunes, depending on their location. Certain beaches attract lots of holidaymakers and are suitable for safe swimming; others are almost deserted and secluded.
  • An extremely long coastline.
  • The icy Atlantic Ocean flows past the Cape’s West Coast and the southern coastal area is bounded by the much warmer Indian Ocean.
  • Unique natural vegetation, known as fynbos, found only in the Western Cape and nowhere else in the world.
  • Table Mountain.
  • Chapman’s Peak Drive.
  • The V & A Waterfront.
  • An immense variety of sports and leisure activities, including hikes, water sports (sailing, yachting, surfing, windsurfing, scuba or shark cage diving), mountain climbing, mountain biking, 4×4 trails, cruises to seal island and Robben Island, scenic drives, tours of Cape wine estates and wine tasting, seasonal whale watching, camping, and visits to museums, cultural and historical sites, to name only a few.
  • West Coast fishing villages, known for serving outstanding fresh seafood.
  • Numerous national parks, conservation areas and nature reserves, of which our holiday establishment, the 4-star Kagga Kamma Resort and Nature Reserve in the picturesque Cederberg, is a fine example.

What Makes the Cederberg so Unique?

Firstly, one must mention the peace and tranquillity of the untouched Cederberg region. On a typical clear night, the stars are brighter than anywhere else and seem to be close enough to touch. At Kagga Kamma, we arrange stargazing tours on nights when conditions are optimal for viewing the magnificent African night skies.

Our landscape is exceptional, especially the sandstone rock formations in and around our holiday resort. Sandstone is a relatively soft rock, weathered and shaped in our area by sun, wind and water for centuries on end. This leaves us (and you) with remarkable natural features which serve as backdrops and walls for our inimitable outdoor rooms and cave suites.

Our Holiday Resort’s Latest Addition

We’re extremely proud to introduce the latest addition to our holiday resort’s unique accommodation options – the Star Suite. A few of its glorious features include:

  • Taking a relaxing bath or refreshing shower outdoors, with neither a wall or roof to impede your view of the landscape.
  • Sleeping in complete privacy and luxury under the stars.
  • Having a dip in your own natural but discretely private rock pool.

Plan ahead to avoid disappointment, since our guest numbers are limited, in order to guarantee that your Western Cape Cederberg experience with us at our exclusive holiday resort is everything you expect and lots more.

Cederberg Self-Catering

Self-Catering Cederberg Accommodation with Luxury Options

A few generations ago, there were very few self-catering establishments in South Africa at which holidaymakers and tourists could arrange accommodation. There weren’t many bed and breakfast facilities either. Most travellers stayed at hotels, because there was little other choice, unlike today, when self-catering options abound across the country.

At more or less the same time (predating the appearance of self-catering facilities), the Cederberg region was mainly an agricultural area, but only in parts where arable land was suitable to sustain farming activities.

Nature in a Natural Reserve

The rest was left as it had always been for centuries, when the only known inhabitants were the San bushmen. Outstanding examples of their distinctive rock art and habitation can still be seen today across sheltered, craggy rock outcrops in our part of the Cederberg, known as Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

The population of the Cederberg always remained relatively small, spread sparsely across the land. Overall, the area remained wild, unexploited and unspoiled, rather as it is now – 710km2 of rugged wilderness which became a World Heritage Site in 2004.

It’s a perfect destination for eco tourists and lovers of nature, in addition to those who seek wide open spaces, peace and tranquillity when on holiday and while enjoying a total breakaway.

Kagga Kamma, Cederberg’s 4-Star Luxury Gem

At Kagga Kamma, everything started in 1987 on a purely self-catering basis. This was the year during which three enterprising gentlemen recognised the rugged beauty and potential of the area, in which they purchased Kagga Kamma, plus three adjoining farms.

The following year, a small stone cottage was erected, allowing their friends to join them when they visited. This facility and the opportunity to “get away from it all” proved so popular, that they decided to extend their accommodation and facilities after converting Kagga Kamma into a nature reserve and then acquiring another adjoining farm to ensure a supply of top-quality, pure potable water.

Not long after this, the first self-catering chalets were built, taking every possible care to blend in with and preserve the beauty of the natural surroundings and inimitable landscape with its characteristic sandstone formations.

As before, all supplies had to be bought and brought in from the nearest towns, because of Kagga Kamma’s remote location. Our resort is some 300km from Cape Town by road and somewhat closer to Citrusdal and Clanwilliam, something of which visitors should be aware if they wish to self-cater. Emergency grocery supplies are available at the resort.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Guests who prefer self-catering accommodation in our comprehensively equipped chalets must be timeshare members of RCI and DAE exchange programmes or alternatively conduct rentals via TradeUnipoint.com, both being subject to availability.

Two camping sites, Swartrug and Bobbejaanskrans, offer self-catering and give the self-reliant campers the opportunity to see to their own needs independently. The former, one and a half kilometres from the main buildings, features a swimming pool and communal warm water ablution facility. The latter camp is more rugged and remote, only accessible with a 4×4 vehicle. Neither is equipped with electricity, however.

Luxurious Options

Our other options are completely unique too, yet cosset guests in the lap of 4-star luxury. While visitors can use braai facilities to do their own catering, most combine braais with meals at our excellent restaurant – something for everyone in the heart of the Cederberg.

Romantic Vacations in a Romantic Destination

Many people plan their romantic vacations around a special event, deemed worthy of spending a little extra in order to ensure that their destination and all it offers is as exceptional as is the reason for selecting somewhere and something out of the ordinary.

However, you really don’t have to wait for such an occasion to visit a really unique and very romantic resort, such as Kagga Kamma, where romance is bound to find you, even if you were not actually looking for it.

“Why?” you may well ask. At our 4-star lodge, we confidently say: “Why not?” Unless you’re totally impervious to the charm of the Cederberg wilderness, you’ll soon find out for yourself why our hidden gem holds such appeal for our visitors – South Africans or tourists from abroad.

Our glorious landscape is Karoo-like, yet unique to this area, featuring spectacular sandstone rocky outcrops, weathered by centuries of sun, wind and rain. Much of the abundant fauna and flora encountered here are seldom seen in other parts of the country.

Perfect Partners

Peace and quiet reigns supreme, apart from birdsong and night sounds of small predators, such as the jackal. Night skies are breathtaking. Bright stars appear to be close enough to touch. Nature’s bounty, starlight and romance are perfect partners.

Because the resort is not near human settlements, there’s no air or light pollution during any season. Many visitors find that they’ve never slept better than at our resort – that’s what breathing pure, fresh unadulterated air does for one. Simply relax and unwind and/or take part in the various activities and tours on offer, along with your loved one.

Vacation Activities

Our part of the Cederberg was once home to the San people, ancient hunter-gatherers of the African continent. They’ve left behind ample evidence of their presence and activities in the form of magnificent rock art paintings, which may be viewed during our guided rock art tours – a step back into history, closer to its air of romance.

Guided nature drives, quad bike safaris, hikes, mountain biking, rock climbing, 4×4 trails, educational reptile talks and tours, and romantic sundowner trips are also on the menu of enjoyable activities.

Romance of Dining

Speaking of the menu, you’re in for a treat of delicious South African fare at our à la carte restaurant or the outdoor boma, amidst rock formations and under the stars. Select fine, locally produced wines from the renowned Cape Winelands to pair with a romantic dinner. There’s also a cosy bar at which to relax with the drink of your choice.

Romantic Accommodation

We’ve possibly left one of Kagga Kamma’s best features for last – unique and ultimately romantic vacation accommodation. Private, comfy, cosy cave or hut suites offer luxurious amenities, including air conditioning, whilst retaining the essence of the rugged terrain and San heritage. Our Outcrop open-air room allows a pair of guests to sleep safely, under the night sky.

The latest and arguably most romantic option consists of the beautifully appointed Star Suite, located on a platform beneath the stars, discretely situated about 3 kilometres from the main lodge. Here, you and your beloved have your own natural rock pool, an open-air bath with nothing to obstruct your view and an indulgent outdoor shower under a canopy of stars. Romantic? Oh yes, indeed.

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

If, like many 21st century people, you are fascinated by mankind’s origins, roots and intriguing and diverse cultures and history, you’d no doubt jump at the chance to spend a few nights in a private cave room, since caves were probably the very first types of shelters which prehistoric human beings used, a very long time ago.

Luxury Surrounded by Rugged Nature

Moreover, you’d be especially excited at the prospect in the knowledge that your specially constructed cave is tastefully furnished with excellent appointments, such as a comfy bed and snug, top of the range bed linen, plus modern facilities and amenities to which you’re accustomed at home and wherever you travel.

So, where on earth do you find such a place, which by its very nature is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life and all that this lifestyle encompasses? Try the heart of the beautiful, unsullied Cederberg region, home of our exclusive 4-star Kagga Kamma resort, which features truly unique accommodation, including your coveted cave room.

Best of all, you don’t have to travel for hours on end to reach us, only to arrive exhausted and irritable. If you don’t fancy a scenic, leisurely drive from Cape Town to the Swartruggens area, you may choose to arrive by air, landing at an airstrip which is conveniently located, but far enough removed so as not to intrude on the peaceful tranquillity of Kagga Kamma.


Fortunately for you and like-minded others, this part of South Africa is still a pristine, natural wilderness featuring clear African daytime skies, crisp starlit nights, constant fresh untainted air, magnificent landscapes, and vistas and views of which one can but dream.

Unexploited by masses of holidaymakers and leisure travellers (guest numbers are limited to ensure discreet privacy and an exclusive guest experience), Kagga Kamma upholds our ethos of maintaining our natural surroundings and distinctive fauna and flora just as Mother Nature intended.

Accommodation Options

All of our accommodation options on offer at Kagga Kamma were inspired by the landscape and, in particular, by the distinctive rock formations and the area’s cultural history, which includes fine rock art paintings of some of the continent’s ancient human beings, the San people, who frequented the region some 6 000 years ago. Five thatched hut suites pay tribute to traditional San dwellings and culture.

The latest addition to our select accommodation offers an experience which surpasses that which is already singular – the secluded, open-air Star Suite, nestled against a huge rock backdrop on a rock platform which overlooks Karoo-like plains, rocky outcrops and the blue tones of distant mountains on the horizon.

Cave Rooms

Our ten cave rooms are amongst the most sought-after accommodation options, since they allow us to include modern en-suite bathrooms, bathrobes, air conditioning, hair dryers, tea/coffee making facilities and complimentary toiletries for your enjoyment, comfort and convenience.

Each cave suite is carefully designed and built into a rock face, so that it blends in with the surrounding sandstone formations, It almost takes a second, careful look to distinguish the suite from that which nature placed there.

Immerse Yourself in Peaceful Tranquillity

When you need a break to “get away from it all”, or wish to enjoy a holiday with a difference, keep the Cederberg in mind. There’s a lot to see and do, or simply relax; adapt to nature’s own time, place and pace.