Unique and Romantic Getaways Western Cape

Unusual, Untainted, Unique, and Romantic Western Cape Getaways

Cape Town and, in fact, the entire Western Cape region, are favourite romantic destinations for people from this country and elsewhere, who like to take a break or go on holiday there. It’s no wonder, because this province is world renowned for its scenic beauty and myriad of diverse attractions. Virtually everyone is aware of Table Mountain and other mountain ranges, the Western Cape’s Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the white, sandy beaches, historic buildings and rich, well-documented history, Cape Dutch architecture, winelands, and the West Coast villages, where scrumptious, freshly caught seafood is always on the menu.

The Region’s Top Romantic Getaway Destination

However, the inland Western Cape region, particularly the Cederberg, is somewhat less familiar, and yet it is one of this country’s most romantic getaways, a hidden precious gem, as all who have “discovered” this unique area will attest. Nestled in the heart of the Cederberg, one finds an inimitable wilderness reserve and a most unusual destination, our romantic resort, our unique Kagga Kamma, a haven of peace, tranquillity and comfort that’s simply perfect for nature lovers as well as those of a romantic disposition.

Kagga Kamma’s Unique and Romantic Features 

  • Although we’re only about 200 km away from Cape Town, our part of the Western Cape could be a world away, because the terrain, sweeping scenic landscapes, craggy sandstone rock formations, and indigenous flora (and certain fauna species) are unique to this untainted wilderness area.
  • Our guests enjoy creature comforts, like romantic accommodation, en-suite bathrooms, and air-conditioning. Add superb dining with a strong emphasis on local produce, fare with a distinct South African/Karoo influence, select wines from Western Cape vineyards, sparkling swimming pools, and the warm hospitality for which South Africans are famous.
  • When the weather permits – and that’s most of the time between September and April – romantically minded guests may opt to spend a night beneath the stars, which appear to be closer and brighter than virtually anywhere else, because the air is so pure and unpolluted. There’s nothing that interferes with a couple’s stargazing and privacy.
  • Outdoor accommodation is offered in our Star Suite and in the Outcrop Outdoor Room. At night, both are romantically lantern-lit. They’re only available for couples, who sleep on a cosily made-up, comfy double or queen-sized bed. Star features an outdoor bath and shower and private rock pool; Outcrop also has outdoor bathroom/ablution facilities. Romantic isolation enfolds you under the twinkling stars. Both open-air suites are a firm favourite with honeymooners.
  • “Cave” suites also accommodate two persons. These truly unique “caves” are barely discernible from the surrounding rock formations, despite each featuring a terrace for two. Kagga Kamma also offers accommodation in a one of the Honeymoon Cave, also wonderfully appointed for couples celebrating a special occasion, such as an anniversary or other romantic event.
  • Hut suites resemble the style of ancient indigenous clans who lived at Kagga Kamma a very long time ago, evoking the romance of a time long before…

All the on-site or nearby excursions and activities that are on offer in Kagga Kamma’s getaway corner of the Western Cape are unique; you and your partner supply the romance and enjoyment.

Tranquil Accommodation Western Cape

The Timeless Tranquillity of a Wonderful Western Cape Wilderness Resort

Our wilderness resort in the Western Cape’s Cederberg is known as a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity amongst the guests we accommodate – people who find themselves in need to get away from everything and enjoy a complete break from humdrum routine, responsibilities, and hectic city lifestyles. Everyone sometimes crave tranquillity, but did you know that a great deal has been researched and written about tranquillity, even if it is a place and/or state of mind and being that many mistakenly perceive as being too abstract to study?

According to one definition, tranquillity is the state or quality of being tranquil, serene, calm, and worry-free, and it is often linked to engaging with the natural environment. Our guests would agree that our magnificent, rugged, and pristine Cederberg region provides the ultimate tranquillity, imbibing those who take up accommodation at Kagga Kamma with a sense of worry-free and supreme calmness, peace, and serenity.

Restorative Effect on Mind, Body, and Soul

One of the major benefits of taking a holiday or break in a peaceful, natural environment such as the remote parts of the Western Cape is the restorative effect that Mother Nature has on human beings, particularly when they’ve been exposed to constant, long periods of mental, physical, and emotional overload. A state of tranquillity certainly does not reduce one to the robotic level of a zombie; instead, one’s mind, body, soul, and level of interest still remain operative and functional, but in a relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable manner that serves to renew and refresh the physical body, its mentality, and its senses.

Tranquillity-Inducing Natural Features 

Because of the peacefulness that reigns in remote Western Cape regions and at Kagga Kamma, we can list various natural and ancient heritage features that induce an air of peaceful serenity at our resort:

  • The unspoilt, wide open spaces.
  • Unique sandstone rock formations, created by the erosion and action of wind and weather.
  • Fresh, untainted air and gentle breezes.
  • Natural, indigenous fauna, flora, and birdlife.
  • Clean, clear night skies with the brightest starlight you could wish to see.
  • Africa’s vast blue daytime sky.
  • Fascinating ancient San rock paintings.
  • Kagga Kamma’s distinctive guest accommodation suites, designed to ensure that the units blend seamlessly with the breathtaking beauty and character of the resort’s natural features, retaining privacy and assuring tranquillity.


The three accommodation options for which we’re best known allow our guests to relax and rest in peaceful tranquillity and as close to nature as is possible, yet without sacrificing their comfort. Both the Star Suite and the Outcrop Outdoor Room enable you to sleep directly under a canopy of stars (weather permitting). Our “Cave” and Hut suites are similarly perfect, because they mimic nature and the accommodations of the forebears that once lived in this wilderness reserve. What could be more serene than falling asleep to the distant calls of jackals, as they go about their nocturnal activities, and awakening as the rising sun peeps over the eastern horizon, sending its first morning rays with the news that another day in paradise is dawning?

One visit to the Western Cape’s Kagga Kamma is all it takes to convince doubters that this is where you’ll experience the warmest welcome, super South African dining and top tranquillity, a feat for the senses and soul.

Cederberg Accommodation for Nature Lovers

Immense Appeal and Inspiration of the Cederberg 

Even those who don’t classify themselves as nature lovers are drawn to nature in some respect, be it a holiday at a beach resort where they swim in the sea or lie on the beach, acquiring a golden suntan, or a preference for taking their vacations in the Bushveld or a nature reserve, where they book their accommodation at a lodge that sees to their creature comforts. Committed lovers of nature appreciate this diverse marvel, which distinguishes Planet Earth from others, in all its guises – water, fauna, flora, and its ever-evolving historical path. This is a major reason for the appeal of the unsullied Cederberg.

Our private nature reserve, Kagga Kamma, situated in the heart of the hauntingly beautiful Cederberg, offers nature lovers and romantics at heart the prime location from where to indulge their passion for the natural phenomena and features of this craggy region. Additionally, the surrounding Cederberg sandstone rock faces and weather-worn Cederberg Mountains offer almost unlimited opportunities to stand in awe before ancient rock art paintings, executed millennia ago by the Khoi and the San people, who once inhabited this wild and wonderful place.

Accommodation Inspired by Nature

Kagga Kamma’s location and architecture are inspired by the distinctive natural features and history of the Cederberg, complimenting these aspects as far as possible, while making the most of that which nature has provided. Guest accommodation options include two campsites, more formal and comfy accommodation in “Cave” and Hut suites, Star and Outcrop outdoor rooms, and time-share chalets (terms and conditions apply to the latter). There’s a restaurant, outdoor boma and cosy bar; relaxing treatments at our spa remove the last vestiges of city stress and strain. A host of optional activities are on offer at Kagga Kamma; all revolve around and incorporate nature, much to the delight of our nature-loving guests.

Why People Love Cederberg’s Natural Environment 

  • Man is drawn to nature because we are part of it, an integral part of the whole kingdom of nature. This is something which is often forgotten or missed when one lives, works, and plays in the city. Nature is the life force that created Man.
  • In going back into nature, one is returning to one’s roots and origin, the origin of the species (Homo sapiens). It’s a home-coming.
  • When nature lovers are in their natural environment, such as the Cederberg, a sense of place, peace, tranquillity, wonder, and love enfolds them. If accompanied by a romantic partner, a sense of overwhelming love and receptiveness to and for love is enhanced. Exploring, discovering, and sharing the wonders of nature foster an immensely bonding experience.
  • Being alone or with someone significant in privacy, in untamed nature, makes you feel like the only people in the world; it engenders a healthy, balanced perspective and a positive sense of wellbeing – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • At Kagga Kamma, we limit guest numbers, maintaining the sense of privacy that our nature-loving visitors appreciate.

There’s not much left to be said about the Cederberg and the Kagga Kamma experience that isn’t acclaimed by nature lovers as being downright superlative, bar one other comment – book your accommodation at Kagga Kamma, without delay.

Nature Reserve Cederberg Mountains

Nature Paradise in the Cederberg Mountains

Sunny South Africa is a large country with a character that’s all its own. Its diversities are even larger in number and apply to just about any aspect you care to mention – its peoples and places, landscapes and features, fauna and flora, cities and rural areas, and best of all, its diversity and number of nature and game reserves that continue to fascinate tourists and leisure travellers. Some of the country’s conservation reserves are rather commercialised nowadays, too much so according to many a South African, who recalls the days when the roads in the biggest national parks were unpaved and facilities at the rest camps were rudimentary, especially when compared with the modern facilities installed in the latter years.

Wild Wonderland

Fortunately for true lovers of nature, there are still completely unspoilt areas where nature continues to rule the wild exactly as it has for millennia. The Cederberg is one such wonderland, likely to remain pristine for a very long time still. Environmentally aware nature reserve authorities and nature lovers are firmly focussed on preserving this natural paradise for posterity.

Cederberg Nature Reserve

For many years, only the initiated knew about the magical Cederberg Nature Reserve and the breathtaking, beautifully rugged Cederberg Mountains of the inland Western Cape, a mere two hours’ drive from Cape Town, but a whole world away. It is untamed, unexploited, unsullied, and tranquil – a sanctuary for lovers of nature.


Some 69 different mammal species occupy the Cederberg Nature Reserve. These include small antelope, larger ones like the gemsbok, Cape mountain zebra and bontebok, plus rock hyrax (dassies), mongooses, and predators such as caracal and leopard. Being solitary and shy apex predators, leopards avoid humans and are seldom encountered; the rocky terrain and wilderness offers ample habitat in which to remain unobserved and undetected. Numerous reptiles are also found in the rock-strewn Cederberg region, certain snake species included, but they tend to avoid contact with hiking human beings. 

Principal Flora 

The Cederberg was named after the indigenous cedar trees which once grew here in abundance. Sadly, there are very few of these now-endangered trees remaining in the area; those which survive grow mainly on the cooler upper slopes of the Cederberg Mountains. Rooibos is synonymous with the Cederberg, the only place where these therapeutic plants grow wild. Two types of fynbos also occur in the Cederberg, one each on the eastern and western slopes of the mountains. As is usual in most mountainous areas in the Western Cape, Proteas are part of the 1000 floral species of the Cederberg Nature Reserve.

Where to Stay in the Cederberg 

Nature lover or not, when visiting the Cederberg Nature Reserve, you’ll need a place to stay while immersing yourself in the wonders of the region. Kagga Kamma, a private nature reserve within the Cederberg Reserve, is that very place. Kagga Kamma’s Hut, “Cave”, Star, and Outcrop suites retain the essence of the rugged nature that surrounds you, while providing you with excellent comforts and amenities. All your needs (and more) are met at Kagga Kamma, right down to an a-la-carte restaurant, wine cellar, swimming pools, and spa. What more could you want in the heart of the Cederberg Mountain region?

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Western Cape

With Love from our Western Cape Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Congratulations in advance. You’re about to get married and cannot wait to go away on your honeymoon, especially after seeing to all the arrangements for your wedding – and there are typically many of those, particularly if you want to ensure that this special occasion is perfect in every respect. You want your honeymoon to be equally special. However, you’ve still to decide where to go for this eagerly anticipated time away with your spouse. All couples want a honeymoon destination that is romantic and unique, somewhere that allows them feel as though they’re the only two people in the world.

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Unique Holiday Destinations Western Cape

Nature Sets the Scene for a Unique Western Cape’s Holiday Destination

Our nature resort, tucked away in the heart of the rugged Cederberg wilderness, is a truly unique holiday destination, situated in the interior of the glorious Western Cape Province of South Africa. Why do we and most of our visitors describe our establishment and its surroundings as being unique? Guests who have stayed at Kagga Kamma have sent us glowing testimonials about their singularly enjoyable holiday experiences here in the Western Cape’s Cederberg. Even so, we do not use the word “unique” loosely or lightly, and we are happy to clarify what we mean.

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Cederberg Mountain Accommodation

Accommodation Amid the Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg Mountains mean different things to different people. Some will immediately think about rooibos tea, that delicious, healthy brew made from this bountiful little red bush with which the Cederberg has blessed South Africans (rooibos is now also exported). Rock climbers and those who live and love to boulder adore the Cederberg Mountains, where they can do their thing to their heart’s content. Artists, historians, and archaeologists – amateur or otherwise – are fascinated by the outstandingly well-preserved rock art paintings that survived for all to view, evidence of the presence, culture and beliefs of the ancient San people who dwelt and hunted in the area eons ago.

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Wilderness Accommodation Near Ceres

The beautiful town of Ceres is the principal town of the Witzenberg magisterial district, where one could expect to find all the modern conveniences with which to spoil visitors to the area. Nevertheless, it comes as a complete surprise to many a tourist and leisure traveller that superb luxury accommodation is on offer in a remote, rugged wilderness area, not very far from the fertile, fruit-growing Ceres valley.

Ceres was named after the ancient Roman goddess of agriculture. The soil is exceptionally fertile, while the mainly Mediterranean climate is perfect for the Ceres Valley’s important agriculture – growing deciduous fruit, mainly apples, pears, apricots, plums, cherries, and peaches. Much of the fruit is cultivated for the export market; in particularly productive years, the produce from Ceres accounted for almost half of South Africa’s fruit exports, an enormous contribution to the country’s economy. Some of SA’s biggest fruit processing factories that produce canned fruit, dried fruit, and fruit juice, is situated in and around the valley.

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Luxury Holiday Destinations – Western Cape

The Cederberg: One of the Top Luxury Holiday Destinations in the Western Cape

Looking for the perfect, romantic, and affordable getaway, but on the fence about where you should go? Yes, it’s that time of the year again when everyone is planning their year-end holidays. While you could travel to Knysna, George, or Hermanus, you could also whisk your other half away to one of South Africa’s most prized luxury holiday destinations in the Western Cape, the Cederberg.

The Cedarberg being only two hours from Cape Town, you really don’t have to travel far to experience romance and beauty. A frontrunner of luxury holiday destinations, it is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. A peaceful place where you can experience a romantic getaway unlike any other, the Cederberg is celebrated as being one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations in the Western Cape, and here’s why.

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Cederberg Self-Catering Accommodation

Cederberg Self-Catering Accommodation for the Ultimate Romantic Getaway 

Looking to whisk your partner away on a romantic getaway to the Cederberg Mountains over the December holidays? Yes, when the end of the year rolls past, everyone is rushing off to book their year-end holidays. Not only is December the one time of the year when you can forget about your work stresses, but I i’s that one time of the year where you can wake up late, spend quality time with your significant other, and just live in the moment.

Situated 200 km north of Cape Town, Cederberg is a place born of pure rugged beauty and solitude. Stretching from the Middelberg Pass at Citrusdal to the Grootrivier in the south, the 71 000-ha mountainous Cederberg terrain offers families, couples, corporates, and tourists a chance to escape the world, relax, get pampered, explore nature, and experience loads of adventure and history.

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