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About Us

Kagga Kamma is a destination for nature lovers and has a variety of accommodation to choose from.

"Explore. Dream. Discover." — Mark Twain

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About Us

Kagga Kamma is located in an untouched wilderness area in the Swartruggens region of the Cederberg Mountains. The Nature Reserve has a variety of unique accommodation to choose from and offers nature lovers a chance to experience spectacular scenery, dramatic rock formations, rich and fascinating cultural heritage, ancient rock art sites, amazing indigenous fauna and flora and phenomenal night skies. Kagga Kamma is the perfect destination for a most memorable nature holiday.

In 2013 Kagga Kamma was awarded the RCI Green Award for the installation of a Solar Photovoltaic hybrid energy system. This system provides around-the-clock environmentally-friendly power to the entire resort, reducing hazardous emissions, and therefore, the resort's carbon footprint.

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