Cederberg Nature Reserve Accommodation

Variety of Accommodation Options in the Cederberg Nature Reserve Area

South Africans have always loved and been extremely proud of their country’s super selection of game and nature reserves, which has also been a major drawcard for visitors from overseas, and it’s not surprising. Being accommodated in a completely natural environment, away from one’s usual routine and everyday surroundings restores one’s balance and inner peace. However, the country’s designated conservancy areas are about as diverse as the visitors who are attracted to them and wish to immerse themselves in everything each reserve has to offer as well as the natural wonders of Africa at its best.

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Cederberg Mountains Luxury Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation in the Heart of the Cederberg Mountains

Everyone who has ever been to the Cederberg mountains or is in any way familiar with it knows that this wonderful inland West Coast terrain is most accurately described as rugged and untamed. Although this distinctive mountain range is only about 300 km north of Cape Town, it’s a world apart, hardly the place or region in which one would expect to find a 4-star lodge offering luxury guest accommodation. Nevertheless, it does. This is where you’ll find Kagga Kamma, our exclusive lodge, surrounded by the Cederberg Wilderness Area, proclaimed as such in 1973 and granted World Heritage status in 2004.

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Cederberg Self-Catering Lodge

Luxury Meets Ancient Culture at Cederberg Self-Catering Lodge  

Should you choose to book your Cederberg holiday or weekend breakaway in one of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve’s self-catering units, it’s unlikely that you’ll decline a few meals at our lovely à la carte restaurant. Here you can indulge in typical South African cuisine at its finest, accompanied by an excellent selection of Cape wines, not to mention spoiling yourself with some of our professional chef’s divine dessert delicacies.

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Cederberg Self-Catering

Cater for Yourself or Dine Out in Cederberg Style

The baby boomer generation will recall that there were very limited numbers of self-catering establishments on offer to holidaymakers when they were young. At that time and in the minds many a person, the Cederberg region was just a vague swathe of countryside as it appeared on maps of South Africa’s Western Cape. They knew little else about this rugged wilderness area. Boomers’ parents either booked the family holiday by the sea, in a hotel that provided full board accommodation, rented a free standing holiday home for the duration of their stay, or they signed a short-term rental agreement on a flat.

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4-Star Accommodation

Stellar 4-Star Accommodation

Everyone is fascinated by the moon and the starts in the night sky, but stars are not confined to the sky. When a person is being encouraged to deliver their very best efforts, they are encouraged to “reach for the stars”, so it’s no wonder that the practice of awarding stars has been associated with achievements on an ascending scale of merit.

Some time ago, in South African kindergartens and primary schools, children eagerly competed to see who could earn the most stars for some aspect of excellence in the standards of their schoolwork. Those who really excelled were awarded a gold star and runners-up received silver, rather reminiscent of medals awarded in competitive sports, including the Olympic Games.

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Luxury Cederberg Accommodation

Life’s Luxuries in the Cederberg

All people are different from one another. Each person has fingerprints which are completely unique. Similarly, appearances vary greatly. Backgrounds and lifestyles are equally diverse. One person’s understanding of luxury may be the next one’s idea of something relatively ordinary, nothing to write home about.

In general, customers and paying guests are particularly selective and exacting when the hospitality industry is involved, especially with regards to their accommodation and meals. Cleanliness, superior standards of hygiene and housekeeping, luxurious comfort, good-quality appointments and excellent service probably top most lists, and everyone likes life’s luxuries.

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Unique Holiday Destinations

Why Kagga Kamma is Such a Unique Holiday Destination

Because of the country’s size, immensely diverse landscapes and natural features, virtually every place and holiday destination in South Africa is quite unique. No two places are identical, nor do they offer the same leisure experiences.

However, one might say that certain destinations are more unique than others, because they are just so different – truly one of a kind. It’s usually those places which are known to few, rather than being overexploited by hordes of holidaymakers, season after season, year after year.

The Secret is Out

Although the existence of our distinctive holiday resort in the Cederberg may no longer be a closely guarded secret, it certainly isn’t overexploited or over-run by crowds of holiday travellers, nor will it ever be.

The founders, owners and management of Kagga Kamma developed the resort with unspoilt nature and the unique natural environment uppermost in mind, since the establishment lies in the middle of a singular, remote wilderness area, with characteristics and features which must be preserved for posterity.

Ancient Inhabitants

Few, if any, holiday destinations in South Africa can boast as much clear evidence of their earliest human inhabitants as does Kagga Kamma, home to the San people some 6 000 years ago.

Many well-preserved, original examples of their unique rock paintings are dotted all over our rocky landscape. Our trained rangers will be delighted to share this rock art and fascinating facts about this ancient culture with you.

Beginnings of the Resort

In 1986, Kagga Kamma’s three founders recognised the potential of this jewel in the Cederberg, so they purchased three 15 000 hectare farms (later also a fourth). They built a small stone cottage to accommodate friends, eager to visit.

Visitors were bowled over by the beauty and allure of this pristine area and this led to the establishment of the holiday resort after turning Kagga Kamma into a Nature Reserve in 1988. Throughout, every care has been taken to preserve the matchless environment and its rare fauna and flora.

Preservation Initiatives

Our accommodation and amenities are graded as 4-star, which means that they are luxurious. How can a holiday destination feature luxurious standards without mod cons? Energy for Kagga Kamma in its entirety is provided by utilising the latest green energy generation technology – a Solar Photovoltaic hybrid energy system. We’re off the grid.

Our carbon footprint is minimised, while the impact on our natural, unique environment is virtually negligible, without compromising on the luxuries which our guests enjoy. Suites are air conditioned, featuring tea/coffee making facilities, hair dryers, heating and en-suite bathrooms with ample hot water.

Guest accommodation does not feature in-room telephones, TV sets, or mobile phone reception and internet connectivity – modern trappings which would spoil the tranquillity of a nature reserve. However, our bar area has Wi-Fi and a satellite TV, while our à la carte restaurant offers excellent SA cuisine.

Unique Feature Summary

  • Landscape.
  • Luxury in the midst of wilderness.
  • The opportunity to sleep under the stars.
  • Limited guest numbers.
  • Undisturbed peace and tranquillity.
  • Fauna and flora.
  • Cultural history.
  • Excursions and activities, including stargazing tour to our mini observatory.
  • Natural rock pools.

There’s a lot more on offer at Kagga Kamma, a truly unique holiday destination in the truest sense of the word. However, mere words won’t suffice – come and experience our wonders for yourself.

Self-Catering Accommodation Cederberg

Self-Catering Accommodation Options in theCederberg Wilderness

In South Africa, self-catering holiday accommodation options were not plentiful a generation or two ago. However, nowadays, most resorts feature self-catering options, since amongst some, this type of accommodation is more popular than that offered by hotels, especially for family groups with children.

Almost all of this country’s leisure travellers regard a braai as catering for oneself, so it’s important to distinguish between the provision of braai facilities and fully equipped kitchens for cooking and dining purposes.

4-Star Cederberg Private Resort

At our 4-star resort in the heart of the Cederberg wilderness, we’d be seriously amiss in our guest facilities if we did not offer braai facilities, amenities which are included in virtually all our accommodation options – the inimitable, unforgettable Star Suite, the Outcrop Open Air Room, Hut and Cave Suites, camping sites and Rest Camp timeshare chalets.

Self-Catering Chalet Accommodation

In addition to each chalet’s braai facilities, plus a daily bundle of braai wood, each unit also offers a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering – from light snacks to full meals. The kitchen equipment includes cutlery, crockery and appliances, such as an oven, stove top, fridge, freezer, kettle, microwave and toaster.

At each Rest Camp chalet, the braai self-catering facilities consist of an indoor fireplace/braai, braai tongs and grid, and use of a private outdoor boma and braai area – the ideal spot from which to watch the sun set with a relaxing drink in hand.

If you’re planning a longer stay with us and especially if you’re accompanied by your family, the chalet self-catering option is the best accommodation type to choose.

The chalets accommodate six or eight persons in luxurious comfort. Accommodation in these three-bedroomed units is available to timeshare owners, DAE and RCI exchange members, and as rentals, via TradeUnipoint.com – all being subject to availability.

Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma Activities

All our guests at Kagga Kamma are most welcome to participate in all the activities which are on offer in our sector of the Cederberg. Timeshare guests receive a 30% discount on all activities, with the exception of the Stargazing Tour, for which the full fee is charged. Other activities include:

  • Morning and/or late night nature drives – see our fauna and flora.
  • Sundowner trip – enjoy a drink while viewing our extraordinary landscape from one of our best viewing points.
  • Rock art tour – ancient rock paintings date back some 6 000 years; Kagga Kamma’s rock formations feature numerous fine examples of this ancient art and historical culture.
  • Quad bike safaris.
  • Swimming – the resort’s main swimming pool is enfolded by magnificent sandstone rock formations. It’s a popular shady retreat during hot summer days and the perfect place in which to curl up on a sun lounger during winter with good book in hand.
  • Stargazing tour – view the celestial galaxies through the state-of-the-art 8-inch Celestron Nexstar 8SE telescope at our mini observatory.
  • Hiking – immerse yourself in our Cederberg wilderness on foot. Self-guided hiking trails of 4km, 7km and 9km offer unique, up-close and personal experiences of the Cederberg’s unique terrain and vegetation.
  • Boulder and rock climbing.
  • Mountain biking.
  • 4×4 trails.
  • Reptile educational sessions.

Your Pleasure

Whether you cater for yourself, enjoy a braai on your private terrace, or decide not to cook at all and instead dine on great South African fare at our à la carte restaurant, the wonderful Cederberg and Kagga Kamma accommodation awaits you.

Luxurious Cave Rooms for Contemporary Cave Men/Women

Little beats the feeling of being safe and snug in a cosy room or shelter when darkness descends, especially when one is in an African wilderness area, far away from the lights and sounds of the city. There’s an air of romance too. One’s mind conjures up a million images and thoughts in the quiet time before sleep transports you to the land of dreams.

Back in Time

Still, on some subliminal or subconscious level, humans seem to long to go back to their roots and explore their origins. Nostalgic adults long for times which may predate their birth. It may be the ancient Egyptian dynasties, the glory days of ancient Rome’s rise to power, or a period of subtle grace, leisure and formal etiquette, typified by the Victorian era.

Sometimes, mental travels hark back to prehistoric times, when man began seeking shelter and safety by living in caves. However, most latter-day time travellers will include a few conditions – usually the inclusion of mod cons, such as comfortable bedding, indoor plumbing and clean, hygienic ablution facilities, plus a secure environment.

Kagga Kamma’s Cave Rooms

At Kagga Kamma, in the heart of the Cederberg’s wilderness and nature reserve, our exclusive, private resort features not one, but ten “cave” rooms, so skilfully integrated with the surrounding sandstone rock formations that you’d never guess that modern construction techniques were involved. Each private cave suite blends in seamlessly with its rugged, rocky backdrops.

Mod cons are standard at Kagga Kamma. Our facilities and amenities are luxurious, of 4-star standard, albeit simple in style, and keep with the ambience of the surrounding wilderness.

You can sip a sundowner from the comfort of your own private terrace, viewing the spectacular Cederberg landscapes around you, while the African sun disappears below the horizon and the twinkling stars emerge, knowing that the comforts that you require (and more) await you within.

Each romantic, cosy “cave” is furnished with a comfy double bed, top-quality linens and bathrobes, air conditioning, a hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, and an immaculate en-suite bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

Prehistoric Caves

Although most people refer to our prehistoric ancestors as “cave men”, clear evidence of early homo sapiens’ occupation of caves (as dwellings) has only been found to date to some 170 000 years ago. Nevertheless, there is ample evidence of the presence and activities of the San people in the Cederberg, close to Kagga Kamma.

Our Rock Art Tour is a “must”, especially if you have opted for accommodation in our “cave” rooms. All across our territory, excellent examples of San rock art are to be found. Our experienced guides are on hand to take you to such sites and you may even find more rock paintings on your own.

The San rock art dates back about 6 000 years, but your “cave” room’s appointments are contemporary. Even so, both are part and parcel of a truly unique holiday experience, consistent with this ancient continent and its world-class attractions.

Vacation Destination Cederberg

Destination Cederberg for a Unique Vacation Experience

Fifty or so years ago, there were only three main vacation destinations that were popular and considered suitable for an annual vacation (or a weekend breakaway) by most South Africans. These were the beach, the bushveld or Kruger National Park, and an overseas tour, although the latter was definitely third in line, being mainly for the very affluent or elite leisure travellers.

The beach would usually refer to Durban or Cape Town. Bush breaks might also include a hunting trip. Only a minority declared that they’d far rather explore and get to know their own beautiful country first, before they would consider taking a vacation abroad to experience a foreign country’s attractions.

Enjoy your Own Country’s Attractions Too

Such wise people were perhaps a little ahead of their time in realising what absolute local gems await travellers throughout southern Africa. Consequently, the Cederberg region, less than 300km from Cape Town, remained relatively unknown as a vacation destination for a long time – but things have changed.

Nowadays, this distinctive Western Cape region is recognised as a prime vacation destination, both by discerning South African leisure travellers and tourists from all over the world. While beaches and the bushveld will always be wonderful drawcards, there’s much more variety on offer by way of holiday activities and attractions in SA, especially in the Cederberg.

The Cedars and the Berg

Strictly speaking, “Cederberg” refers to mountains (berg) upon which cedar trees grow. However, today the name also applies to the region. The area’s endemic species of Clanwilliam cedar trees is now threatened with extinction, appearing on the list of local endangered flora.

Cederberg’s Vacation Activities and Attractions

One would need to write a book in order to list all the places and things of interest, holiday activities and regional attractions featured in the Cederberg, as there really is a lot from which to choose, for all types of interests and levels of activity – lazy, leisurely and relaxing pursuits or active, physically challenging adventures; it’s all here.

Here is a list of just some of the activities and experiences on offer in the Cederberg:

  • Rock climbing.
  • Bouldering.
  • Nature walks and drives, wilderness exploration.
  • Hiking.
  • Rock art tours.
  • Star gazing at the observatory.
  • 4×4 trails.
  • Quad bike trails.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Sundowner trips.
  • Educational reptile talks.
  • Swimming.
  • Spa treatments.
  • Unique photographic opportunities.
  • Bird watching.
  • Delicious, freshly prepared South African cuisine.
  • Fine selection of Cape wines.
  • Sleeping under the stars, in a San-styled rondavel, or in a cave room – all luxuriously appointed.

There are many more enticements available to visitors, but we’ve only listed the principle attractions on offer to our guests at Kagga Kamma, our exclusive, private 4-star Cederberg resort.

Our unique establishment is situated in the heart of this rugged region, typified by incredible sandstone rock formations, clear skies, pure air, bright stars and the peaceful tranquillity of an unexploited nature reserve.

In order to preserve the peaceful atmosphere and guests’ privacy, irrespective of their choice of accommodation, we limit the number of guests staying with us at any given time.

You may wish to socialise with others at our main building complex, or alternatively, keep to yourself and be one with nature. Freedom of choice is yours at Kagga Kamma, your premier 4-star vacation destination in the magnificent Cederberg.