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We crave destinations where the push and pull of the daily commute and the noise of the ever-humming city gives way to wide open spaces, where we can experience true communion with nature. When you’re caught up in the daily grind, it’s easy to lose sight of how intrinsic a need this is – the need to spend time in an unfettered environment where you can lose yourself in the tranquillity of uninterrupted natural beauty. Select any unique accommodation and be transported to a world of wonder and comfort.

Please note: Due to our unique location and our Going Green initiative which we strive to maintain, our accommodation does not offer telephone or cell phone reception. However, there is limited cell phone reception and free Wi-Fi at the Main Lodge.

Open Air Suites

The Open Air Suites at Kagga Kamma are situated further away from the Main Lodge to offer couples peace and quality time together under a night sky gleaming, kissed by the wave of the Milky Way. The quietness is a presence, something so pure and deep in the wide-angle space. Spend an afternoon soaking up the sunlight and panoramic views of the surrounds before enjoying a private dinner alongside a crackling fire. As the sun disappears on the horizon and gives way to a multitude of stars, step into a luscious soak in a star bath to unwind and climb, refreshed, into a comfortable bed, drifting off into a peaceful sleep. The remoteness and the absence of light pollution ensures clear night skies to explore the galaxy of stars so close you can almost touch them.

Cave Suites

Famous for their integrated design and breath-taking views, Kagga Kamma’s Cave Suites blend seamlessly into the environment and complement the Cederberg area. The façade of each Cave Suite is manmade but melds perfectly with the incredible surrounds; providing guests with the opportunity to experience the interesting biome and unique rock formations up close.

Hut Suites

An incredible experience in and of itself, Kagga Kamma’s spacious Hut Suites are fashioned to resemble the dwellings of the clans from many moons ago. The Huts are positioned on the fynbos plains and are surrounded by incredible flora and fauna native to the area, while offering couples and families a vantage point from which to explore the Reserve.


The rugged and undiscovered wilderness which is home to the Nature Reserve makes Kagga Kamma a bucket-list destination for camping enthusiasts. Secluded and set against the backdrop of fascinating rock formations, the camping grounds provide for an environment conducive to digital detoxing.

Step into a traditional camping scene set in an out-of-this-world destination. These campsites are near Reception and offer comfortable ablutions.

Experience the calm and tranquillity of the Cederberg region at these completely remote campsites.

The quietness is a presence, something so pure and deep in the wide-angle space.

Self Catering Accommodation

Nestled comfortably alongside the Timeshare Chalets, this single Self Catering Chalet offers every homely comfort set against the backdrop of rolling fynbos plains and intriguing rock formations. Explore the wildnerness region on a self-guided hike, traversing the landscape and relishing the summer breeze and, at night, when the jackal howls and the Milky Way lights the sky, enjoy a family meal in a private boma space.

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